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Research Lab
Specialists 1 Scientist
Production Cost 500
Maintenance 3
Unlocked at Plastics

The Research Lab is a building available in the Modern Era.

Game Info[]

Building a Research Lab requires a Public School or any of its replacements.

  • +4 Science Science
  • +50% Science Science
  • Has 1 slot for a Scientist Specialist

With Social Policies / Tenets:

  • Sovereignty (Rationalism): +1 Gold Gold
  • Academy of Sciences (Order): +1 Happy Happiness


A research lab is an institute devoted to the advanced study of a subject, which might be medicine, physics, chemistry, robotics, clean energy, or any other area of interest. Such labs may be publicly funded or funded by wealthy persons or corporations. Research labs may be attached to universities or they may be independent.

It is pretty clear that such labs are the future of research. As man's understanding of the world around him has advanced, the days of the dedicated scientist working alone in his or her basement and shouting "Eureka!" are all but passed. Research labs filled with dozens of talented people are now making the great breakthroughs.

Unique Building Replacements[]

Icon Building Civilization Yields
CSIRO Australia (Bob Hawke)
  • Unlocked at Replaceable Parts
  • +1 Scientist Slot
  • Provides Goldenage Golden Age Points upon the discovery of a new Technology
  • Costs no maintenance after The Internet is discovered
ScienceParkIcon Wikia
Science Park Taiwan (Chiang Ching-kuo)
  • Higher Maintenance Cost
  • +3 Production Production
  • +25% Production Production
  • +25% Production Production to Spaceship Parts
  • +10% Gold Gold
  • Employs an Engineer specialist instead of a Scientist
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