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Sennar led by Amara Dunqas is a custom civilization by Danmacsch.

This mod requires Brave New World.



The Funj Sultanate of Sennar, also known as the Blue Sultanate, was founded in 1504 in the north of Sudan. It was named "Funj" after the ethnic group of its dynasty, and "Sennar" after it's Capital. At its greatest extent, the Sultanate ruled a substantial area of northeastern Africa as a federation of sultanates and dependent tribal chieftaincies under Sennar's suzerainty. In 1821 the Sultanate was after years of decline absorbed into the Ottoman Empire.

Amara Dunqas[]

Amara Dunqas was the first ruler of the Sultanate of Sennar. In 1504 he founded the Sultante at the City of Sennar proclaiming it its capital. Following the Ottoman conquest of Egypt in 1517, Amara Dunqas skillfully used diplomacy to keep the Ottoman armies from advancing further up the Nile and conquering his realm, thus securing the future of the kingdom.

Dawn of Man[]

Dunqas Diplo

Art by Danmacsch

Praise be unto Amara Dunqas, mek of Sennar and lord over the White Nile! Long had your people been preyed upon by the Shilluk to the south, pushing you out of your ancestral homes and up towards the kingdom of Alwa, last of the Christian kingdoms of Nubia. In 1504 by the Western reckoning of things, you and your people sacked these lands in the name of God and established a mighty trade kingdom, with the gold of the White Nile flowing into the hands of your line for almost three hundred years to come. That gold grew Sinnar into a mighty empire with your lineage as its high kings, and at its height all the kings of the Sudan bowed before your majesty.

O great king, it is time once again to be the master of the Kordofan, to lead your horsemen once again to victory everlasting over these lesser nations. Will you crush them as you did before, their ashes to be borne down the White Nile? Can you build a Civilization that will stand the test of time?

Introduction: Behold! I am Amara, lord of the White Nile, ruler of all that passes beneath my gaze! What manner of tribute are you?

Defeat: So passes the line of Amara. So pass noble men into slavery.

Unique Attributes[]

Sennar (Amara)

Art by Danmacsch

Blue Sultanate

Land Units generate large amounts of Gold Gold and CultureIcon Culture upon capturing Cities. The Combat Bonus of Great Generals is increased by +5% for every Capital Capital city you control.


Art by Danmacsch

Abdallab (Knight)
  • Starts with the Charge promotion
  • Starts with the Kaskara promotion, granting +5% Strength Combat Strength for every Worker it captures (max +50%)
  • +15% Production Production cost (138 vs 120)

Art by Danmacsch

Mangil's Palace (Bank)
  • +1 Gold Gold from tiles that yield +4 of any other yield
  • +2% Production Production towards military units per Farm or Plantation within city limits
City List
  1. Sinnar
  2. Dongola
  3. Lam'ul
  4. Qarri
  5. Khurtum
  6. Umm Durman
  7. Al-Ays
  8. Arbadji
  9. Barbar
  10. Fazughli
  11. Salima
  12. Karkoj
  13. Dabarki
  14. Radjab
  15. Al-Damar
  16. Soba
  17. Shandi
  18. Khardja
  19. Raraba
  20. Kutranj
  21. Abu Haraz
  22. Kamlin
  23. Rusayris
  24. Walad Madani
  25. Rufa'a
  26. Masallamiyya
  27. Manaqil
  28. Hajar al-Asal
  29. Ruyan
Spy List
  • Umara
  • Nayil
  • Dakin
  • Adlan
  • Badi
  • Rabat
  • Unsa
  • Ranfi
  • Tayyib
  • Nasir




Peace Theme War Theme

Mod Support[]

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
True Alternative Leaders
Unique Cultural Influence
Wish for the World

Events and Decisions[]

Recruit Hill-Nuba as Palace Guards[]

Long have our kings sought to unite the peoples of the White Nile under one banner by right of conquest. The Nuba of the hills have held out for a long time, though. Too long. It is time to strike! Take their lands, take their gold, and take their strongest warriors to guard our kings.


  • Player must be Sennar
  • May only be enacted in the Renaissance Era
  • Must have an Armory in the Capital
  • Must be able to Demand Tribute from a City-State


  • 800 Gold Gold
  • 2 Magistrates Magistrates


  • 2 Maintenance-free Pikemen and 1 Maintenance-free Landsknecht all in level 3 appear near the Capital
  • +33% Production Production towards Military Units in the Capital
  • 3 Barbarian Units appear near the furthest Sennarese City from the Capital

Incorporate the Taqali into the Realm[]

The petty kingdom of Taqali has pretensions of being a regional power. Such ambition is an insult to the dignity of the Mek of Sennar, and we shall demonstrate to them the error of their ways. Taking their lands and cities for our own may rouse the ire of our neighbours, but what of it? We are Sennar. We are mighty. We have the will of God behind us!


  • Player must be Sennar
  • May only be enacted in the Industrial Era
  • Must have at least 20 Citizen Population in the Capital
  • Must be allied with a City-State with less Population than the Capital


  • 1000 CultureIcon Culture
  • 2000 Gold Gold
  • 3 Magistrates Magistrates


  • +2 Citizen Citizens in the Capital and +1 Citizen in all other Cities
  • +25% Gold Gold in the Capital and +15% Gold Gold in all other Cities
  • Gain control of a random Allied City-State in which a Courthouse is immediately constructed


Prime Ministers
  • Umara
  • Nayil
  • Adlan
  • Badi
  • Rabat
  • Unsa
  • Ranfi
  • Tayyib
  • Nasir
  • Agban
  • Nawwar
  • Tayyib
  • Awkal
  • Isma'il
  • Nul
  • Abd al-Qadir
  • Dawra
  • Abu Sakikin
  • Abu Likayik
  • Idris wad Abu Likayik
  • Adlan wad Abu Likayik
  • Abu al Kaylak
  • Gaadi Abu Shilluk
  • Khames

Unique Cultural Influence[]

“Our people want to conquer the Kordofan in the name of God. Could you please tell us where it is? Nobody's quite sure.”

Full Credits List[]

Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 2
Last Updated: 18 February 2017

  • Danmacsch: Code, icons, leaderscene, re-texture of UU model
  • Scapegrace: Design, diplo text, pedias, DOM text
  • Kerfuffle: Map
  • zwei833: UU model
  • LeeS: Lua assistance
  • JFD: Lua assistance
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