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Map by Fiona Danger/Lungora
Map by Fiona Danger/Lungora
Almaqahism (LR)

Saba-Da'amat under Makeda is a custom civilization by Lungora and ExplosiveWatermelon, with contributions from Arilasqueto and Chrisy15.



Saba and Da'amat, or Saba-Da'amat, are the union of Kingdoms under the reign of Queen Makeda. Da'amat was an Ethiopic Kingdom, and Saba was a Yemeni Kingdom. While Saba is more well-known due to tales of the Queen of Sheba, some argue that the Queen of Sheba herself was originally Ethiopian in origin.


To start with: this mod is explicitly designed to represent the Ethiopic narrative around the Queen of Sheba. She is considered the mother of the Solomonic Dynasty of Ethiopia, queen Makeda. She was a wise and gracious ruler who conversed with King Solomon of Israel on equal terms. According to the Book of Aksum, she established her capital at Azeba.

Dawn of Man[]

Blessed be to thee, wise Queen Makeda of Saba and Da’amat! You inherited the throne upon the early death of your brother. Your wisdom led to a long and prosperous reign, where you even met with the wise King Solomon of Israel. It was this union that led to the creation of the Solomonic dynasty of Ethiopia, one of the longest-reigning in the history of the world. Unfortunately, as the ages passed, so too did the Solomonic dynasty fall out of power long after your death…

Yet, there is still more to be done! Your people seek your leadership once more. Can you spread your generosity and insight to realms all over? Can you build a legacy forged in gold? Can you build a civilization that can stand the test of time?

Introduction: Hello, my name is Makeda- I rule the lands of Saba and Da'amat. Tell me, do you have any further interests beyond diplomacy?

Introduction: My name is Makeda. I am the ruler of these fair lands of Saba and Da'amat. If you are able to keep up with me, then we shall talk plenty.

Defeat: Ah, so this is how it ends. I suppose not everyone gets remembered by history, after all...

Unique Attributes[]

Saba-Da'amat (Makeda)

Art by Arilasqueto

Queen of Sheba
Cities settled next to a unique copy of a luxury resource get a permanent extra trade route slot. During a Golden Age, gain Food and Production equal to half your trade route Gold income.
Badan Icon

Art by Fiona Danger/Lungora

Badan (Trireme)
  • Generates Experience when starting its turn on or adjacent to Luxury or Strategic Resources.
  • May expend its levels within foreign territory, granting a burst of Gold and Golden Age points in return.

Art by Fiona Danger/Lungora

Gwbn (Temple)
  • Produces Science and Golden Age points equal to the bonus Gold from Trade Route resource diversity.
  • Trade Range is increased by +5% per Luxury resource improved by this city.
City List
  1. Azeba
  2. Ma'rib
  3. Adulis
  4. Sana'a
  5. Aksum
  6. Tamna
  7. Qohaito
  8. Aden
  9. Qarnawu
  10. Zeila
  11. Zafar
  12. Zula
  13. Radman
  14. Yeha
  15. Hadaqan
  16. As-Sawa
  17. Farasan
  18. Wuqro
  19. As'aran
  20. Sirwah
  21. Wuhwan
  22. Shabwa
  23. Hidaybu
  24. Yathill
  25. Zabir
  26. Dhubhan
  27. Keskese
  28. Jurash
  29. As-Safil
  30. Kutal
  31. Na'd
  32. Rayhan
  33. Adi Ugri
  34. Qattan
  35. Tayab
  36. Heis
  37. Ramat
  38. As-Shihr
  39. Matara
  40. Al-Mi'sa
  41. Bosaso
  42. Ararat al-Barira
  43. Shibam
  44. Abjur
  45. Ghayman
  46. Ha'iz
  47. Hinu as-Zurayn
  48. Qani
  49. Tafid
  50. Malao
  51. Al-Bina
  52. Kawhabun
  53. Dhiyab
  54. Hajar Yahirr
  55. Zulmum
  56. Manhiyat
  57. Nashq
  58. Abadan
  59. Damo
  60. Okelis
  61. Haram Kuhal
  62. Maydh
  63. Hajd
  64. Kaminahu
  65. Bi'r Ali
  66. Opone
  67. Qaryat Dhat Kahil
  68. Sumhuram
  69. Nahshan
  70. Rahaba
  71. Huwaydar
  72. Tuban
  73. Dahasum
  74. Musayna'a
  75. Hanun
  76. Fuqma
  77. Raybun
  78. Datinat
  79. Habban
  80. Bi'r Hamad
  81. Makaynun
  82. Ra's Fartak
  83. Nasam
  84. Shi'b Munaydir
  85. Juja
  86. Naqb al-Hagar
  87. Suna
  88. Qarat Kibda
  89. Libna
  90. Ba-Qutfa
  91. Mashgha
  92. Hurayda

Spy List
  • Tamrin
  • Menelik
  • Zadok
  • Kandake
  • Nourad
  • Azaryas
  • Lillith
  • Bilqis
  • Yekuno
  • Täfäri


Mod Support[]

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence

Full Credits List[]

Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 1
Last Updated: 28 July 2023

  • Lungora: Design, Code, Art
  • Explosive Watermelon: Code
  • Chrisy15: Code
  • Arilasqueto: Art
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