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Building Requirements Coastal city
Production Cost 250
Maintenance 2
Unlocked at Navigation

The Seaport is a building available in the Renaissance Era.

Game Info[]

Building a Seaport requires a Harbor or any of its replacements.

  • +1 Production Production and +1 Gold Gold from worked Sea Resources
  • +15% Production Production towards Naval Units

With Social Policies / Tenets:

  • Naval Tradition (Exploration): +1 Happy Happiness
  • Merchant Navy (Exploration): +1 Gold Gold


A seaport is a modern super-harbor. It is a deep-water port which has facilities to handle the largest tankers and transports. Seaports usually contain a forest of cranes for the rapid unloading of cargo, which is then transported away via a bewildering maze of railroad tracks and roads. Modern seaports are controlled by harbor-masters in high-tech control rooms equipped with radar, satellite feeds, and sophisticated computers employing complex tracking software.

Unique Building Replacements[]

Icon Building Civilization Yields
Customs Office United Kingdom (Pitt the Younger)
  • Provides usual bonuses of the Seaport.
  • Incoming International Traderoute Trade Routes receive +1 Gold Gold for every Strategic Resource improved by this City, and provide you with +2 Gold Gold for every Luxury Resource improved by the origin city.
Deep Water Port Angola (Agostinho Neto)
  • Retains the effects of the Seaport.
  • Yields Gold Gold per source of a specified Resource near this City or the Target City of outgoing Traderoute Trade Routes.
  • When a Peace Deal is signed, a new required Resource is specified, boosting the base yield of the Deep Water Port.
Freight Station Burkina Faso (Thomas Sankara)
  • No requirements or effects of the regular Seaport.
  • City must be connected to the Capital.
  • +2 Production Production per domestic Trade Route to or from the City.
  • +1 CultureIcon Culture on Roads and Rails.
  • Provides a Trade Route slot in the first three Cities it is built.
Merchant Shipyard Canada (Mackenzie King)
  • Building Cargo Ships adds half Production Production toward Naval Melee and Naval Ranged Units in this City at the same time.
JFD GreatQing UB
Naval War College Great Qing (Cixi)
  • Naval Units trained in this city begin with doubled XP from Buildings.
  • Provides a free Arsenal in this city.
Icon Shibazhi Port
Shibazhi Seaport Taiwan (Koxinga)
  • Contains a Merchant specialist slot
  • Merchant Specialists in its city (up to 5) increase Happy Happiness by 1 apiece, and the length of Sea Trade Routes by 10% apiece
Whaling Station Svalbard (Odd Olsen Ingerø)
  • Reduced maintenance cost
  • Yields extra Production production and Gold gold from sea resources
  • Yields Science science after ecology.
Zona Libre Panama (Manuel Amador)
  • Grants foreign Traderoute Sea Trade Routes +50% range so long as the origin city has at least one Traderoute Sea Trade Route to a city with a Zona Libre.
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