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Singapore led by Lee Kuan Yew is a custom civilisation mod by EmeraldRange, with contributions from DarthKyofu, @adermmy and others.

This mod requires Brave New World.


Singapore is an island city-state that lies 1 degree north of the equator off the tip of the Malay Peninsula. The territory is composed of the main island and 64 other islands and islets. Through land reclamation, the county has increased in size by 25% since its independence in 1965. It joined the Malaysian Federation in 1963 but was ousted two years later and became independent.

The British founded modern Singapore as a trading colony on the site in 1819 in the context of Dutch control of the region after the conquest of Malacca. Although the Johor Sultanate was nominally controlled by the Dutch, internal factionalism gave room for the British governor Stamford Raffles to gain the right to establish a trading port on the island of Singapore. The population of the new regional capital swelled from a few thousand to over 80,000 immigrants, mostly Chinese. The rubber industry became a major component of British Malaya in the 1860s which saw the influx of Tamil workers from Southern British India and Singapore became a centre for the export of rubber.

Postwar Period and Independence[]

After the Japanese surrender, Singapore fell into a brief state of violence and disorder with revenge killing and looting. It took until 1947 for Singapore's economy and devastated infrastructure to recover through the international demand for rubber rising. The failure of the British to defend the island changed the opinion of the British with many calling for independence and self-rule.

The goal of many pro-independence parties in Singapore like the People's Action Party led by Lee Kuan Yew, was to gain independence through a merger with other British-held territories in the region into the Federation of Malaysia. In 1956, the PAP won elections in Singapore and gained full internal self-government in almost all matters. The leaders of Singapore fully believed that the country's future lied with Malaya as there was a strong tie between the two and a common market and water resources were crucial to Singapore's role as a rubber exporting post.

However, the Malayan Emergency in the 1950s had led to a devolution of race relations between ethnic groups on the peninsula as many Chinese had been rounded up in a successful anti-communist campaign. The more leftist members of the PAP were opposed and the staunchly anti-communist United Malays National Organisation (UMNO) that led Malaya had concerns that the large ethnic Chinese population in Singapore would drastically tip the racial balance on which Malaya's politics was founded. Internal relations in the Federation of Malaysia soured also soured as trade restrictions against Singapore continued despite a common market. The 1964 race riots led to the Malaysian parliament unanimously voting to expel Singapore on the 9th of August 1965.

Lee Kuan Yew[]

In September of 1965, Lee Kuan Yew began seeking international recognition and founded the Association of Southeast Asian Nationas (ASEAN), a regional organisation, with four other Southeast Asian countries. He worked to improve relations with Indonesia, which was on the verge of a military confrontation with Singapore. His first steps for the newly independent country was to create a unique Singaporean identity. He heavily recognised racial consciousness and approved it through multicultural racial harmony as opposed to Malaysia's racially aligned partisanship. Hence, Singapore became a country with 4 official languages that was willing to use the law to counter any incitement of ethnic or religious violence, including advising evangelicals to stop publishing religious material in Malay

The next priorities were towards national security and he introduced conscription to all able-bodied men in 1967 as well as defence agreements with Taiwan and other Commonwealth countries. The most significant actions, however, were his economic reforms. He realised the best path for Singapore was to attract foreign investment and heavily invested in infrastructure standards to attract foreign manufacturing and turned Singapore into an electronics exporter. He also created several new industries, including Singapore Airlines and steel mills. He led through quasi-authoritarian measures to ensure the stability that foreign investors were looking for to develop the country in the long view.

Dawn of Man[]

Great Prime Minister of Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew, you brought a suddenly independent Singapore out of the failure of the Federation of Malaysia. Your leadership and willingness to work for the long view of Singapore from the moment of separation to the last moments of your life transformed the former port town into the metropolis of Asia. Your wise and prudential outlook solidified the path of rapid development and prosperity for a new Singaporean people.


Leaderscreen by EmeraldRange

Alas, disagreement and turmoil rocks the nation again. Singapore is still a tiny island surrounded on all sides. Will you step forth to recreate a harmonious multi-ethnic existence? Can you stay firm to long term commitments and sacrifice for the betterment of future generations? Can you go onwards and build a civilisation that can stand the test of time?!

Introduction: "I am delighted to have made your acquaintance. I will see to it that Singapore is a valuable investment for you, my friend."

Defeat: "It is a moment of anguish because all my life... you see, the whole of my adult life... I had believed in this system..."

Attacked: "I am not here to play somebody else's game. I have a few million people’s lives to account for. And Singapore will survive."

Unique Attributes[]

Singapore (Lee Kuan Yew)
Singapore LeaderIcon

Art by EmeraldRange

From Third World to First

After Economics, the First Goldenage Golden Age in each era grants a new trade route slot. Every 16 Gold Gold you earn from cities and trade provides a Goldenage Golden Age Point


Art by EmeraldRange

Changi Terminal (Airport)

Besides the normal airport yields,

  • Provides +1 local Happy happiness for every Traderoute trade route coming into and out of the city.
  • Provides +3 Influence Influence per turn to Citystate city-states trading with this city.
  • Provides a free garden (or makes this city's garden maintanence-free)

Art by EmeraldRange

NS Men (Marine)

In addition to the normal traits of a Marine, NS men are

  • Significantly weaker (-5).
  • Has no maintenance cost.
  • Gains 1 Strength Combat Strength for every 4 excess Happy happiness in your empire (max +30)
City List
  1. Singapore
  2. Raffles Place
  3. Orchard
  4. Chinatown
  5. Little India
  6. Marina Bay
  7. Bugis
  8. Sentosa
  9. Tanjong Pagar
  10. Woodlands
  11. Tampines
  12. Geylang
  13. Hougang
  14. Jurong East
  15. Sengkang
  16. Yishun
  17. Ang Mo Kio
  18. Bukit Timah
  19. Choa Chu Kang
  20. Clementi
  21. Pasir Ris
  22. Bukit Batok
  23. Queenstown
  24. Kallang
  25. Serangoon
  26. Boon Lay
  27. Bedok
  28. Paya Lebar
  29. Bukit Panjang
  30. Bukit Merah
  31. Clarke Quay
  32. Toa Payoh
  33. Bishan
  34. Sembawang
  35. Tuas
Spy List
  1. Halimah
  2. Ho Ching
  3. Ashley
  4. Grace
  5. Nicole
  6. Aloysius
  7. Vivian
  8. Rizwan
  9. Ang Ah Boon
  10. Ryan



Peace Theme War Theme

Open Score Project - We Are Singapore


Singapore (From "Pirates of the Caribbean At World's End" Score)

"We Are Singapore", Open Score Project; "Singapore", Pirates of the Caribbean At World's End score
Spore Icon

Mod Support[]

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence
Wish for the World

Full Credits List[]

Direct Download
Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 1
Last Updated: 12 June 2020


  • EmeraldRange: Lua, Code, Art, Leaderscene
  • DarthKyofu: Leaderscene, misc. art help
  • @adermmy: language and culture help
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