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Soldiers Empire
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Jane Doe
Eastern Orthodox

Soldiers Empire, led by Jane Doe is a custom civ by "LTheMaster". Currently the mod is only downloadable via the workshop page.


Jane Doe or "The Soldier" is one of the 9 playable characters in the 2007 valve video game Team Fortress 2. Characterized as a violent, patriotic an insane man in the middle ages, the Soldier is a heavy damage dealer with all around balanced stats.

Dawn of Man[]

Honor to you Mister Jane Doe, the Soldier of Team Fortress. Born in the America's heartland, Although you wanted desperately to fight in World War 2, you were rejected by every branch of the United States' military. Undaunted, you've bought your own ticket to Europe, after your arriving and finally locating Poland, you're taught himself how to load and fire a variety of weapons before embarking on a Nazi killing spree for which you were awarded several medals that you designed and made himself, but, unfortunately, your incredible rampage ended immediately upon hearing about the end of the war in 1949.

Jane Doe, you are the class most easy to learn and the most powerful class, You  have also an incredible skill: The Rocket Jump,  making you a formidable and beloved class by many  players. Oh Jane Doe can you lead your soldiers team mates to greatness? Can you build a civilization that will stand the test of time?

Unique Attributes[]

Banner of Brothers- When you destroy a Barbarian encampment, two barbarian unit join your side. Pay 50% less for land and naval unit maintenance and 50% less generation of great people
Jane Doe
Soldiers' Army (Infantry)
  • More Expensive.
  • Cannot upgrade into Mechanized Infantry.
  • +80% CS against Cities.
Soldier building
Rocket Jump Academy (Shrine)
  • +15 additional experience compared to the Barracks (30 Total)
  • No Gold Maintenance cost
  • More expensive to build

+1 Happiness

City List
  1. HighTower
  2. Coal Town
  3. Pipeline
  4. Mannhattan
  5. Bigrocks
  6. Rottenburg
  7. Pinewood
  8. Decoy
  9. Warehouse
  10. Target
  11. Nightfall
  12. Lumberyard
  13. Offblast
  14. Thunder Mountain
  15. Upward
  16. Frontier Final
  17. Badlands
  18. Convoy
  19. Orangex3
  20. Orangex5
  21. Panic
  22. Walkway
  23. Lakeside
  24. Gold Rush
  25. Nucleus
  26. Rocket Jump Training