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Darfur led by Ali Dinar is a custom civilization mod by DGN and Grant.

This mod requires Brave New World.



The Shilluk Kingdom was located along the banks of the White Nile river in modern South Sudan. Its capital and royal residence was in the town of Fashoda. According to their folk history and neighboring accounts, the kingdom was founded during the mid-fifteenth century CE by its first ruler, the demigod Nyikang. During the nineteenth century, the Shilluk were affected by military assaults from the Ottoman Empire and later British colonization in Anglo-Egyptian Sudan. The Shilluk king is currently not an independent political leader, but a traditional chieftain within the governments of South Sudan and Sudan.

During the 17th century, to ensure a surplus of resources the Shilluk raided and looted neighbouring populations north and south along the White Nile. The looting was usually conducted by heads of podh (clusters of villages). The Shilluk king (Reth) was no exception; the Reth of the south would send his Shilluk warriors upstream to Dinka lands. Reserving the largest share of the plunder, the Reth increased his possessions and his influence on the Shilluk country through his armed men, Bath Reth. The timing of these events remains obscure, and it is unclear whether the Reth is a figure from a single dynasty or several Reth coexisted. If the latter, there may have been a dozen different dynasties.

During the 18th century, the neighbouring Sultanate of Sennar declined in power. The Shilluk kings took the disappearance of Sennar from the political scene as an opportunity to strengthen their position on the northern frontier. The caravans were under the influence of the Shilluk kings, and were enriched by the shuttle service made available by the Shilluk to merchants wishing to cross the White Nile to Asalaya when travelling between Sennar and El Obeid. In 1820 the Viceroy of Egypt, Muhammad Ali, began his southern campaign to conquer the Sudan. That year, the Turkish-Egyptian troops of Ismail Pasha also put a final end to the Sultanate of Funj. Confrontation between the Ottomans and Shilluk become inevitable. Beginning in 1821, despite resistance from the Shilluk, the northern border began to recede. They were raided by Arabs and Turks for cattle and slaves. During the reign of Reth Nyokwejø (circa 1780–1820) a united force of Dinka and Nuer crossed the river Sobat, which cost the Shilluk total control of the White Nile. By 1865, the Shilluk Kingdom had lost part its political standing. The current Shilluk (Chollo) Kingdom is known by Sudanese as Pödh Cøllø (Sudan) after the independent of the Republic of Sudan -1956- to-date. Today, Shilluk Kingdom is part of present-day Republic of South Sudan.

Tugo wad Dhokoth[]

Reth Tugo wad Dhokoth ruled the Shilluk kingdom from 1690 to 1710, from his ancestral village of Badiang, near Kodok.

According to oral traditions, the capital of the Shilluk kingdom, Fashoda, was established under Reth Tugo. The traditions stated that Reth Tugo had two bulls without horns. They used to go towards a certain direction and when they reached there they used to dig the ground with their heads. The phenomenon had been repeated many times andhence it attracted the attention of Reth Tugo and all the chiefs of the tribe. The Reth and his chiefs then held a meeting to discuss the matter. In the meeting the Reth and his chiefs decided that the phenomenon should be considered as a God Will to choose that site as a sacred place. At that time they decided to fill the hole with earth till it became higher than the rest of the ground.

Then the Reth Tugo ordered that four huts should be built in the site. Consequently, the Four Huts called (Athrwic) in Shilluk language were considered as the sacred huts. From that time the site was known to be (Pachot) which in Shilluk language means the two bulls without horns. Later, through time the name was changed to become Fashoda. It is interesting to note that the duty of rebuilding of the Four Huts had been inherited by the descendants of the clan who first took the responsibility of building them at the reign of Reth Tugo in 1690 A.D.

Dawn of Man[]

Welcome, sacred lord of the Chollo! Descended from the living god Nyikang and his hippopotamus forefather, you assumed the holy throne and exacted sovereign violence upon your enemies, extending the Shilluk Kingdom to its greatest extent. It was under your divine grasp that Fashoda, the capital of the people, was raised from the fertile earth. Your predecessors had ruled only from the huts of their own villages, while now you ruled from a great and mighty palace. You made war and pillage on your ancestral enemies, the Dimo and Gilo, who had betrayed Nyikang the living god. After famine struck from the north, you led your people to fame in raids along the Nile and towards the Nuba mountains. With your wife Abudhok, you forged a regime that instilled fear and awe in mortal men unlike any other, and the sacred kingship was forever defined by your example.

Shilluk Leaderscene

Leaderscreen by Grant

Reth Dhokoth! The Chollo yearn for a ruler to lift them out of poverty and into a lost age of wealth and admiration. Born from the line of Nyikang, only you have the power to weild the office of Reth. Can you seize the reins of sacred rule? Can you build a civilization that will stand the test of Time?

Introduction: "My name is Tugo, son of Dhokoth, descendent of our great forefather Nyikang. Treat us with honour and the Chollo will respect your prescence."

Defeat: "I accept that our might is no match for yours. I can only wish that you face a greater foe in wars to come."

Unique Attributes[]

Shilluk (Tugo wad Dhokoth)

Art by Grant

Effigy of the Sacred King

Owned or occupied improvements adjacent to rivers contribute Production Production to the nearest city during Happy WLTKDs. Unit production is affected by followers of your Religion Religion in the Capital Capital and those of foreign Religion Religions.


Art by Grant

Bath Reth (Pikeman)
  • Yields FaithIcon Faith and Greatperson Great General points from plundering Traderoute Trade Routes.
  • When garrisoned in a city, extends Happy WLTKD length scaling with local Happy Happiness.

Art by Grant

Kengo (Castle)
  • Grants a Happy We Love the King Day upon construction.
  • Holds 2 Artist Specialist slots that when filled, expand owned territory along River tiles if possible.
City List
  1. Fashoda
  2. Panyikang
  3. Akurwa
  4. Kaka
  5. Malakal
  6. Doleib
  7. Tonga
  8. Debalo
  9. Morro
  10. Detwok
  11. Thuro
  12. Papwojo
  13. Didigo
  14. Waw
  15. Athodwoi
  16. Delal Ajak
  17. Nyilwal
  18. Akwabai
  19. Adodo
  20. Burbok
  21. Nyigir
  22. Ottigo
  23. Anyuentim
  24. Nyibodo
  25. Nyilyich
  26. Panyireth
  27. Tungmir
  28. Nyithko
  29. Fathworo
  30. Ayowangen
  31. Fanyekang
  32. Nyanwey
  33. Abiangyai
  34. Teptiap
  35. Wijbur
  36. Adidhiang
  37. Wilnyang
  38. Fakanno
  39. Nyetong
  40. Wijrek
Spy List
  • Aney
  • Diwaad
  • Juok
  • Kwathker
  • Papiet
  • Dyetguth
  • Aysi
  • Ocollo
  • Kudit
  • Abudhok



Mod Support[]

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence
Wish for the World

Full Credits List[]

Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 1
Last Updated: 2 September 2022


  • DGN: SQL, Design, Research. Text, Mod Support, XML, Art (Leaderscene)
  • Grant: XML help. Lua, Art (all else, also the leaderscene), DOM text
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