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Russia led by Elisabeth is a custom civilization mod by JFD, with contributions from DarthKyofu, JakeWalrusWhale, Janboruta, and TheLohoped.

This mod requires Brave New World.



As Winston Churchill once said, Russia is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma. It is a part of Europe and a part of Asia, yet separate from both. It is rich with natural resources, yet its people have historically been grindingly poor. It has been invaded and overrun by Goths, Huns, Mongols, French and Germans, yet remained uniquely Russian. It has been a superpower and a nearly failed state, a monarchy, communist dictatorship and democracy - all within a span of 100 years. Indeed, Russia is one of the most fascinating civilizations in all of human history.


Elizabeth Petrovna (29 December [O.S. 18 December] 1709 – 5 January 1762 [O.S. 25 December 1761]), also known as Yelisaveta or Elizaveta, was the Empress of Russia from 1741 until her death in 1762. She remains one of the most popular Russian monarchs because of her decision not to execute a single person during her reign, her numerous construction projects, and her strong opposition to Prussian policies. The second eldest daughter of Tsar Peter the Great, Elizabeth lived under the confused successions of her father's descendants since her half-brother Alexei's death. The throne was first passed to her nephew Peter II, who died in 1730 and was succeeded by her first cousin Anna. After the brief rule of Anna's great-nephew, Ivan VI, Elizabeth seized the throne with the military's support and declared her own nephew, the future Peter III, to be her heir. During her reign, Elizabeth continued the policies of her father and brought a remarkable Age of Enlightenment in Russia. Her domestic policies allowed the nobles to gain dominance in local government while shortening their terms of service to the state. She encouraged Mikhail Lomonosov's foundation of the University of Moscow, the highest-ranking Russian educational institution. Her court was one of the most splendid in all Europe, especially regarding architecture: she modernized Russia's roads, encouraged Ivan Shuvalov's foundation of the Imperial Academy of Arts, and financed grandiose baroque projects of her favourite architect, Bartolomeo Rastrelli, particularly in Peterhof Palace. The Winter Palace and the Smolny Cathedral in Saint Petersburg are among the chief monuments of her reign. Elizabeth led the country during the two major European conflicts of her time: the War of Austrian Succession (1740–48) and the Seven Years' War (1756–63). She and diplomat Aleksey Bestuzhev-Ryumin solved the first event by forming an alliance with Austria and France, but indirectly caused the second. Russia enjoyed several victories against Prussia and briefly occupied Berlin, but when Frederick the Great was finally prepared to surrender in January 1761, the message was sent only to find the Empress dead.

Dawn of Man[]

The pride and love of the Russian people adorn you, O' wise and beautiful Empress Elisabeth. The daughter of Peter the Great, your reign as empress would see the continuation of his legacy. A patron of the arts and architecture, you spurred educational and diplomatic reforms such to continue the transformation of Russia into an enlightened nation; the envy of her neighbors. Deftly, you also kept at bay the belligerent ambitions of Austria and Prussia until your untimely death in 1761.


Art by Janboruta and DarthKyofu

Noble empress, the time has come to take up the reigns of state and bring Russia into these enlightened times. Can you reform her institutions to become the highest in the land? Can you turn Russia's cities into a haven for artistry and beauty? Can you build a civilization that will stand the test of time?

Introduction: "My greetings to you, handsome traveler. I am empress Elisabeth of Russia. You've come just in time for my next ball."

Defeat: "I will not have the word defeat uttered in my presence. Begone!"

Unique Attributes[]

Russia (Elisabeth)

Art by DarthKyofu

Daughter of Peter the Great

Cities constructing Great Work or Specialist Buildings have increased Happy Local Happiness equal to a third of their Citizen Population. Every non-Military and non-Cultural Greatperson Great Person is born with a Great Artist.


Art by Janboruta

Semyonovsky Regiment (Rifleman)
  • Has a chance to withdraw from melee attacks.

Art by DarthKyofu

Fine Arts Academy (Museum)
  • Unlocked earlier at Architecture.
  • When constructed in the Capital Capital, gains double the normal amount of slots available for Great Works of Art or Artifact.
City List
  1. St. Petersburg
  2. Yekaterinburg
  3. Stavropol
  4. Kherson
  5. Yekaterinoslav
  6. Sevastopol
  7. Simferopol
  8. Orenburg
  9. Uralsk
  10. Minsk
  11. Odessa
  12. Kazan
  13. Yekaterinodar
  14. Chelyabinsk
  15. Kurgan
  16. Tyumen
  17. Omsk
  18. Semipalatinsk
  19. Tomsk
  20. Krasnoyarsk
  21. Petropavlovkiy-Ostrog
  22. Tobolsk
  23. Shlisselburg
  24. Vilno
  25. Riga
  26. Constantinople
Spy List
  • Alexei
  • Aleksey
  • Peter
  • Aleksandr
  • Mikhail
  • Sophie
  • Natalia
  • Anna
  • Eudoxia
  • Catherine
Russia (Elisabeth)



Peace Theme War Theme

Mod Support[]

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence

Full Credits List[]

Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 1
Last Updated: 1 Oct 2020


  • JFD: Author, Coding, Design, Research, Writing
  • DarthKyofu: Art (Leaderscene; Unique Icons; Civ Icon)
  • JakeWalrusWhale: Art (Map)
  • Janboruta: Art (Leaderscene; Unique Unit Icon; Civ Icon)
  • TheLohoped: Research (Cities)
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