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The Sophocles Labs, led by the Trial Captain Sophocles, is a custom civilization by Karatekid5, with contributions by PKLucario.

It is a fictional civilization based on the video game series of Pokémon.


Sophocles Labs[]

Sophocles Labs is the tentative name for anything representing Sophocles himself or his inventions. While the lab is currently a small building in Sophocles' parents' backyard, it has had many great accomplishments throughout the series. One of the most significant was the local Charjabug Race. Here Sophocles and his crewmates Kiawe and Ash took on the Sophocles Labs name and competed for victory, with the main threat being an overconfident and stuck-up trainer named Horacio. Despite his advanced and expensive gadgets giving him an advantage, Sophocles' wit was what helped the team pull through in the end and achieve victory. The future is looking promising for Sophocles Labs!


Sophocles is an intelligent young boy with a knack for inventing helpful devices and machinery. He is also a skilled Trainer of Electric-type Pokémon, often using them to power his inventions. While at times rude and prone to absorbing himself in his technological activities, he is friendly and greatly cares for his Pokémon and classmates. In A Shocking Grocery Run!, it was revealed that Sophocles likes to collect information on all sort of things, such as the best ice cream in Alola. In the same episode, it is also revealed that he has a fear of dark places, but is never scared at night as long as he has his Togedemaru with him. Sophocles tends to get bashful when people complement him on his knowledge, responding with a shy expression, looking rather flustered.

Sophocles isn't particularly athletic due to his sedentary lifestyle, but it doesn't make him any less competent. Furthermore, he has a defensive side to his personality and will stand up for himself and his friends and allies when unjustly mocked. Despite how heated he can sometimes get in competition, he shows considerable sportsmanship and takes his losses maturely.

Sophocles Scene

Art by Karatekid5

Dawn of Man

Great inventor, connoisseur of fine malasadas, and outgoing school student, your throne is waiting Great Sophocles. With the great Festival Plaza under control and expensive scientific equipment ready for new possibilities, you will go forth and lead the courageous startup of Sophocles Labs. Already you have done much for those around you and have experienced many great accomplishments that have you on everyone's minds. During a security breach blackout at the Hau'oli Mall, instigated by Team Rocket, it was you who restored power and got the systems back online, despite your fear of the dark. You toppled the overconfident Horacio and his Red Comet team in the Charjabug Race as your wits and courage surpassed their money and pride. Your bonds with both your friends and with your newly-caught Charjabug strengthened tenfold. Even the Herculean task posed by Celesteela was no trouble for you, as you and your friends dug up the awakening Ultra Beast and helped her return home to the moon. Just like the fairy tale that touched your heart. The outgoing nature of your mind and the golden spirit of your heart forged the many great bonds you have today, and even a misunderstanding about moving and fear itself could not break them. Keep it up, young inventor!

But you still have a long road ahead, and your people look to you to put those talents to their biggest test yet. Are you up to challenge both the bright and dark times up ahead? Will you continue to invent great machines and forge strong bonds with others? Will you build a technological and prosperous civilization that will stand the test of time?

Sophocles Labs Civ Icon

Art by Karatekid5

Introduction: Eh? Oh, Alola! I imagine you must've come here to see my inventions, huh? Welcome to Sophocles Labs, built by my dad just for me! I've been gathering up more data than you've ever seen! This way! Though...don't touch anything without asking first.

Defeat: I couldn't get it done... Don't worry about it, my precious Pokémon...

Unique Attributes[]

Sophocles Labs (Sophocles)
Sophocles Labs Leader Icon

Art by Karatekid5

Festival Analytic

20% of all surplus Food food is converted into Science Science. When a city completes a wonder, 20% of the wonder's Production Production Cost is converted into Food food for the city's growth progress.

Sophocles Labs UU Icon

Art by Karatekid5

Charjabug Mech (Tank)

Less mobile, but much more powerful than the standard tank. Does not require Oil oil. Upgrades to Giant Death Robot

Sophocles Labs UB Icon

Art by Karatekid5

Backyard Laboratory (Library)

+2 Food Food and +1 Production Production. Slightly higher Gold maintenance cost.

City List
  1. Hokulani Observatory
  2. Festival Plaza
  3. Hau'oli City
  4. Charjabug Stadium
  5. Bamboo Hill
  6. Malasada Bakery
  7. Zing Zap
  8. Geothermal Powerplant
  9. Starfall Hill
  10. Electravilla
Spy List
  1. Sophocles' Dad
  2. Sophocles' Mom
  3. Alyson
  4. Fumiko
  5. Togedemaru
  6. Vikavolt
  7. Molayne
  8. Kaguya
  9. Metang
  10. Ash

Mod Support[]

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence
Wish for the World

Full Credits List[]

  • Karatekid5: Most Coding
  • Typhlomence: Unique Diplomacy Lua Function
  • PKLucario: Dawn of Man Artwork
  • Pokémon: Artwork References for most artwork