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Song led by Liu is a custom civilization by Antagonise with contributions from Tino.

This mod requires Brave New World.



(Excerpted from the full Song civilopedia)

On the turn of the 10th century, following almost 300 years of Tang rule, China had fallen into turmoil. In the earlier years of Tang, the empire had seen years of prosperity and vast expansion under the leadership of a number of competent and inspired emperors. However, since the outbreak of the An Lushan rebellion in the mid-8th century, the region had been on a constant decline. The region fractured (as China would repeatedly throughout its long history) into several smaller kingdoms ruled by local warlords, and this period (907-979 AD) would come to known as the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period.

It was during this period that a certain general named Zhao Kuangyin rose to power. He founded the dynasty of Later Zhou and would eventually come to consolidate his rule over the greater China region, founding the dynasty of Northern Song (or Bei Song) with his capital at Bianjing (Keifeng). The Northern Song period is the first of two distinguished periods to the Song timeline, with the second being Southern Song, covering the period following the Jurchen conquest of Northern China and the shift of the imperial capital south to Linan (Hangzhou).

Song never managed to establish control over the northern territories, which were dominated by the Khitans and Jurchens, making Song one of the smaller dynasties in terms of landmass when compared to the likes of Han, Tang and Qing. Despite this, Song would oversee a period of relative economic prosperity and scientific innovation.


(Excerpted from the full Song civilopedia)

Empress Liu took effective power as the ruler of Song in 1020 AD when her husband, Zhao Heng or Emperor Zhenzong, took ill and became incapable of managing the realm himself, ruling as regent until his death in 1022. Upon his death, it was decided that she would remain in power as regent for her young son, Emperor Renzong. This was not an insignificant decision – ever since the despotic reign of Empress Lu during the Han dynasty over 1000 years ago, Empress Regents had been seen as undesirable by the Chinese court and actively avoided. She would come to rule as regent for a further 11 years until her death in 1033, and her effectiveness as regent laid the groundwork for a succession of Empress Regencies throughout the following years of Song’s history.

Dawn of Man[]


Art by Antagonise

"Greatest of blessings be upon you, Empress Dowager Liu, Mother of the World. You have taken the mantle of ruler of the great empire of Song, home to an enduring an innovative populace. When your husband and Emperor, Zhao Heng, was taken ill, truly did you do only what is right of you by stepping forward as regent, proving your capabilities as not just an administrator, but a leader. The people are ever grateful for your role in maintaining the stability of the realm and its meritocratic traditions, and the years of peace during your rule as the Zhangxian Mingsu Empress.

Oh, divine Empress, once again the people of Song seek a wise and capable ruler to bring them back to greatness. Can you leader your people forward once more? Can you re-establish your domain of the hostile waters and plains of the world? Can you build a civilization that can stand the test of time?"


  • "Welcome, kind stranger, to the renowned lands of China, of which I have the pleasure of calling myself Empress. Please, stay as long as you like."
  • "You gaze upon Liu, Mother of the World and the most powerful woman in all China. Are you are?"


  • "This... This is not how I saw this ending. Please, if I may ask one last thing, have mercy on my people and my family."
  • "You have bested me. But China, as it always does, shall return. And stronger!"

Unique Attributes[]

Song (Liu)

Art by Antagonise

Ceremonies of the Inner Eastern Gate

We Love the King Days last 50% longer and grant +1 Happy Happiness when complete. Each city undergoing a We Love the King Day grants +5% Greatperson Great People generation in the Capital Capital.


Art by Antagonise

Pili Zhanchuan (Galleass)
  • Spreads additional damage down nearby coasts and rivers whenever it attacks.

Art by Antagonise

Shibo Shi (Harbor)
  • +1 Gold Gold per incoming Trade Route (and +3 Gold Gold for the Trade Route owner)
  • +5% Production Production towards Naval Units per incoming Trade Route
  • During a We Love the King Day, Naval Units produced in this city start with the Supply promotion.
City List
  1. Bianjing
  2. Guangzhou
  3. Quanzhou
  4. Hangzhou
  5. Chengdu
  6. Mizhou
  7. Mingzhou
  8. Fuzhou
  9. Huating
  10. Pingjiang
  11. Yangzhou
  12. Zhenjiang
  13. Haizhou
  14. Qingzhou
  15. Hejian
  16. Henan
  17. Yan'an
  18. Xining
  19. Chenliu
  20. Yingchang
  21. Gongzhou
  22. Jiangling
  23. Ezhou
  24. Guizhou
  25. Juzhou
  26. Xingyuan
  27. Maozhou
  28. Minzhou
  29. Kuizhou
  30. Xiangzhou
  31. Zhending
  32. Xuzhou
  33. Jiangning
  34. Fengxiang
  35. Tanzhou
  36. Jizhou
Spy List
  • Yang
  • Ding
  • Fan
  • Wang
  • Xue
  • Feng
  • Lu
  • Cheng
  • Qian
  • Zhang


Peace Theme War Theme
Civet Cat Exchanged for Crown Prince by Wu Fenghua Hunting in Mizhou by Sister Tingting

Mod Support[]

Full Credits List[]

Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 1
Last Updated: 19 April 2020


  • Antagonise: Design, Code, Art, Text
  • Tino: Research, Sourcing Music