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Eastern Orthodoxy, Dodekatheism (HR), Church of Fluid Mechanics (STEM)
Traits req. mod
Seafaring, Financial

Rhodos under Agathokles is a custom civilization created by Mathetes tou Megalou Alexandrou.


Dawn of Man[]

Affluent and magnanimous Agathokles, may the virtues of Rhodos live in you! You are a politician of Rhodos who have seen the ebb and flow of Rhodos' fortune, having witnessed the Siege of Rhodos, Rhodian triumph and the construction of the Kolossos Rhodios. You have also embraced the Greek virtue of generousity, having provided cheap grain to the city of Ephesos and brought glory to the name of Rhodos.

Beneficent Agathokles, We Rhodioi grew wealthy through our policy of pursuing balance ensuring that no one power becomes too great to rule the seas. Rhodos is given a chance to rise again and we Rhodioi wish for a new golden age. Will you bring Rhodos to greatness in this new world and make it the beacon of the seas? Can you build a civilization that will stand the test of time?

Unique Trait and Components[]

Rhodos (Agathokles)[]

Mesogeios Eleutheros[]

  • +1 Traderoute Trade Route per open social policy tree.
  • Gain CultureIcon Culture based on Rhodos' GNP when producing or purchasing a Cargo Ship.
  • Each City generate Greatperson Great People 1% faster per 4 gold gained from trade routes connected to the city.

Trieremiolia (Trireme)[]

  • More Expensive (Production 40 -> 50 in Vanilla, 50 -> 60 in Pride of Nations)
  • Stronger (Strength 10 -> 11 in Vanilla, 14 -> 15 in Pride of Nations)
  • +1 Moves and initiates its attack with a ranged attack.

Limen Emporikos (Lighthouse)[]

  • +1 Gold Gold to sea resources in addition to the Food Food and Production Production bonuses.
  • Rhodian Cargo ships entering the city after visiting a foreign city gains Gold based on the city's population and the resources that the foreign city has locally but Rhodos does not.
City List
  1. Rhodos
  2. Ialyssos
  3. Kameiros
  4. Lindos
  5. Telmessos
  6. Patara
  7. Limyra
  8. Myra
  9. Phasalis
  10. Krya
  11. Attaleia
  12. Myndos
  13. Halikarnassos
  14. Didyme
  15. Kaunos
  16. Alabanda
  17. Labraunda
  18. Myos
Spy List
  1. Areus
  2. Hegemon
  3. Chreomindes
  4. Akrotatos
  5. Teuthras
  6. Odysseus
  7. Eudamidas
  8. Agesandros
  9. Thrax
  10. Hipparchos
  11. Ares
Dialogue List
  • First Greetings
    • Hail, stranger. Welcome to Rhodos, the city of opportunity and prosperity! I am Agathokles, its humble politician.
    • It is an honor to have someone exalted as you visit Rhodos. I am one of its politician and merchant Agathokles, and I'd like to show you around the Agora.
  • Defeat
    • Rhodos is no more, and the merchants weep now that the seas will have a master.


Mathalx Rhodos Icon

Rhodos is a faction that focuses on maritime trade. As its cities spawn Great People faster based on the amount of gold each city earns from trade, Rhodos is encouraged to trade with centers of commerce to maximize the gold gain and thus Great People generation. Its reliance on maritime trade is supported by its powerful Trieremiolia unit, which can traverse the coast more quickly and are significantly stronger than almost any contemporary naval units.

As Rhodos grows richer, its ability to procure more trade routes also give Rhodos a deceptive edge in culture. 2-3 Cargo Ships can equate to a Great Writer's Political Treatise, allowing Rhodos to pick a few more policies than an average civ without an edge in culture. This makes Rhodos in a sense a hybrid, taking half of Venice and Polish trait without the Venetian downside.

Full Credits[]

Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 2
Last Updated: 12/21/2022

  • Mathetes tou Alexandrou: LUA, XML
  • Creative Assembly: Leader Icon (Temporary), Building/Unit Icon Bases
  • Christodoulos Halaris: Music
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