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South Korea led by Park Chung-hee is a custom civilization by Chrisy15, with contributions from SnowyNix, TPangolin, DarthStarkiller, Sukritact, JFD, Hoop Thrower, Senshidenshi and TarcisioCM.

This mod requires Brave New World.


South Korea[]

The Korean peninsula, known today for its divided republics of North and South Korea, has been home to numerous kingdoms over the ages, some virtuous, some steeped in infamy. At times rivaling its powerful neighboring states of China and Japan, Korea was united under the rule of the Choson Dynasty for over 500 years. The turmoil of the Japanese occupation in the early 20th century, followed by the Korean War in 1950, would shatter this once sacred unity. From this strife, South Korea has emerged as a nation of increasing economic and cultural significance on a global scale. In contrast, the oppressive regime controlling the reclusive North Korean state is frequently the subject of international condemnation for its handling of human rights and diplomatic relations.

Park Chung-hee[]

Park Chung-hee was a military dictator who ruled South Korea between 1962 and 1979. Although his rule is viewed by many as being an obstacle to democratic progress, he is also attributed with making the most progress on South Korea's economy, which has lead to the country becoming a world power.

Dawn of Man[]

Hail to thee, president Park Chung-hee, leader of the Republic of Korea. You seized control of the country in a military coup, and founded the Fourth Republic of South Korea. You led the country to become one of the four 'Asian Tigers', opening overseas trade deals and improving relationships with other powers. You made your country into an export superpower, helping Korean corporations form chaebols for the benefit of your nation. However, many were unhappy with your rule, and in 1979, you were shot dead by the director of your own secret service.


Art by TPangolin

President, your people long for a return to economic greatness. Will you lead your country from a civil war to become an economic superpower? Will you use trade and diplomacy to make a name for your country in an ever advancing world? Will you build a civilisation that stands the test of time?

Introduction: Greetings leader, and welcome to the Republic of Korea, a place of great economic prosperity.

Introduction: Welcome, traveller, to South Korea. How may our mighty empire help you?

Introduction: Greetings, fellow leader. I am Park Chung-hee, leader of South Korea. I hope that there will be a great friendship between us in this world.

Defeat: How has my country fallen? We were proud and strong - you have taken that away from the world.

Unique Attributes[]

South Korea (Park Chung-hee)

Art by TPangolin

Miracle of the Han River
Receive Golden Age points from International Trade Routes, based on their Gold output, and from the net profit of all your Trade Deals. Gain Gold from finishing Improvements.

Art by Sukritact

Blue Dragon Brigade (Marine)
  • Unlocked at Plastics
  • Gains more XP outside friendly territory
  • Gains extra combat strength with each level

Art by DarthStarkiller

Chaebol (Factory)
  • May only be purchased
  • Cost decreases with each worked Farm
  • +0.2 Gold from each Outgoing Trade Route for each worked Resource (amount of Gold can be increased by investing in the Chaebol)
City List
  1. Seoul
  2. Busan
  3. Incheon
  4. Daegu
  5. Daejeon
  6. Gwangju
  7. Ulsan
  8. Suwon
  9. Changwon
  10. Goyang
  11. Seongnam
  12. Yongin
  13. Bucheon
  14. Ansan
  15. Cheongju
  16. Jeonju
  17. Namyangju
  18. Anyang
  19. Cheonan
  20. Hwaseong
  21. Pohang
  22. Gimhae
  23. Uijeongbu
  24. Pyeongatek
  25. Jeju
  26. Gumi
  27. Siheung
  28. Paju
  29. Gwangmyeong
  30. Jinju
  31. Wonju
  32. Iksan
  33. Yeosu
  34. Gunpo
  35. Gunsan
  36. Asan
  37. Chuncheon
  38. Suncheon
  39. Yangsan
Spy List
  • Kim
  • Park
  • Han
  • Na
  • Kong
  • Yu
  • Ahn
  • Na
  • Da
  • Eun




Peace Theme War Theme

Psy 'Gangnam Style' For Orchestra (Bandcamp links below!)-0


Gangnam Style - PSY - (강남스타일) - Classical Cover - Aston @astonband-0

Psy 'Gangnam Style' For Orchestra Gangnam Style - PSY - (강남스타일) - Classical Cover - Aston

Mod Support[]

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence
Wish for the World

Events and Decisions[]

Establish the KCIA
I have a recommendation, Sir. Because our rule is slightly... let's say, 'controversial', it would be a good idea to create an agency that has the power to arrest and detain any individual who might be having thoughts about creating a coup against the state. What do you say?
  • Player must be South Korea
  • Must have discovered Radio
  • Must not have built the National Intelligence
  • Can only be enacted once
  • 2 Magistrates
  • Gold
  • The National Intelligence Agency is built in the Capital
  • -10% Gold in all cities other than the Capital.
  • Gold lost this way is added to the Capital's Gold output. The Gold added is magnified by Constabularies and Police Stations in the Cities.
  • Crime from Treason is eliminated from all Cities (w/ CiD)
  • Crime from Corruption is increased by 10% in all cities but the Capital (w/ CiD)
  • Gold lost from Corruption in all Cities (except the Capital) is added to the Capital's Gold output. This is magnified by Constabularies and Police Stations in the cities (w/CiD)
Begin the New Village Movement
Our cities have industrialised, and our country is more powerful as it has ever been. However, our more rural areas are in great need of development;  and get them to do it themselves?
  • Player must be South Korea
  • Must have entered the Modern Era
  • Must have at least 1 City under 10 Population
  • 1 Magistrate
  • Gold
  • Cities with 10 Population or lower gain a Production boost while building Buildings. The boost is n*5% Production, where n = 11 - Population of City

Assassination Attempt

Mr President, we have caught Kim Jae-kyu after he fled the crime scene. Yes, it appears that the director of the KCIA has attempted to assassinate you, your presidency. What should we do with him?
Option 1: Put the man on trial - I must make a good example for the world to see
  • Lose Gold
  • 50% chance to gain Golden Age Points.
Option 2: Execute the traitor - I will have no such disloyalty in my government!
  • Lose Culture
  • A 10 turn WLtKD begins in the Capital.
Option 3: Forgive him, and set him free
  • A 5 turn WLtKD starts in all cities.
  • Low chance you gain +1 Magistrate
  • High chance that Revolutionary units will spawn around the Capital.


Prime Ministers
  1. Rhee Syng-man
  2. Shin Ik-hee
  3. Yi Ki-bung
  4. Kwak Sang-hoon
  5. Baek Nak-jun
  6. Lee Hyu-sang
  7. Baek Du-jin
  8. Chung Il-kwon
  9. Baek Du-jin
  10. Chung Rae-hyung
  11. Chae Mun-shik
  12. Lee Jae-hyung
  13. Kim Jae-sun
  14. Park Jyun-kyu
  15. Hwang Nak-joo
  16. Lee Man-sup
  17. Kim Soo-han
  18. Park Kwan-yong
  19. Kim Won-ki
  20. Lim Chae-jung
  21. Kim Hyong-o
  22. Park Hee-tae
  23. Chung Eui-hwa
  24. Kang Chang-hee
  25. Chung Ui-hwa
  26. Chung Sye-kyun
Political Parties
  1. Democratic Republican Party (Fascists)
  2. Democratic Unification Party (Conservatives)
  3. New Democratic Party (Liberals)
  4. Anti-Imperialist National Democratic Front (Communists)

Unique Cultural Influence[]

“Our people are buying your electronics and becoming addicted to your K-Pop. I hope the rest of the world does not succumb to the influence of your culture - or get split in two, for that matter.”

Full Credits List[]

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Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 7
Last Updated: 13 January 2017

  • Chrisy15: Code, Design, Concept
  • SnowyNix: Civ Icon (which looks brilliant)
  • JFD: Various mod snippets that I copied, generally being Jifford
  • LeeS and bane_: Making excellent Lua tutorials
  • HoopThrower: Finding music (Who knew that Gangnam Style would work so well in Civ!), design help
  • TPangolin: Leaderscene and Leader Icon
  • Senshidenshi: Unit flag
  • DarthStarKiller/DarthKyofu: Building Icon, forcing me to get decent art
  • TarcisioCM: Map, Infographic template (is not claim for annexation dun belieb him)
  • Sukritact: UU Icon
  • Pyroflare and KrizChin: Choosing religions
  • All the lads tbh
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