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Rheged led by Urien is a custom civilization mod by Grant.

This mod requires Brave New World.



Rheged was one of the kingdoms of the Hen Ogledd ("Old North"), the Brittonic-speaking region of what is now Northern England and southern Scotland, during the post-Roman era and Early Middle Ages, from 440 to 638 A.D. It is recorded in several poetic and bardic sources, although its borders are not described in any of them. A recent archaeological discovery suggests that its stronghold was located in what is now Galloway in Scotland rather than, as was previously assumed, being in Cumbria. Rheged possibly extended into Lancashire and other parts of northern England. In some sources, Rheged is intimately associated with the king Urien Rheged and his family. Its inhabitants spoke Cumbric, a Brittonic dialect closely related to Old Welsh.

The last recorded king of Rheged before the takeover was Rhoedd, son of Rhun, son of Urien, whose daughter was Rieinmelth. After Rheged was incorporated into Northumbria, the old Cumbric language was gradually replaced by Old English, Cumbric surviving only in remote upland communities. Around the year 900, after the power of Northumbria was destroyed by Viking incursions and settlement, large areas west of the Pennines fell without apparent warfare under the control of the British Kingdom of Strathclyde, with Leeds recorded as being on the border between the Britons and the Norse Kingdom of York. This may have represented the political assertion of lingering British culture in the region. The area of Cumbria remained under the control of Strathclyde until the early 11th century when Strathclyde itself was absorbed into the Scottish kingdom. The name of the people, whose modern Welsh form is Cymry has, however, survived in the name of Cumberland and now Cumbria; it probably derives from an old Celtic word *Kombroges meaning "fellow countrymen"


Urien or Uryen was a battle-leader and king of the kingdom of Rheged, a Briton kingdom of the Old North, centred in Cumbria and Galloway, between the mid 5th century and the early 8th century. His victories over the invading Angles, as well as the Irish to the west and fellow Britons, have widely resounded in Welsh literature and folklore; with his court poet, Talesin, composing a long and rhythmic elegy to his lord. He assumed the throne around 554 A.D, though in legend he was born during the reign of King Arthur, around 490 A.D., which would make him 100 years old at the time of his death.

Dawn of Man[]

Greetings, the Raven of the North; you are second to Arthur in people’s hearts. Descended from great King Coel, dux britanniarum, you saw that the invaders, the Angles and Saxons, had to be pushed out by force. You forged an alliance with three powerful kings, Riderich Hael of Alt Clut, Gwallog of Elmet and Morcant Bulc of Bryneich, and battled the invaders back to Lindisfarne. Briefly, all of the north was Briton, as if the Angles had never arrived. But it was not to be. The slimy and treacherous Morcant, ambitious for power, assassinated you in your slumber. Lost of this great battle-leader of the Britons, the cause you put together collapsed, and by the end of the 6th century the Angles had returned for good, despite the heroism of king Cadwallon in the 7th century. But your capital of Caer-Ligualid stood for centuries more; the ravens guarded its walls for they knew that you were watching them, and hoping that the tide would someday be turned


Leaderscreen by Grant

Brave Urien, the tide can indeed be turned. The Angles and their brothers, the Saxons and Jutes, are a shadow of their former selves, and the people stand not with them but with the sons of Arthur. If Arthur returns one day to lead the south, then you, great Raven King, can lead the north. Will you rise to the challenge? Can you build a civilization that will stand the test of time?

Introduction: "My name is Urien, son of Cunomarcus, son of Marcianus, son of Gurgustus, son of Ceneus, son of the Coel the Magnificent. You stand before the lord of all between Godeu and Llogres!"

Defeat: "So the Lloegr-men have slain me. Your fiery swords, however, cannot slay the land which we hold so dear."

Unique Attributes[]

Rheged (Urien)

Art by Grant

Court of the Raven King

Cities taken by allies against a common enemy will yield for you. Capturing Capital Capitals earns a free Greatwork GWL slot for the Palace; filling these slots will result in increased Greatperson Great General generation.


Art by Grant

Cynferchyn (Horseman)
  • If defeated in battle, a ‘Legendary’ version of the unit will appear in the Capital Capital provided it has a Greatwork Great Work of Literature, which has greatly reduced strength but can heal surrounding units.

Art by Grant

Cynfierdd (Great Writer)
  • When expended for a Greatwork Great Work of Literature in the Capital Capital during wartime; the units of defensive partners and Citystate City-State allies will be partially healed.
City List
  1. Cair Ligualid
  2. Dunragit
  3. Llwyfenydd
  4. Catraeth
  5. Llan-Forfael
  6. Arfderydd
  7. Din Trist
  8. Din Cyfarch
  9. Candida Casa
  10. Caer Robais
  11. Llech Gwen
  12. Cair Hewen
  13. Glannaventa
  14. Caer Maunguid
  15. Locus Maponi
  16. Senantiorum
  17. Gelava
  18. Cair Weir
  19. Birdoswald
  20. Maglona
  21. Salinae
  22. Bovium
  23. Condate
  24. Verbeia
  25. Calacum
  26. Maia
  27. Voreda
  28. Rigodunum
  29. Olenacum
  30. Coccium
  31. Clochmaben
  32. Ruadhail
Spy List
  • Rhiwallon
  • Cynfarch
  • Elidyr
  • Meirchion
  • Morcant
  • Gwast
  • Einion
  • Rhoedd
  • Llydanwyn
  • Ceidio

List of Cynfierdd
  • Bluchbard
  • Llywarch Hen
  • Aneirin
  • Taliesin
  • Guenith Guaut
  • Outigern
  • Gurnemans
  • Manawydan
  • Elffin ap Gwydno
  • Morfran
  • Elidyr Sais
  • Siôn Cent
  • Llygad Gŵr
  • Cian
  • Guto'r Glyn
  • Llawdden
  • Adda Fras
  • Y Bergam
  • Casnodyn
  • Maenwyn



Peace Theme War Theme
"The Celts'", from Total War Atilla "Taliesin", by Jimi the Piper

Mod Support[]

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence
Wish for the World

Full Credits List[]

Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 1
Last Updated: 23 November 2021


  • Grant: Code, Research, Art, Text, Design, Mod Support
  • Jimi the Piper: Music (Peace Theme)
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