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Stone Works
Building Requirements City cannot be built on Plains and must have a nearby source of Stone or Marble
Production Cost 75
Maintenance 1
Unlocked at Calendar

The Stone Works is a building available in the Ancient Era.

Game Info[]

Building a Stone Works requires a source of Marble or Stone near the city. The city also cannot be built on Plains.

  • +1 Happy Happiness
  • +1 Production Production
  • +1 Production Production from Marble and Stone


The stone works serves as the workshop for stonemasons, who shape and process various types of stone to create both artistic and structural elements during the construction process. The art of stonemasonry is one of the world's oldest professions, encompassing everything from the extraction of stone from quarries, to the actual carving of geometric shapes and the fitment of these stones at the building site. Historically, stonemasons have worked with everything from Limestone, which was primarily used in building massive structures, to Granite and Marble which were more commonly found in statues and monuments.

Unique Building Replacements[]

Icon Building Civilization Yields
Ballawinne Quarry The Palawa (Tarenorerer)
  • May be built on Plains, and does not require a source of Stone or Marble.
  • Stone, Marble, Copper, Dyes, and Pearls sources within range of the city grant +5 XP to newly-trained units and provide their yields even when the tile is not being worked.
Brick Mason Egypt (Djoser)
  • Has 1 slot for an Engineer specialist
  • +1 Production Production on Limestone
Earthen Kiln Nok (Sarki)
  • Doesn't require marble or stone
  • Produces the unique NokTerracottaIcon Terracotta Figurine, which grants +1 Production Production and +3 CultureIcon Culture per turn
  • Shrines and Temples in cities with an Earthern Kiln receive a Great Work of Art Slot
Menial Settlement Poland (Boleslav I)
  • Converts a portion of surplus Food Food into Production Production. Lower conversion rate if the City has above +4 surplus Food Food.
  • No terrain requirements.
  • No base Production Production, or Production Production on Marble and Stone.
Pedra Formosa Lusitanians (Viriathus)
  • City must be on a Hill.
  • Provides Happy Happiness and Production Production.
  • Starts a 'We Love The King Day' whenever a National Wonder is constructed in the Empire.
Sculptor Workshop The Iberians (Indibilis)
  • Incoming Trade Routes yield +1 Gold Gold for each worked Stone, Marble, Iron, Silver, or Gold
  • City must have Stone, Marble, Iron, Silver, or Gold
Soma Boiler Oxus (Frâda)
  • +2 Science Science, +2 FaithIcon Faith and +3 Local Happy Happiness from Incense.
  • Missionaries and Prophets acquired in cities with Soma Boilers have +1 Moves Movement, +1 Religious Spread.
  • When built on a city on a river, provides the unique Soma luxury resource.
MC Uro Workshop 256
Uro Workshop Motu (Edai Siabo)
  • Provides a copy of the Uro Luxury Resource
  • Does not require Stone or Marble.
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