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Saiyan Industries Corp. of the Son Family
Saiyan Industries Map by SonOfGreatKoya
Son Gohan/Son Gohan (Super Saiyan)
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The Saiyan Industries Corp., lead by Son Gohan/Son Gohan (Super Saiyan), is a custom civilization mod in progress by RoxyRiku94, with contributions from JFD, ViceVirtuoso, Typhlomence, SonOfGreatKoya and ghenny.

It is a fictional civilization based on the anime series of Dragon Ball.

The Civilization's UA enables it to switch between leaders during the mid-game when certain conditions are met, and upon transforming to a new leader, will change the leader's UA as long as this transformation is maintained.

This mod is only compatible with Gods and Kings and Brave New World.


Saiyan Industries[]

The Saiyan Industries Corporation of the Son Family is a fictional Corporation in the non-canon DBZ Universe (formerly a subsidiary of the Capsule Corp.), which is directly run by Gohan Son.

It was founded by Dr. Briefs somewhere in Age 775 (somewhere after the Great Saiyaman and the Buu Saga) and later inherited by Gohan Son at his 20th birthday on May 18, Age 777 after obtaining his scholar license, hoping to start business. While the Capsule Corp. is focused in inventing battle items, devices and of course, capsules, the Saiyan Industries Corp. focuses on developing the newest mechanical and cybernetical augmentation parts for humans, cyborgs and androids.

As a former subsidiary of the Capsule Corp. it has since risen into one of the largest and most influential companies of the entire planet, but competes directly with the Reb Ribbon Army, due to Gohan's involvement fighting the Androids in the Cell Saga. However, the business race should not last long after Gohan published his 'Groundbreaking Science' book, giving citizens access to Ki usage and thus rendering most of the Red Ribbon Army's equipment obsolete.

Currently, the Saiyan Industries Corp. spreads influence mostly in the eastern districts from Satan City over Mount Paozu until Goku's House in the foot of the eastern forest in Crescent Lake.

Son Gohan[]

Gohan is the elder son of the series' primary protagonist Goku and his wife Chi-Chi, older brother of Goten, future husband of Videl and father to Pan. He lacks the Saiyan's passion for fighting and favors the life of a renowned scholar and leader instead. But not unlike his father he has a gentle heart, devoted to protect those he loves, becoming one of the most powerful Z Fighters.

Being only half-Saiyan, Gohan is unusual in his values and personality compared to most full-Saiyans. These unique values and personality separate him from pure Saiyans; as powerful as he is, he does not like fighting much. However, when he is forced to fight, he shows special interest in protecting his family and friends.

Though he claims he does not share the love of fighting Goku has, Gohan does indeed appreciate martial arts and adventures. It is also clearly obvious that he enjoys his superhuman powers, and he greatly enjoys exploiting them to be a superhero, though he prefers to keep a low profile in order to avoid unnecessary attention, which lead to the creation of his Great Saiyaman persona in the first place, in order to keep his identity vague.

Dawn of Man

Son Gohan Leader Scene

Art by ghenny

"May the blessings of the Supreme Kai be upon you, Lord Son Gohan, son of Son Goku, who was Earth's greatest defender! Though your childhood was not easy with the arrival of the hostile saiyans, you managed to unleash your hidden potential of your power and used it for the protection of your beloved Earth!

However the toll of the battle was high, and most friends you desired to protect are gone, so you went with Krillin and Bulma to the Planet Namek, searching for the Dragon Balls. But even though you were successful into retrieving the namekian dragon balls and wishing your comrades back to life, you struggled with the rage of the villainous tyrant Frieza until you were saved by Goku and brought yourself back to Earth in safety.

For the next long years you fought off the undying Garlic Jr. and witnessed the short-lived return of Frieza until the arrival of your father. While unlocking your enormous potential and being able to transform into super saiyan with your valuable training alongside your father during the Android Saga, as you fought Cell, the villain who claims to be the most perfect android of the universe, he manages to enrage you even more by completely destroying Android 16, which leads to your transformation into Super Saiyan 2. And thus, even after Goku's sacrifice in the Cell Games, you defeated Cell for good with your last remaining power and the help of your deceased father and peace finally returned again.

And even after you failed to protect the Earth from Majin Buu, the Eastern Supreme Kai brought you here, to this brave new world, realizing that you still have not unleashed your absolute potential yet. It is now upon your leadership, Gohan, in which direction your new civilization will now take, successor of Goku. With your father's blood running in your demi-saiyan's veins and your few companions you hold so dear, can you lead your civilization to prosperity and freedom? Will you be able to protect your planet and your people you love from the new villains that are desperate to destroy the planet? Will you be finally able to reunite with your father again? Can you build a civilization that will stand the test of time?"

Son Gohan SSJ Leader Scene

Art by ghenny

Introduction (Son Gohan): Hey, you're the new leader Bulma just talked about? I'm Gohan Son, newly appointed Chairman of the Saiyan Industries Corp. of the Son Family Trust, former subsidiary of the Capsule Corporation. What? You never heard about Capsule Corp.? I might go ahead and explain it for you, but... why don't you see it for yourself?

Introduction (Son Gohan/Super Saiyan): I hereby welcome you to my company, my name is Son Gohan, and I am destined to lead the Saiyan Industries Corp. to further greatness. Also, don't mind by golden hair - that is unless you prefer it that way.

Defeat (Son Gohan): What, I lost? Already? Oh, there it is, the 'Doomsday Weapon'...!*sigh* Am I really that bad at leading my company, or whatever you call it now? So what, I learned the lesson. But now, the only way what I actually fear more is Chi-Chi's Frying Pan of Doom! So, please, do everything with me what you want, just don't send me to the FPoD!

(Gohan seems quite mortified about the 'Frying Pan of Doom'. Is it really that bad? You do feel kind of sorry for him, so you decide to let him be.)

Defeat (Son Gohan/Super Saiyan): My nation is all lost, it seems that my overconfidence got the best out of me. You may wish to use my lands as you see fit, as I no longer have the need for it. I must seek out the truth of my weakness, and then, I shall assure you, will return again to undo my mistakes. Be prepared for it, as otherwise it will only spill doom for you in the future.


Saiyan Industries (Civ Icon)

A strange civilization to play with (not unlike 'Venice' under Enrico Dandolo or 'Planeptune' under Neptune), Son Gohan's early game is hindered by having all of his cities (except the Capital Capital) being puppets and being unable to annex them under any circumstances. However, in order to counteract this detriment, he may assign himself to any city to considerably boost the Production Production and Science Science output as long as he is active in that particular city.

While maintaining the city, unless the city is the Capital capital (which already allows that), it permits the player to purchase units and buildings with Gold Gold, but maintaining the city while he is in there will drain his HOI4PoliticalPowerIcon Political Power to do so, and if it falls below a threshold of maintenance, he will be forcefully ejected from the city, reverting the city to its usual functions again.

Son Gohan needs to focus on building his RR94ZenkaiFontIcon Zenkai, a unique yield in that there's a finite percentage-based amount of them obtained amongst all of the world's Civilizations. By establishing a FaithIcon religion, and advancing in War military progress steadily, these civilizations will become more adept in obtaining RR94ZenkaiFontIcon Zenkai.

His Unique Ability allows him to build RR94ZenkaiFontIcon Zenkai from working Improvements created by Greatperson Great People, and therefore it is advised to focus on occupying as many Specialist-Slots as possible in order to speed up the acquisition of Greatperson Great People, which may then be expended for Improvements to increase the RR94ZenkaiFontIcon Zenkai build output.

The Great Saiyaman, the Great General Replacement Unit for the Saiyaman Industries, is a Strength combat-capable unit which scales in effectiveness depending on the era and may also be used to discover Science Technology at reduced effectiveness in order to remain competitive in Science.

The drawback of this Unique Unit however is his limited acquisition, due to having a hard limit of one Great Saiyaman, in which, if a subsequent Great Saiyaman would be obtained, will result in an increase of RR94ZenkaiFontIcon Zenkai instead. Therefore it is advised to use the Great Saiyaman during peace for researching Science Technologies instead of stockpiling them in preparation of War war, as a birth of a Great Saiyaman during an unfavorable situation will actually hinder the player's progress instead.

His Unique Building, the SI-Production Sector, is a mid-game Factory replacement which does not require Coal to be constructed, so it will help a tall-focused player significantly by not having to rely on Coal for constructing Factories. It will also increase the FaithIcon Faith/ Science Science Output of the city depending on the availability of Strategic Resources near the city. However, its Production Production bonus is situational: During an outbreak of war, the SI-Production Sector will speed up the acquisition of Military units, while in peace, it increases the construction speed of non-wonder buildings instead.

Upon achieving the Super Saiyan Transformation, his Unique Ability changes to "Potential Unleashed", which lifts the penalty of his cities being puppets, and gives him an Influence Influence boost dependent of his RR94ZenkaiFontIcon Zenkai when protecting Citystate City-States. Also, the acquisition of the Great Saiyaman increases every time a Greatperson Great Person has been expended.

Ultimately, his bonuses to Production Production and Greatperson Great People Generation will make a flexible late-bloomer civilization which can pursue any type of victory, favoring Spaceship and Diplomatic Victories due to his additional bonuses in generating Science Science/ Influence Influence while transformed.

Unique Attributes[]

Saiyan Industries (Son Gohan)
Son Gohan (Icon)

Art by RoxyRiku94

Son Gohan SSJ (Icon)

Art by RoxyRiku94

Legacy of Goku (Son Gohan)

Enables the RR94ZenkaiFontIcon Zenkai system to transform into Super Saiyan Son Gohan. Earn RR94ZenkaiFontIcon Zenkai per turn from every worked GP-Improvement in the empire. All Cities except the Capital Capital are Puppets. May assign himself to a city, during which Science Science and Production Production is increased by 50%. This city is allowed to purchase units and buildings, but maintenance requires HOI4PoliticalPowerIcon Political Power.

Potential Unleashed (Son Gohan/Super Saiyan)

Cities are no longer Puppets and Gohan's HOI4PoliticalPowerIcon Political Power recovery doubled, but he can't be assigned. +1 Influence Influence per 10% RR94ZenkaiFontIcon Zenkai each turn with City-States you have pledged to protect. Earn Progress towards the creation of the Great Saiyaman for every Greatperson Great Person expended.

Great Saiyaman (Icon)

Art by RoxyRiku94

Great Saiyaman (Great General)

Unique Great General replacement for Saiyan Industries. In addition to the usual war bonus the Great General provides, the Great Saiyaman is capable of self-defense, is unaffected by rough terrain and may perform unique actions.

  • +15% Strength Combat Strength and +50% Strength Defense when joining a unit
  • Discover Science Technology at half effectiveness
  • Restore HOI4PoliticalPowerIcon Political Power through the "Formalize Separation of Power" Decision

All of these unique actions expend the Great Saiyaman.

Only one Great Saiyaman may be obtained at the same time. If you would to be earn a subsequent Great Saiyaman, you instead receive a large RR94ZenkaiFontIcon Zenkai boost.

SI-Production Sector (Icon)

Art by RoxyRiku94

SI-Production Sector (Factory)

Does not require Coal. Grants Great Engineer Points whenever the city finishes constructing a Unit or Building, equal to 1% of its Production Production cost (Items purchased with Gold Gold do not count, but items with FaithIcon Faith do).

In peaceful times, Buildings Production is increased by 5%, while at war, Unit Production is increased by 10%.

+1 FaithIcon Faith if you're in base form, +2 Science Science (+3 Science Science if it's Uranium) if you're in SSJ Form for every Strategic Resource worked by the city.

City List
  1. Gohan's Capitol
  2. Satan City
  3. Orange Star City
  4. Herculopolis
  5. Randosel Town
  6. Mount Paozu
  7. Eastern Forest
  8. North Valley
  9. Skull Valley
  10. Chazke Town
  11. Aru Town
  12. Borbonne City
  13. Diablo Lands
  14. Crescent Lake
  15. Grandpa Gohan's Pavillon
  16. Goku's Fortress
  17. Dragon Rock
  18. Vodka Citadel
  19. Oolong's Path
Spy List
  1. Goten Son
  2. Trunks Briefs
  3. Piccolo
  4. Videl Satan
  5. Pan Satan
  6. Bulla Briefs
  7. Krillin
  8. Lapis
  9. Lazuli
  10. Shin
  11. Kibito
  12. Future Warrior Ace
  13. Sharpner
  14. Erasa
  15. Angela

Mod Support[]

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence
Wish for the World

Events and Decisions[]

Formalize Separation of Power
By enacting a limited constitutional reform -- defining and delimiting the offices and branches of government, and their internal relations -- we can temporarily increase our administrative efficiency, as well as public approval of our, still obviously divinely ordained, rule.
  • Player must must be Saiyan Industries (Son Gohan/Son Gohan (Super Saiyan)
  • Must have a Great Saiyaman
  • Must have at least 5% RR94ZenkaiFontIcon Zenkai
  • 5% RR94ZenkaiFontIcon Zenkai
  • The Great Saiyaman is disbanded
  • Restores HOI4PoliticalPowerIcon Political Power to the maximum
Enroll to the Orange Star High School
Education time! You're finally old enough to enroll to the Orange Star High School! What people will await you there? Will you be able to make friends? Or make up a competition with your rivals? Or combat your worst enemies? It's now up to you to decide, Gohan!
  • Player must must be Saiyan Industries (Son Gohan/Son Gohan (Super Saiyan)
  • Must have researched Education
  • Must have built the National College
  • May only be enacted once per game
  • 600 Gold Gold
  • 2 Magistrates Magistrates
  • The Orange Star High School-World Wonder is built in the Capital Capital, which reduces yield penalties from Puppet cities by 15% for every policy taken from the Rationalism Tree
Develop your "Alter Ego"
Your superhuman power must remain hidden from the public, and so you decide to develop your Alter Ego: The Great Saiyaman! No, just joking. Of course, since Bulma is not here, she cannot help you in this matter and you also have an empire to run. So, you decide to re-use the old transformation watch Bulma gave you before for this purpose. Slacking off to develop your "Alter Ego" for your occasional crime fighting doesn't hurt much, right?
  • Player must must be Saiyan Industries (Son Gohan/Son Gohan (Super Saiyan)
  • Must have researched Education
  • Must have a Workshop in the Capital Capital
  • May only be enacted once per game
  • 400 Science Science
  • 3 Magistrates Magistrates
  • 1 Turn of Resistance Resistance in the Capital Capital
  • Lose a Citizen Citizen in a randomly selected city every 10 Turns
  • The "Alter Ego"-National Wonder is built in the Capital Capital
  • The 'Improve your "Alter Ego" with newly invented Justice Poses'-Decision is available to be enacted
  • Gain +1 Happy Happiness every time if a Citizen is lost via Alter-Ego. That city also celebrates 'We love the King Day' for 5 turns.
  • Certain Events only occur after this decision was enacted
Improve your "Alter Ego" with newly invented Justice Poses
After developing your Alter Ego, you certainly feel better hiding from the public. But now as fighting evil villains also belongs to your daily tasks, you think that it wouldn't hurt to invent new poses. Surely the villains would be probably entertained by your lack of seriousness, but hey, what gives?
  • Player must must be Saiyan Industries (Son Gohan/Son Gohan (Super Saiyan)
  • Must have built the "Alter Ego"-National Wonder in the Capital Capital
  • May only be enacted from the beginning of the Renaissance Era
  • May only be enacted once per era
  • 1 Magistrates Magistrates
  • 15% HOI4PoliticalPowerIcon Political Power
  • Alter Ego yields +3 for every yield. This increases each time the decision was enacted.
Fund the Pangalactic Patrol Division
Our country might be secure, however, scholars suspect that most of the brave new world is yet to be discovered. By enlisting your friends' patrolling services you will be able to uncover most of the brave new world... and perhaps even more than you might imagined.
  • Player must must be Saiyan Industries (Son Gohan/Son Gohan (Super Saiyan)
  • Must have researched Scientific Theory/Natural History.[1]
  • May only be enacted once per game
  • 2200 Gold Gold
  • 3 Magistrates Magistrates
  • The costs of this Decision decrease with every Policy taken from the Exploration tree. If the Exploration tree is completed, the Magistrates Magistrate cost is eliminated!
  • Your Palace gains +1 to all Yields for every 10% of the map discovered.
  • Allows the training of Time Surveyor Units
  • Receive 2 Time Surveyor Units near the Capital Capital


Just as you have rescued your citizens from any danger (again), you decided to return to your public duties, until, much for your surprise, you saw Videl of the loyalist for Mr.Satan of {OtherCivName} passing by and noticing your scratch you received as the Great Saiyaman, correctly deducting you as the Great Saiyaman as a result. As she now knows your little secret, she threatens you to reveal it in the next press conference. What will you do against it?

Option 1: Persuade her not to reveal your secret, even if it involves bribery.

  • Lose RR94ZenkaiFontIcon Zenkai
  • Lose Gold Gold
  • Gain Production Production towards the items currently being produced in all Cities

Option 2: Fine, I gotta admit the fact to the public by myself.

  • "Alter Ego" is dismantled and 'Improve your "Alter Ego" with newly invented Justice Poses' is no longer enactable
  • Loyalists of Mr. Satan from {OtherCivName} will denounce you
  • {Turns} of Resistance Resistance in the Capital Capital
  • All other cities you own celebrate 'We love the King Day' for the same duration
  • Gain RR94ZenkaiFontIcon Zenkai

Note: This event can only fire if you have established your "Alter Ego".

Mod Components[]

Icon Component Effects Requirements
Orange Star High School (Icon)
Orange Star High School
  • +1 CultureIcon Culture and Greatperson Great Scientist Point
  • +10% SovereigntyIcon Sovereignty
  • +3 Science for every 4 Citizen Citizens
  • Reduces Puppet Yield Penalties by 15% for every Social Policy taken in the Rationalism Tree.
  • Acquired through the "Enroll to the Orange Star High School" Decision
Alter Ego (Icon)
Alter Ego
  • Provides +1 Magistrates Magistrate when entering a new era
  • Produces yields when 'Improve your "Alter Ego" with newly invented poses' has been enacted.
  • While this building is kept in the capital, you lose 1 Citizen Population from a randomly selected City every 10 turns and if that happens, this city celebrates 'We Love the King Day' for 5 turns and gains an additional Happy Happiness.
  • Acquired through the "Develop your "Alter Ego"" Decision
Time Patroller (Icon)
Time Surveyor
  • 225 Production Production Cost
  • -24% Strength Combat Strength (26 vs 34 compared to a Rifleman)
  • Ignores Terrain Costs
  • May Enter Rival Territory
  • Starts with Survivalism I, Survivalism II and Scouting I
  • Steals Gold Gold when attacking a city
  • May be trained after enacting the "Fund the Pangalactic Patrol" Decision

Unique Cultural Influence[]

"Our people are now rescuing other people from evil-doers and trying to transform into Super Saiyans. We're quite content if the rest of the world were also to succumb to the influence of your culture, but please... keep the villains for yourself."

Full Credits List[]

  • RoxyRiku94: Most SQL, Lua, XML Coding
  • Pazyryk, DarkScythe: TableSaverLoader and TSL Serializer
  • JFD: Lua, and Sovereignty coding
  • Vice Virtuoso: NetSyncTools, and Political Power Lua Coding
  • Typhlomence: Unique Diplomacy Lua Function
  • whoward69: PlotIterators.lua
  • Sukritact: CityInfoStack
  • SonOfGreatKoya: Civ Selection Map
  • ghenny: Leader screens
  • Dragon Ball Z: Artwork References for most artwork
  • Paradox Interactive: Political Power Icon from Hearts of Iron IV
  • Kenji Yamamoto: Soundtrack

Notes and References[]