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The Shan States led by Sawlon is a custom civilization mod by EmeraldRange, with contributions from Grant, Chrisy15, Xenon257R, TophatPaladin, Orangechrisy and Kyi Min Tun.

This mod requires Brave New World.


Shan States[]

The Tai Peoples' origins are clouded in myth; the Hsenwi Chronicles record two brothers descended from heaven unto Hsenwi named Khun Lung and Khun Lai, from whom the rest of the Tai people are descended from. Other chronicles detail that the Tai people had an ancestral homeland north of a mountain range and that after migrating south to populate or conquer the modern Shan Hills, their original kingdoms were lost to history. The Tai language is part of the Tai-Kadai language family and has relations to people groups in eastern Yunnan and western Guanxi, indicating that their origins may have been in modern-day China. Many Tai places, people and words are also more commonly known by their Burmese names. Tai people are also the Shan people.

The Shan people have inhabited the Shan Highlands and other parts of northern modern-day Burma as far back as the 10th century AD. The Shan kingdom of Mong Mao (Muang Mao) existed as early as the 10th century CE but became a Burmese vassal state during the reign of King Anawrahta of Pagan (1044–1077).

The historical relevance of the Shan states inside the present-day boundaries of Burma increased during the period of the Pagan Kingdom in the Shan Hills and Kachin Hills and accelerated after the fall of the Pagan Kingdom to the Mongols in 1287. The Shans, including a new migration that came down with the Mongols, quickly came to dominate an area from northern Chin State and northwestern Sagaing Region to the present-day Shan Hills. The newly founded Shan States were multi-ethnic states that included a substantial number of other ethnic minorities like the Chin, Palaung, Pa-O, Kachin, Akha, Lahu, Wa and Burmans. The most powerful Shan states were Mohnyin (Mong Yang) and Mogaung (Mong Kawng) in present-day Kachin State.

Confederation of Shan States[]

The Confederation of Shan States were a group of Shan States that conquered the Ava Kingdom in 1527 and ruled Upper Burma until 1555. The Confederation originally consisted of Mohnyin, Mogaung, Bhamo, Momeik, and Kale. It was led by Sawlon, the chief of Mohnyin. The Confederation raided Upper Burma throughout the early 16th century (1502–1527) and fought a series of war against Ava and its ally Shan State of Thibaw (Hsipaw). The Confederation finally defeated Ava in 1527, and placed Sawlon's eldest son Thohanbwa on the Ava throne. Thibaw and its tributaries Nyaungshwe and Mobye also came over to the confederation.

The enlarged Confederation extended its authority down to Prome (Pyay) in 1533 by defeating their erstwhile ally Prome Kingdom because Sawlon felt that Prome did not provide sufficient help in their war against Ava. After the Prome war, Sawlon was assassinated by his own ministers, creating a leadership vacuum. Although Sawlon's son Thohanbwa naturally tried to assume the leadership of the Confederation, he was never fully acknowledged as the first among equals by other saophas.

The incoherent confederation neglected to intervene in the first four years of Toungoo–Hanthawaddy War (1535–1541) in Lower Burma. They did not appreciate the gravity of the situation until 1539 when Toungoo defeated Hanthawaddy, and turned against its vassal Prome. The saophas finally banded together and sent in a force to relieve Prome in 1539. However, the combined force was unsuccessful in holding Prome against another Toungoo attack in 1542.

The weakened Confederation proved no match for Bayinnaung's Toungoo forces. Bayinnaung captured Ava in 1555 and conquered all of the Shan States in a series of military campaigns from 1556 to 1557.


Sawlon was the Saopha of Mong Yang (Monhyin), a city between the great Irrawaddy and Chindwin Rivers in modern-day Myanmar's Kachin State, during the early 16th century at the downfall of the Ava Dynasty in Burma. His two great feats where firstly united the various Tai Principalities under a Confederation of the Shan States and secondly using that united Tai State to conquer and subdue the Burmese Kingdom of Ava and put his son Hung Pha on the throne.

Sawlon made a fateful choice of not attacking the Toungoo Kingdom in the southeast of Ava. Instead, he chose to attack his erstwhile ally Prome for he was unsatisfied with the assistance he received from his ally King Thado Minsaw of Prome in their war against Ava. After the conquest of Prome, Sawlon was murdered by his own ministers on his way back home to Mohnyin.

Dawn of Man[]

Great Lord of the Sky, King of the Lords of the Sunset, Saopha Sawlon of Mong Yang. The Tai people are proud descendants of Khun Lung and Khun Lai who have flourished in the many lush valleys of Southeast Asia since time immemorial; its many hills are home to the lushest Salween river valleys through which the envy of the world's riches pass through. Its many Mongs host mighty Saophas who reside in mighty Haws of the many noble princes of the purest hearts and minds. Pushed out from your ancestral lands to the North in the Heavens, the Tai have settled throughout the easternmost foothills of the Himalayas and given rise to a thriving and bustling hub of commerce and culture at the crossroads of South, Southeast and East Asia. It was only right then that you take control of the failing Avan state to bring more untold riches in the lowlands of the mighty Irrawaddy River.


Leaderscreen by Grant

Great Saopha, it is time to once again unite the squabbling Tai principalities and strike in the face of opportunity. The Tai people continue to be cast aside and their greatness forgotten! Will you once again bring together the broadest coalition of Tai states again? Can you strike and collapse your enemies? Can you build a civilisation that can stand the test of time?

Introduction: "Be well. There is no desire for bloodshed here, come let's establish a trade relation, unless you think yourself higher than I, Great Lord of the Sky?"

Defeat: "Impossible! You have certainly yield some preposterously dark magic to have usurped me. You forget that I lead not one empire but a confederation, you will never fully conquer us!"

Unique Attributes[]

Shan States (Sawlon)

Art by EmeraldRange

Valley of Princes

Trade Posts and Mongs provide +1 Gold Gold, +1 CultureIcon Culture for every road and Traderoute trade route passing over it.


Art by EmeraldRange

Haw (Castle)
  • Unlocks at Philosophy.
  • Provides +10 CultureIcon Culture and Gold Gold, decreasing by 1 each per Citizen Population in your city.
  • 10% faster building construction.

Art by Orangechrisy and Xenon257R

  • Unlocked at Chivalry.
  • Must be built on a resource-free hill.
  • +2 Gold Gold, +1 CultureIcon Culture.
  • +1 Production Production per 2 edges of its tile that is a river.
City List
  1. Mong Yang
  2. Hsipaw
  3. Hsenwi
  4. Mong Mit
  5. Mong Kawng
  6. Kale
  7. Mong Mao
  8. Keng Tung
  9. Mong Nai
  10. Yawnghwe
  11. Mong Gut
  12. Wanmaw
  13. Mawkmai
  14. Prome
  15. Mong Pai
  16. Hsi Hseng
  17. Hswang Hsut
  18. Mong Kung
  19. Mong La
  20. Pindaya
  21. Mong Pan
  22. Keng Chai
  23. Taungi
  24. Mobye
  25. Mong Lung
  26. Lashio
  27. Lawksawk
  28. Awngban
  29. Namsan
  30. Loi Long
  31. Sipsongbanna
  32. Hsamongkham
  33. Keng Mai
  34. Garhgaon
  35. Keng Hung
  36. Laikha
  37. Keng Rai
  38. Manshi
Spy List
  • Nang Hon
  • Nang Hkam
  • Nang Saung Kham
  • Nang Hearn
  • Nang Hsu
  • Hkyan Pha
  • Sai Loung
  • Sai Tip
  • Sai Sai Kham Leng
  • Sao Shwe Thaik



Peace Theme War Theme

Shan Flute Tunes


Striking Tai Long Drum, Gong & Cymbal Competition 4 (Tai New Year 2103 - Nam Kham)

"Shan Flute Tunes", by Burmese Tribal Musicians "Pawk Ho Kaat Thii Sii", from Striking Tai Long Drum, Gong & Cymbal Competition 4

Mod Support[]

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence
Wish for the World

Full Credits List[]

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Latest Version: v 6
Last Updated: 10 Jan 2021


  • EmeraldRange: Code, UB Icon, Map, Leader Icon, Other Art
  • Grant: Leaderscene
  • Chrisy15: Lua
  • Xenon257R: UTI Model, UTI Icon Rendering
  • Orangechrisy: UTI Icon
  • TopHatPaladin: Lua
  • Civ V Modding Helpline: Lua Help
  • National Museum: Leaderscene Assets
  • Nyaungshwe Cultural Museum: Leaderscene Assets
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