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The Republic of the Rif led by Abd el-Krim is a custom civilization by PorkBean, with contributions from Grant, Sas, Arilasqueto and others.

This mod requires Brave New World.



The Republic of the Rif (Tagduda n Arrif), officially The Confederal Republic of the Tribes of the Rif, was a a short-lived republic in northern Morocco that existed between 1921 and 1926. It was established in September 1921 during the Rif Conflict, when the people of the Rif Mountains revolted and declared their independence from both colonial Spanish forces and those of the Moroccan sultan, Yusef. The country had a capital city in Ajdir, minted its own currency, and held its independence day on the 18th of September. The Berber state was able to resist Spanish and French incursions into Morocco and the mountainous Maghreb, but tribal alliances were strained at best and the republic often turned to infighting.

Abd el-Krim[]

Abd el-Krim was a Rifian teacher, judge and politician who led a large-scale revolt against European occupation in the 1920s. Born in Ajdir in 1882, el-Krim received a traditional education at a mosque school in Adjir before entering Spanish education with his brother. Before and during the First World War he worked variously as a translator, teacher, journalist and Chief Qadi for Melilla, where he gained a reputation for his intellect and discretion. He was briefly arrested for anticolonial activities by the Spanish and upon returning to his home in Adjir in 1919, was alarmed by the prescence of Spanish troops on the streets. A year later he began a war of rebellion against Spanish incursions, intending to unite the tribes of the Rif into a single "Republic of the Rif". He proved an excellent guerilla commander, particularly at the Battle of Annual, where a force of 3,000 Rifians successfully withstood an attack by more than 20,000 Spaniards. Abd el-Krim's legacy and guerrilla tactics influenced later well-known rebels such as Ho Chi Minh, Mao Zedong, and Che Guevara.

Dawn of Man[]

God be with you, Muhammad ibn Abd al-Karim, president of the Confederal Republic of the Rif! When the Spanish arrived in your home seeking restoration of their glory, you initially favored their rule. However, when you sought work in their colonial administration, you found that they had brought only corruption and greed to your beloved land. Thereafter it was you who united the tribes of the Rif, in government and in purpose, to drive out the invaders and establish the independence of your people. Under your leadership, the Republic would march to victory after victory until eventually France stepped in and tipped the balance away from you.

Scene Krim

Leaderscene by PorkBean

Great Qaid Abd el-Krim, the time has come to revive your dream and restore the Republic! Can you again overcome tribal loyalties and bring unity to your people? Can you defend your mountain home from those who would take it from you? Will you build a civilization that will stand the test of time?

Introduction: I am Abd el-Krim, President of the Republic of the Rif. Quite simply, we wish to be independent and to be governed by God.

Introduction: This is the Republic of the Rif, and I am Adb el-Krim. We are no mere alliance of tribes, but a country with a government and a flag.

Introduction: Defeat has fallen upon us, and I must be at your mercy. I wish neither to be exalted nor humiliated, but in time, forgotten.

Unique Attributes[]

Rif (Abd el-Krim)
Krim Icon

Art by PorkBean

Disaster of Annual

Defeating enemy Units adjacent to Mountains claims them, and yields a burst of Great General Points.

Paco Icon

Art by Sas

Paco (Gatling Gun)
  • Double Ranged Strength
  • Half Strength Combat Strength
  • +1 Range and Sight for each adjacent Mountain at the beginning of its turn
  • 25% lower Production Production cost
  • Penalty attacking Cities
  • Upgrades to Bazooka
Qaid Icon

Art by PorkBean

Qaid (Great General)
  • When earned, damages enemy Units adjacent to Mountains in Rif territory
  • Defeating enemy Units within 3 tiles causes extra Unhappiness Unhappiness in their Empire
City List
  1. Ajdir
  2. Annual
  3. Chaouen
  4. Al Hoceima
  5. Tamassint
  6. Imzouren
  7. Temsaman
  8. Tafersit
  9. Targuist
  10. Driouch
  11. Ben Taieb
  12. Midar
  13. Al Aroui
  14. El Jebha
  15. Izemmouren
  16. Boukidan
  17. Amtar
  18. Izefzafen
  19. Ammezaourou
  20. Targha
Spy List
  • Hatmi
  • el-Salam
  • Bu Lahya
  • M'Hamedi
  • Heriro
  • Bohout
  • Cheddi
  • Sarkach
  • Tanout
  • Azerkan
Qaid Names
  • M'hamed Abd el-Krim
  • Muhammad bin Salah
  • Ahmed Heriro Jebli
  • Mohammed Ameziane
  • M'Hamedi Bojabbar
  • Mohamed Na'ma Tanout
  • Bu Lahya
  • Bohout
  • Sarkach
  • Cheddi


Rif Icon

The Republic of the Rif is a militaristic civilization, with strong terrain-focused abilities for causing havoc on an enemy's back line. Their Unique Ability, Disaster of Annual, is straightforward - defeating enemy units claims any adjacent mountains, and each claimed mountain provides a burst of Great General points. Take opportunities to fight enemies in mountainous terrain where you can, and ensure that as many mountains as possible belong to you. Interestingly, this ability also applies to any Natural Wonders that the game counts as mountains, so a deep dive into enemy territory to steal possession of Mt. Kailash or Kilimanjaro is also a possibility for Rif.

Rif's Unique Unit is the Paco, a replacement for the late-game Gatling Gun. A true glass cannon, the Paco boasts double the ranged strength but half the combat strength of the base unit, so keep it far from the front lines. The optimal position for a Paco is on a hill tile adjacent to mountains - each adjacent mountain gives the Paco one additional tile of sight and range. Scout out potential nests for the Paco during the game and secure them; a Paco with five surrounding mountains can potentially hit targets up to a wild six tiles away, although it still requires line-of-sight with the enemy. It is nearly useless against cities, so don't expect a free siege - use Pacos to clear out damaged enemies and support your main infantry.

Rif also has a Unique Great Person - the Qaid, which replaces the Great General. Earning a Qaid turns all those claimed mountain tiles into weapons, dealing 25 points of damage to any adjacent enemies on the turn when the Qaid is born. Any enemy unit unlucky enough to be adjacent to four of your claimed mountains on this turn is destroyed, and any that aren't can be mopped up by the high ranged power of the Paco. After it is earned, the Qaid operates like a normal Great General, with the added bonus that defeating enemies within 3 tiles of it causes extra Unhappiness to ferment in your enemy's cities. This Unhappiness can build to a devastating -40, causing unrest and rebellions, and pressuring your opponent to quickly sue for peace.


Peace Theme War Theme

Amul Koutchi


Rif Mountain

"Amul Koutchi" by Chalf Hassan "Rif Mountain" by Shirley Collins, Davy Graham and Alex Campbell

Mod Support[]

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence

Full Credits List[]

Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 3
Last Updated: 6 Jan 2024


  • PorkBean: Author
  • Bernie14: 3D Unit Graphics
  • grant: Map
  • Arilasqueto: Civ alpha
  • RawSasquatch: Paco Icon

Notes and References[]

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