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Rouarn led by Yujiulü Mugulü is a custom civilization mod by Grant.

This mod requires Brave New World.



The Rouran Khaganate was a tribal confederation and later state founded by a people of Proto-Mongolic Donghu origin. The Rouran supreme rulers are noted for being the first to use the title of "khagan", having borrowed this popular title from the Xianbei. The Rouran Khaganate lasted from the late 4th century until the middle 6th century, when they were defeated by a Göktürk rebellion which subsequently led to the rise of the Turks in world history.

Their Khaganate overthrown, some Rouran remnants possibly became Tatars while others possibly migrated west and became the Pannonian Avars (known by such names as Varchonites or Pseudo Avars), who settled in Pannonia (centred on modern Hungary) during the 6th century. These Avars were pursued into the Byzantine Empire by the Göktürks, who referred to the Avars as a slave or vassal people, and requested that the Byzantines expel them. While this Rouran-Avars link remains a controversial theory, a recent DNA study has confirmed the genetic origins of the Avar elite as originating from the Mongolian plains. Other theories instead link the origins of the Pannonian Avars to peoples such as the Uar.

Considered an imperial confederation, the Rouran Khaganate was based on the "distant exploitation of agrarian societies," although many researchers claim that the Rouran had a feudal system, or "nomadic feudalism." The Rouran controlled trade routes, and raided and subjugated oases and outposts such as Gaochang. Their society is said to show the signs of "both an early state and a chiefdom." The Rouran have been credited as "a band of steppe robbers," because they adopted a strategy of raids and extortion of Northern China. The Khaganate was an aggressive militarized society, a "military-hierarchical polity established to solve the exclusively foreign-policy problems of requisitioning surplus products from neighbouring nations and states."

Yujiulü Mugulü[]

Yujiulü Mugulü was a Xianbei slave and the ancestor of the Yujiulü clan, from whom sprang the founders of the Rouran Khaganate. After reaching adulthood, Mugulü was noted for his strength and emancipated; then became a warrior in the Xianbei cavalry, during the reign of Tuoba Yilu of Dai (307-316), son of Tuoba Shamohan, who was head of the Tuoba clan, Duke of Dai, and later, Prince of Dai, being the founder of this Xianbei kingdom. However, he tarried past the deadline and was sentenced to death by beheading. He vanished and hid amidst the Yellow Desert's streams and valleys for a time, gathered and united up to and over one hundred of escapees. The escapees sought refuge under a Gaoche (Tiele) tribe called Hetulin. After Mugulü's death, his son Cheluhui became a courageous, rough hero, acquired his own tribal horde and either he was or his tribe were called Rouran. Cheluhui's government was marked by nomadism and peace, but they remained subjects to the Xianbei Tuobas. Later, he would be succeeded by his son, Tunugui, son of Cheluhui and grandson of Mugulü.

Around 330, Mugulü's descendants multiplied into the Yujiulü clan. Mugulü's son Cheluhui gathered and led an independent tribe, self-proclaimed Rouran. Much later, Yujiulü Shelun (or Jarun), turns his tribe into a vast nomadic empire, which would be overthrown in 551 by their subjects, the Göktürks, under the leadership of Ashina Tumen (real name Bumin). Bumin's second son Muqan Qaghan, allying with the Sinicized Xianbei Northern Zhou dynasty, completely annihilated the Rourans in 555, effectively replacing the dynastic rule of the Yujilü clan with the Ashina tribe's rule and establishing the first empire of the nomadic Turkic peoples

Dawn of Man[]

Even in the barren desert, you sowed the seeds of greatness. Great father of the Rouran Dynasty, father to the Rouran Khaganate, you broke the shackles of Chinese and Xianbei dominion and set out on an unshakable mission to free your people. While you were just a hardy tribe by the time of your death, you raised your son a great warrior, who raised his son a great warrior and his son until no man ever dared to question the Rouran Khagan. For the first time, the steppe had a leader - the khan - who would lead it to victory time and time again. What you set in motion came crashing down the world over nearly a thousand years later - the rule of the steppe was supreme.


Leaderscreen by Grant

Great rugged champion of the steppe, the hardy beetle who knows no limits, the time has come to assume your supremacy over the steppe. Empires north and south vie for power over the other. Will you be the khagan who can confound both and destroy them all? Can you rally your people in multitude in the face of unthinkable odds? Can you build a civilization that will stand the test of time?

Introduction: "So you found my hiding place! For that, I welcome you to our Hetulin guests. They'll be staying until I find a way to finish them off."

Defeat: "You have triumphed over the steppe. I will ride west in search of pastures for my people. The land of Da Qin looks promising, but I know not what they possess."

Unique Attributes[]

Rouran (Yujiulü Mugulü)

Art by Grant

Empire of the Hidden River

Units become invisible to enemy units if traversing along Desert near to a source of Fresh Water. While at war with a Citystate City-State, mounted units claim any tiles of theirs they move into.


Art by Grant

Wriggling Rider (Horseman)
  • +1 Moves Movement during Golden Ages.
  • On Fresh Water and next to Barbarians, the Wriggling Rider's Moves Movement points are refreshed.
  • May dig Wells in Plains and Desert that provide Fresh Water.

Art by Grant

Nönör (Great General)
  • May attack units, but only when within 4 tiles of another Nönör or Khan.
  • Upon capturing a Greatperson Great General or Citystate City-State, the Nönör can choose to upgrade into a Khan, who may construct Citadels and yield Golden Age Points when moving in enemy territory, increased if stacked.
Changes to Mongolia (Genghis Khan)

Art by Grant

Örtege (replaces the Khan)
  • Unlocked at Currency.
  • May only be built on Plains and Desert.
  • +2 Gold Gold.
  • +1 Gold Gold for every Pasture and Traderoute Trade Route that passes over or adjacent it.
  • During a Goldenage Golden Age, mounted units may recover half their movement points and health while stationed on a Örtege.
City List
  1. Mumo
  2. Huaishuo
  3. Xihai
  4. Mayi
  5. Woulouhou
  6. Gaochang
  7. Hetulin
  8. Woye
  9. Ulansuhai Nur
  10. Huaiyu
  11. Khermen Tal
  12. Dubo
  13. Tutuyshan
  14. Rouxuan
  15. Yuyi
  16. Huaihuang
  17. Hanhaya
  18. Kharaa
  19. Chuluut
  20. Chultukov
  21. Tatabi
  22. Qushe
  23. Tufa
  24. Turkut
  25. Olkhonud
  26. Kumo Xi
  27. Gekun
  28. Muyun
Spy List
  • Anagui
  • Wenheti
  • Heduohan
  • Pibuoha
  • Tunugui
  • Cheluhui
  • Ruru
  • Duoze
  • Yungueti
  • Shelun



Mod Support[]

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence
Wish for the World

Full Credits List[]

Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 2
Last Updated: 31 December 2020


  • Art, Code, Lua, Design, Text: Grant
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