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The Kingdom of Ruthenia (also known as the Kingdom of Galicia–Volhynia) led by Danylo I is a custom civilization by PorkBean, with contributions from RawSasquatch and DarthKyofu.

This mod requires Brave New World. It is part of the Slava Ukraini event.



The Principality or, from 1253, Kingdom of Galicia–Volhynia, historically known as the Kingdom of Ruthenia, was a medieval state in Eastern Europe which existed from 1199 to 1349. Its territory was predominantly located in modern-day Ukraine, with parts in Belarus, Poland, Moldova, and Lithuania. Along with Novgorod and Vladimir-Suzdal, it was one of the three most important powers to emerge from the collapse of Kievan Rus'. The main language was Old East Slavic, the predecessor of the modern East Slavic languages, and the official religion was Eastern Orthodoxy.

Danylo I[]

Daniel of Galicia or Danylo Romanovych was a King of Ruthenia, Prince of Galicia, Peremyshl, and Volodymyr. He was crowned by a papal archbishop in Dorohochyn in 1253 as the first King of Ruthenia. By his death in 1264, Daniel had reconstructed and expanded the territories held by his father, held off the expansionist threats of Poland and Hungary, minimized Mongol influence on Western Ukraine, and raised the economic and social standards of his domains.

Dawn of Man[]

Welcome, Danylo I Romanovych, Prince of Galicia-Volhynia and first true King of Ruthenia! After the death of your father, Roman the Great, the boyars of your lands revolted and proclaimed one of their own as Prince, forcing you and your brother into exile. After the Poles and Hungarians divided the territories between themselves, you returned at the age of 20 to reassert your rule over Volhynia. Over the next twenty years you conquered and restored your claim to Galicia, uniting the territories just before the arrival of the Mongols in 1239. The remainder of your rule would be a delicate diplomatic balancing act, as you sought to deepen ties with Christian kingdoms to the west while formally a subject of the Golden Horde.

Scene Danylo

Leaderscene by RawSasquatch

Danylo of Galicia, the lands of Ruthenia need your leadership once more! Will you again drink with the Khan and bargain with the Pope? Will you defend the integrity of your borderlands? Can you build a civilization that will stand the test of time?

Introduction: Welcome, from one warrior-king to another. I am Danylo Romanovych, uniter and ruler of this land of Ruthenia.

Defeat: Opposing you was right and just. I accept my fate with this in my heart.

Unique Attributes[]

Ruthenia (Danylo I)
Danylo Icon

Art by RawSasquatch

Rex Russiae

Newly trained Mounted Units gain +1 Moves Movement and Pillage for free if you have a Declared Friend with a larger army. Traderoute Trade Routes to Civilizations following the same Religion yield CultureIcon Culture.

Smerd Icon

Art by RawSasquatch

Smerd (Crossbowman)
  • 10% lower Strength Defensive and Ranged Strength
  • 25% lower Production Production cost
  • Gains 20% Strength Defensive Strength per Civilization connected via Traderoute Trade Route
  • Double XP if beginning a turn on a Farm, Pasture, or Khutir
Khutir Icon

Art by RawSasquatch

  • +1 Food Food
  • +1 FaithIcon Faith
  • +5% Production towards Mounted Units if you have a Declared Friend with a larger army
  • Unlocks at Horseback Riding
City List
  1. Kholm
  2. Lviv
  3. Halych
  4. Volodymyr
  5. Peremyshl
  6. Turov
  7. Dorohychyn
  8. Pinsk
  9. Terebovl
  10. Horodok
  11. Kyiv
  12. Lublin
  13. Kremyanets
  14. Zvenyhorod
  15. Vlodava
  16. Lutsk
  17. Vizna
  18. Kamyanets
  19. Yaroslavl
  20. Vasyliv
  21. Boloto
  22. Dubrovytsia
  23. Berestiav
  24. Suteysk
  25. Zaslav
  26. Ovruch
  27. Hubyn
  28. Valkhovyisk
  29. Horchevsk
  30. Sluchesk
Spy List
  • Vasylko
  • Roman
  • Lev
  • Batu
  • Mstislav
  • Irakli
  • Svarn
  • Anna
  • Maria
  • Feodora




Peace Theme War Theme

Land of the Rus


The Trade Route

"Land of the Rus" by Paradox Interactive for the soundtrack of Crusader Kings II "The Trade Route" by Andreas Waldetoft for the soundtrack of Crusader Kings II

Mod Support[]

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence

Full Credits List[]

Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 2
Last Updated: 08 August 2023

  • PorkBean: Design, Code, Text,
  • RawSasquatch: Art
  • DarthKyofu: Map

Notes and References[]

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