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Map by Lungora
Frederich I
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Schleswig-Holstein led by Frederich I is a custom civilization mod by Lungora (aka. FionaDanger), with contributions from JFD, Chrisy15.

This mod requires Brave New World.



The title Duke of Schleswig was inherited in 1460 by the hereditary kings of Norway, who were also regularly elected kings of Denmark simultaneously. This was an anomaly – a king holding a ducal title, which he as king was the fount of and its liege lord. The title and anomaly survived presumably because it was already co-regally held by the king's sons. Between 1544 and 1713 the ducal reign had become a condominium, with the royal House of Oldenburg and its cadet branch House of Holstein-Gottorp jointly holding the stake.

Schleswig and Holstein have at different times belonged in part or in entirety to either Denmark or Germany, or have been virtually independent of both nations. The exception is that Schleswig had never been part of Germany until the Second Schleswig War in 1864. For many centuries, the King of Denmark was both a Danish Duke of Schleswig and a German Duke of Holstein. Essentially, Schleswig was either integrated into Denmark or was a Danish fief, and Holstein was a German fief and once a sovereign state long ago. Both were for several centuries ruled by the kings of Denmark. In 1721, all of Schleswig was united as a single duchy under the king of Denmark, and the great powers of Europe confirmed in an international treaty that all future kings of Denmark should automatically become dukes of Schleswig, and consequently Schleswig would always follow the same order of succession as the one chosen in the Kingdom of Denmark. In the church, following the reformation, German was used in the southern part of Schleswig and Danish in the northern part.

Frederich I[]

Frederich was the younger son of the first Oldenburg King Christian I of Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Soon after the death of his father, the underage Frederich was elected co-Duke of Schleswig and Holstein in 1482, the other co-duke being his elder brother, King John of Denmark. In 1490 at Frederich's majority, both duchies were divided between the brothers. In 1500 he had convinced his brother King John to conquer Dithmarschen. A great army was called but the expedition failed miserably.

When his brother, King John died, a group of Jutish nobles had offered Frederich the throne as early as 1513, but he had declined, believing that the majority of the Danish nobility would be loyal to his nephew prince Christian. In 1523 Christian II, King of Denmark, Norway and Sweden, was forced to abdicate, and Frederich took the throne as King Frederich I. After becoming king, he continued spending most of his time at Gottorp, a castle and estate in the city of Schleswig. In 1524 and 1525 Frederich had to suppress revolts among the peasants in Jutland and Scania who demanded the restoration of Christian II.

Frederich played a central role in the spread of Lutheran teaching throughout Denmark. In his coronation charter, he was made the solemn protector of Roman Catholicism in Denmark. In that role, he asserted his right to select bishops for the Roman Catholic dioceses in the country. Christian II had been intolerant of Protestant teaching, but Frederich took a more opportunist approach. For example, he ordered that Lutherans and Roman Catholics share the same churches and encouraged the first publication of the Holy Bible in the Danish language. Starting in 1527, Frederich authorized the closure of Franciscan houses and monasteries in 28 Danish cities. He used the popular anti-establishment feelings that ran against some persons of the Roman Catholic hierarchy and nobility of Denmark as well as keen propaganda to decrease the power of bishops and Roman Catholic nobles. During his reign, Frederich was skillful enough to prevent all-out warfare between Protestants and Roman Catholics. Frederich died on 10 April 1533 in Gottorp, at the age of 61, and was buried in Schleswig Cathedral.

Dawn of Man[]


Art by Lungora

Brave and pious Frederich I, co-elector Duke of Schleswig-Holstein, King of Denmark, the Vends and the Goths, elected King of Norway, your people bow to your noble rule. Following the death of your father, King Christian I, you ascended to the duchies of Schleswig and Holstein during a time of great opportunity. The Hanseatic League operated out of your cities, and the people quickly found themselves loyal and grateful. You initiated your rule with a grab for power on the Free Peasant’s Republic of Dithmarschen, failing horribly; but did not let this defeat kill your spirits. You supported your brother as King, and supported again your nephew despite the nobles offering to give you the throne. Even when you finally were coronated King of Denmark your heart was with Schleswig-Holstein, negotiating the schism of the Catholic Church and the Protestant Revolution with skill and tact. It was under your guidance that Schleswig-Holstein and indeed all of Denmark faced a dangerous time of religious strife, political drama, and mercantilism dealt with and came out victorious.

Oh great Duke, bold and opportunistic, the time has come for you to stand and guide your state once more. Can you navigate the waters of mistrust and fate? Will you build a civilization that will stand the test of time?

Introduction: "This meeting is something I have been hoping for. Welcome to Schleswig-Holstein friend! I presume you will find whatever you are looking for."

Introduction: "I am very glad to see you. I am Duke Frederich of Schleswig and Holstein and must say that it is a blessing to make your aquaintance."

Defeat: "To die, to sleep - To sleep, perchance to dream. For in this sleep of death what dreams may come..."

Unique Attributes[]

Schleswig-Holstein (Frederich I)

Art by Lungora

Kieler Umschlag

Specialists produce no additional Unhappiness unhappiness. For every two Traderoute trade routes entering or exiting a Schleswig-Holstein city all specialists gain +1 to their primary yield.


Art by Lungora

Odalbode (Crossbowman)
  • Deals 33% more damage against ships.
  • When garrisoned on a fort or in a city, produces Gold gold and gives a small chance to grant a Food food yield each turn.

Art by Lungora

Watergate (Water Mill)
  • Requires fresh water
  • Provides a Merchant specialist slot
  • Increases city Strength defence by five for every specialist in the city (up to 50)
City List
  1. Kiel
  2. Lübeck
  3. Flensburg
  4. Schleswig
  5. Lauenburg
  6. Elmshorn
  7. Pinneberg
  8. Gottorp
  9. Ahrensburg
  10. Itzehoe
  11. Geesthacht
  12. Bad Oldesloe
  13. Oldenburg
  14. Rendsburg
  15. Neumünster
  16. Bad Segeburg
  17. Niebüll
  18. Glückstadt
  19. Husum
  20. Mölln
  21. Plön
  22. Neustadt
  23. Norderstedt
  24. Ratzeburg
  25. Brunsbüttel
  26. Eutin
  27. Büsum
  28. Sankt Peter-Ording
  29. Wedel
  30. Heide
  31. Wacken
  32. Gettorf
  33. Schönberg
  34. Bredstedt
  35. Damp
  36. Fehmarn
  37. Meldorf
  38. Tolk
  39. Kellinghusen
  40. Nützen
  41. Gelting
  42. Leck
Spy List
  • Hans
  • Achim
  • Bernd
  • Dieter
  • Franz
  • Karlman
  • Kord
  • Ludger
  • Lisbeth
  • Thea
Schleswig icon
Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
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Unique Cultural Influence

Full Credits List[]

Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 2
Last Updated: 28 May 2018


  • Lungora: Design, XML, Art
  • Chrisy15: Support
  • TPangolin: Steam title image and Infobox templates
  • OCP and Welpline (Civ 5 mod helpline): Support
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