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The Scout is a Recon unit available from the start of the game.


Scouts form the eyes and ears of early civilizations. These fleet-footed warriors are not supposed to engage with enemy forces - they're supposed to find the lay of the land, discovering any potential threats or treasures. A civilization that doesn't know what's going on in the world around it is blind to both peril and opportunity.


The Scout is available from the start of the game, and is designed primarily for exploration. Its ability to move through any terrain without considering its normal movement rules allows it exceptional mobility, especially when crossing vast expenses of forest or jungle.

The Scout has a melee attack, but it is so weak that it's best to avoid combat, instead outrunning the attackers. The Scout also has a unique promotion: Survival, which not only grants it additional healing outside your territory, but also a defensive bonus that allows the unit to survive attacks and move on.

The Scout is vital in the early game for exploring the world, locating Barbarian encampments, and discovering Ancient Ruins, Natural Wonders, city-states, and other civilizations. Remember that the Ancient Ruins benefits are only available to the first civilization that explores them, and that discovering a city-state first grants you double the normal  Gold reward. Build at least one Scout as soon as possible; some players will build one first thing after setting up their capitals.

The Scout becomes obsolete with the discovery of Scientific Theory. Scouts are a "special" unit, in the sense that they're outside of the regular upgrade chain - there is no equivalent later era unit to which the Scout can be upgraded with  Gold. They can, however, be upgraded by the "advanced weapons" bonus of an Ancient Ruin, resulting in an Archer that ignores terrain penalties. This special unit can then be upgraded by normal means and will retain the path finding bonus all the way through the tech tree.

Unique Unit Replacements[]

Icon Unit Civilization Abilities
Unitflag boazovazzi
The Sámi (Eadni)
  • Has a ranged attack (5 Ranged Strength)
  • -25% Strength Combat Strength (3 vs 4)
  • May herd resources, temporarily removing them from the game in exchange for Food Food and Production Production
  • Immune to Snow Attrition (ExCE)
IconPNG CopperAxeman
Flag copperaxeman
Copper Axeman
The Yellowknives (Akaitcho)
  • +20% Strength Combat Strength (6 vs. 5)
  • Reveals a Strategic Resource near the tile of any Ancient Ruin it clears
Antarctica (Roald Amundsen)
  • Cannot attack.
  • +1 Moves movement, and ignores terrain costs while undamaged.
  • Can be stacked with other units, providing them with the same movement modifiers as the Dogsled while undamaged, and transferring a portion of lost health if stacked with an injured unit (once per Dogsled).
The Bedouins (Al-Sufi)
  • Never obsoletes but is more expensive
  • Can be expended to create a Bedouin Camp
Hamatsa Dancer The Kwakwaka'wakw (Willie Seaweed)
  • May remove animal resources in exchange for XP.
  • If destroyed, provides Greatperson Great Artist points based on its level.
Hawk Rider Khamug-Mongol (Jamukha)
  • +2 Moves Movement (4 vs 2)
  • +100% Strength Combat Strength (8 vs 4)
  • +100% Production Production Cost (50 vs 25)
  • Acts as a Mounted Unit
  • Immune to Desert Attrition (ExCE)
HunterGathererIcon Wikia
HunterGathererFlag Wikia
Çatalhöyük (Çete Reisi)
  • May hunt animal resources and gather edible plant resources which may be traded for a Food Food boost upon entering a city (The same resource may not be hunted/gathered again until 10 turns have passed)
Flag marbull
The Murri (Gambu Ganuurru)
  • -25% Strength Combat Strength (3 vs 4)
  • -28% Production Production Cost (18 vs 25)
  • Double Movement on Roads
  • May use enemy roads
  • May enter the territory of civilizations you have an embassy with
Nas Tuki
The Olmecs (Po Ngbe)
  • Double Moves Movement in Jungle
  • Automatically reveals nearby Ancient Ruins
The Shoshone (Pocatello)
  • May choose benefits acquired from Ancient Ruins
  • +100% Strength Combat Strength (8 vs 4)
  • Upgrades to the Composite Bowman with Ruins
Plumednomad v2
Unitflag plumednomad
Plumed Nomad
The Garamantes (Djalla)
  • Double Moves Movement in Desert
  • May explore rival territory
  • No Gold maintenance cost
Polar Explorer Antarctica (Robert Scott)
  • May move through Ice tiles
  • +1 Moves Movement when beginning a turn on Snow, Tundra or Ice
  • +1 Moves Movement when beginning a turn adjacent to a rival Recon unit
  • May be expended to construct a Research Station (after Scientific Theory)
  • Upgrades to Rifleman
Ninja Icon
Flag Ninja wiki
Iga (Momochi Tanba)
  • Ranged Unit with 8 Ranged Strength
  • Lower Strength Combat Strength
  • May move after attacking
  • May enter rival territory without Open Borders
Tax Cao Chai Wa (Tax Log Pang)
  • Heals adjacent friendly units by 5HP when on tiles producing more than 2 Food Food.
  • Killing an enemy unit permenantly debuffs adjacent enemy units by -30% Strength Strength when attacking.
  • Provides +1 CultureIcon Culture when in foreign territory, increasing to +1 CultureIcon Culture, +1 Gold Gold in territories of declared Friends.
Ti'at The Tongva (Toypurina)
  • May Embark immediately with additional Strength Strength.
  • +1 Sight.
  • More expensive than the unit it replaces.
  • May be expended to settle Cities on foreign landmasses.
  • Cannot cross Ocean until Astronomy.
Toa Ma'a To'i Tui Manu'a (Matelita)
  • +1 Moves Movement when trained in a coastal city.
  • +33% Strength Combat Strength, and does not suffer embarkation penalties.
Unitflag unaaq
The Inuit (Ekeuhnick)
  • -25% Strength Combat Strength (3 vs 4)
  • Has a one-hex ranged attack (7 Strength Ranged Strength)
  • Double Moves Movement on Snow
  • May embark before Optics
  • After researching Sailing, can be expended to improve sea resources
Icon Warmala
Flag warmala
The Anangu (Tjilpi)
  • Ranged unit with 4 Ranged Combat Strength
  • Spawns a Settler when discovering an unclaimed Natural Wonder
  • Double movement on Desert
Oneida uu1 crop
Wolf-Clan Pathfinder The Oneida (Shenandoah)
  • Buffs adjacent friendly units, gaining CultureIcon culture for each melee battle that you or an friend wins.
  • Can be upgraded into a Wolf-Clan Warrior at the Gunpowder tech at the cost of Food food, where it gains lots of Strength combat strength and can move after attacking.
Zabonah Nabataea (Aretas III)
  • Non-combatant Scout replacement that discovers Cities faster and earns Gold Gold and XP from doing so.
  • Produces +2 Gold Gold and +2 XP when stationed on a Trade Route.


Icon Unit Civilization Abilities
Unitflag dusk
Organization XIII (Xemnas)
  • Can enter rival territory without Open Borders
  • Barbarian units within two tiles receive a 25% combat penalty
Skybison cropped
Sky Bison
Air Nomads (Gyatso)
  • +1 Moves Movement
  • Ignores Mountain, River and Swamp terrain costs.
  • -50% Strength Strength (2 vs 4)
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