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The Sixteen Nation Project Le Projet de Seize Pays Yȁrwebirmaaùùdajanhö
Chairman AgressiveWimp
State Religion The Way of Dan
Capital Geneva
Culture Colonial/Central
Government Unified Antiloyalism
Official Languages English, French, Szekedian
National Colors Sky Blue, White
Coat of Arms Fist
Traits Aggressive


Abbreviation Tag [16NP]
Current Conflicts Great Swiss War of Switzerland


The Sixteen Nation Project on September 25, 2015. (Map by AgressiveWimp)

The Sixteen Nation Project is a modding team that does not have any particular focus as to what civs it produces other than a couple stubborn categorization criteria. Headed by - and currently only including - AgressiveWimp, the Project is largely self-sufficient with very little (although still some) input from other modding teams, and has, as of yet, not produced a collaboration. Its goal is to create 16 custom civilizations.


Sixteen Nation Project[]

The Sixteen Nation Project was founded on November 2, 2013 with the annexation of Switzerland, with a proxy government set up under Wilhelm Tell. The Project at this point had not acquired its name; the name by which it was known at this time is lost to time, but is known to have only been associated with Switzerland, along the lines of "Switzerland (and soon other civs)". The Project did not gain its official name until June 23, 2014, after the Project has also annexed the Berbers, Minoans, Harappans, Zapotecs, Taiwan and the Inuit, in that order.

Following the Great Renaming, the Project went on hiatus for 6 months until it annexed Georgia on Christmas Day, 2014, ending Set 1 and beginning work on Set 2.

Diplomatic Overview[]

The Sixteen Nation Project is generally regarded as a terrorist organization, especially by the Empire of JFD, who declared war on the Project on April 22, 2015, following the termination of employment of the Project's War Minister, beginning the Great Swiss War of Switzerland, so named due to His Modjesty JFD's proposition to end the war in exchange for the entirety of Switzerland, whose claim had become disputed. The Project itself, however, claims not to invade and annex countries, but instead that the countries themselves revolt under their oppressive regimes and freely choose to join the Project.

The Project generally avoids trading or otherwise collaborating with other modding empires.

Civilizations Released[]

Component 1
Component 2
AW Asturias Icon
Asturias Pelagius Mozarab (Missionary) Jinete (Knight)
BerberIcon Wikia
Berbers Dihya Imajaghan (Lancer) Aghrem (Castle)
CatalhoyukIcon Wikia
Çatalhöyük Çete Reisi Hunter-Gatherer (Scout) Köy (Granary)
GeorgianIcon Wikia
Georgia David IV Metsikhovne (Pikeman) Eklesia (Temple)
HarappanIcon Wikia
Harappans Priest-King Parashu Axeman (Warrior) Great Bath (Aqueduct)
InuitIcon Wikia
Inuit Qiviuq Unaaq (Spearman)

Qabrupiat (Archer)

Inuksuk (Monument)

Igloo (Granary)

KurdistanIcon Wikia
Kurdistan Barzanji Peshmerga (Marine) Yazidi Shrine (Temple)
Livonia icon
Livonia Albert of Riga Herrmeister (Great General) Preceptory (Armory)
MagyarIcon Wikia
Magyars Árpád Horka (Great General) Cuman (Horseman)
MinoanIcon Wikia
Minoans Minos Xiphos (Spearman) Pentekonter (Trireme)
Icon AWNumidia
Numidia Massinissa Mercenary Cavalry (Horseman) Royal Mausoleum (Colosseum)
Samani (Ismail)
Samani Ismail Samani Ghilman (Knight) Madrassa (University)
SwissIcon Wiki
Switzerland Wilhelm Tell Reisläufer (Pikeman) Käserei (Constabulary)
TaiwanIcon Wikia
Taiwan Chiang Ching-kuo Kang Ding Class Frigate (Destroyer) Science Park (Research Lab)
Icon AWTuareg
Tuareg Tin Hinan Takoba (Longswordsman) Inadan (Forge)
UrartuIcon Wikia
Urartu Argishti I Karum (Forge) Berd
ZapotecIcon Wikia
Zapotecs Zaachila I Macahuitlist (Swordsman) Ballpark (Colosseum)

International Relations[]

Denounced Colonialist Legacies for the invasion of Zapotecland and Inuitland

Hostile Towards DJSHenninger for the invasion of Taiwan and tensions in Georgia, but aided by a research agreement

At War With the Empire of JFD who declared war and invaded Switzerland, open conflict in Hungary, aided by the joint denouncement of the SSRMC

Cautious Towards the Khaganate of TarcisioCM for open conflict in the Khorasan region

Denounced the Kingdom of Tomatekh for open conflict in Harappaland

Hostile Towards Light in the East for open conflict in the Khorasan region and for their claim on the coveted territories of Sri Lanka and Akkad

Denounced the Soviet Socialist Republic of More Civs for the invasion of Tuaregland and Crete and for their claim on the coveted territories of Tibet and Oman

Cautious Towards the Theocracy of LastSword for open conflict in Samarqand

Notes and References[]

Sixteen Nation Project Civilizations [edit]
Set I
Set II
Berber Pack
Dan the Squid • World of Asmos Civilization Modpack