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Building Requirements Nearby Pasture
Production Cost 100
Maintenance 1
Unlocked at Horseback Riding

The Stable is a building available in the Classical Era.

Game Info[]

Building a Stable requires a source of Horses, Sheep, or Cattle near the city.

  • +15% Production Production towards Mounted units
  • +1 Production Production from Horses, Sheep, or Cattle


In Civilization V a stable is a military barracks for cavalry units. Here the cavalry soldiers are housed, fed and trained, as are their equine counterparts. Throughout much of history the cavalry has been the arm favored by a society's wealthy sons, for the simple reason that only the richest young men had ever ridden a horse. Because of this the cavalry stables/barracks were often much more luxurious than the poor infantry's dwellings.

Unique Building Replacements[]

Icon Building Civilization Yields
Balagan The Yakuts (Tygyn Darkhan)
  • Spawns a nearby source of Horses Horses if constructed in a city in Tundra or Snow.
  • No Gold Gold maintenance.
Country Station New Zealand (Keith Holyoake)
  • Unlocked at Trapping.
  • Claims and improves all workable sources of Cattle, Deer, Horses, and Sheep within three tiles.
  • Each source of Cattle, Deer, Horses, and Sheep worked by this city produce +1 Gold Gold and +1 Food Food.
  • No bonus to the Production Production of Mounted Units.
Ducal Stable Poland (Casimir III)
  • Without Poland-Lithuania (Sigismund II):
    • +1 Gold Gold from Horses, Sheep, and Cattle
    • +15 Experience for Mounted units
  • With Poland-Lithuania (Sigismund II):
    • +15% Production Production towards mounted units during war
    • Mounted units contribute towards Great Generals 50% more
  • With LastSword's Poland Pack:
    • +1 Gold Gold on Horses, Sheep and Cattle
    • +1 Happy Happiness
    • -25% Production Production Cost
Hov The Goths (Alaric)
  • +1 FaithIcon Faith from Horses, Sheep, and Cattle
  • +10% Production Production towards Land units (instead of +15% towards Mounted)
  • -10% Production Production cost
IconPNG Kraal
Kraal The Zulu (Cetshwayo)
  • May be built in any city, regardless of resources
  • Instantly claims neutral Pasture resources workable by its city
  • When its city's cultural borders expand, units in or adjacent to the city gain XP
Mjodsalr Icon
Mjöðsalr The Jomsvikings (Pálnatóki)
  • +15% Production Production towards Melee Units (instead of +15% towards Mounted)
  • +1 FaithIcon Faith from sources of Cattle, Sheep, Deer, Bison and Wine
  • +5 XP for trained Melee Units for each of the above Resources worked
Ranch America (Washington)

(When Roosevelt's America is installed)

  • Claims and improves all nearby Bison, Cattle, Horses, Sheep, and Deer
  • +1 Production Production from Bison and Deer
  • +10% Production Production towards Mounted units (as opposed to 15%)
Ranch Texas (Sam Houston)
  • +1 Food Food from Cattle and Sheep
  • +1 CultureIcon Culture from Horses
Royal Kraal Eswatini (Labotsibeni Mdluli)
  • Has no bonus toward mounted units.
  • Yields +1 CultureIcon Culture for each Horses Horse, Sheep, and Cattle resource in its city, increasing to +2 if the city is training a Unit.
Scythian Goldsmith The Massagetae (Tomyris)
  • +1 Production Production and +1 CultureIcon Culture from worked Horses Horses and Gold Gold resources
  • Upon construction, nearby sources of Iron Iron are converted into Gold Gold
  • Upon building a Mounted Unit, gain CultureIcon Culture based on the number of Gold Gold resources near this city
Seyðamaður The Faroe Islands (Tróndur í Gøtu)
  • +2 Food Food for each unworked edible Bonus Resource and +1 CultureIcon Culture from each worked Bonus Resource.
  • Upon construction, 2 sources of Sheep appear near the City
Sheep Station New South Wales (John Macarthur)
  • +1 Gold Gold on Horses Horses, Sheep, and Cattle.
  • Pastures within the City's borders deal attrition damage to adjacent enemy units.
  • Improved Sheep within the City's borders act as Luxury Resources.
Steppe Ger Khamug-Mongol (Jamukha)
  • -33% Production Production towards Mounted Units (10% vs 15%)
  • No Production Production from Sheep or Cattle
  • +1 CultureIcon Culture on Horses and Sheep
IconPNG SunDance
Sun Dance The Cheyenne (Woqini)
  • +50% range to land Traderoute Trade Routes in its city
  • Units trained in a city with a Sun Dance heal every turn in enemy territory
Yurt The Tatars (Togay Bey)
  • +1 Horses Horse
  • +5% additional Production Production towards Mounted Units
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