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Pskov led by Daumantas is a custom civilization mod by Grant.

This mod requires Brave New World.


The Pskov Republic[]

Pskov is one of the oldest cities in Russia. Its earliest mention comes in 903, which records that Igor of Kiev married a local lady, St. Olga. Pskovians sometimes take this year as the city's foundation date, and in 2003 a great jubilee took place to celebrate Pskov's 1,100th anniversary. The first prince of Pskov was Vladimir the Great's youngest son Sudislav. Once imprisoned by his brother Yaroslav, he was not released until the latter's death several decades later. In the 12th and 13th centuries, the town adhered politically to the Novgorod Republic. In 1241, it was taken by the Teutonic Knights, but Alexander Nevsky recaptured it several months later.

In order to secure their independence from the knights, the Pskovians elected a Lithuanian prince, named Daumantas, a Roman Catholic converted to Orthodox faith and known in Russia as Dovmont, as their military leader and prince in 1266. Having fortified the town, Daumantas routed the Teutonic Knights at Rakvere and overran much of Estonia. His remains and sword are preserved in the local kremlin, and the core of the citadel, erected by him, still bears the name of "Dovmont's town".

By the 14th century, the town functioned as the capital of a de facto sovereign republic. Its most powerful force was the merchants who traded with the Hanseatic League. Pskov's independence was formally recognized by Novgorod in 1348. Several years later, the veche promulgated a law code (called the Pskov Charter), which was one of the principal sources of the all-Russian law code issued in 1497. For Russia, the Pskov Republic was a bridge towards Europe; for Europe, it was a western outpost of Russia.

In 1510, Grand Prince of Moscow Vasili III arrived in Pskov and pronounced it his votchina, thus putting an end to the Pskov Republic and its autonomous rights. The city's ruling body, the veche, was dissolved and some 300 families of rich Pskovians were deported from the city. Their estates were distributed among the Muscovite service class people. From that time on, the city of Pskov and the lands around it continued to develop as a part of the centralized Russian state, preserving some of its economic and cultural traditions.


Daumantas was a Lithuanian prince best remembered as a military leader of the Principality of Pskov between 1266 and 1299. During his term in office, Pskov became de facto independent from Novgorod.

Daumantas' election was never sanctioned by the Novgorod Republic, which had traditionally controlled the Pskovian affairs. Prince Yaroslav of Novgorod planned to punish the Pskovians for their willfulness and oust Daumantas from the city, but the Novgorodians refused to support Yaroslav's campaign and, joining their forces with the Pskovians, invaded Lithuania the following year. Daumantas was again in command and returned to Pskov in triumph.

According to Pskovian chronicles, no ruler was loved by the citizens of Pskov more than Daumantas; they particularly praise his military skills and wisdom. After the Russian Orthodox Church canonized him, he came to be regarded as a patron saint of Pskov (on par with Vsevolod Mstislavich). The fortifications erected by Dovmont in Pskov's downtown became known as the "Daumantas Town". A church to the memory of the blessed prince Daumantas-Timofei was consecrated there in 1574.

Dawn of Man[]

Angels bow before you, Saint of Saints, Prince of Princes, most loved of all the Baltic heroes! You defended the holy town of Pskov time after time against heathens and sinful Christians alike, refusing to put your people at the mercy of the Teutons and the Muscovites. Your people had little but bows, but each and every time they vanquished the prideful knights on the frozen shores of lake Ravkere. Because of you, the town became not only a beacon of orthodox power and majesty, adorned with beautiful monasteries, but a true republic for its people, freed from the designs of overlords and landed barons.

Pskov LS

Leaderscreen by Grant

Great Duke, black knights roam the forests and rivers in search of you and your prestige. They seek the wealth of your people, but know not that it does not lie in gold. It lies in you, Daumantas, and your holy deeds. Can you administer justice once again? Can you defend Pskov for the people? Can you build a civilization that will stand the test of time?

Introduction: "Welcome to the city of Pskov. I am its leader, but I hold no claim to a kingdom. This is a humble republic, and the only kingdom I recognise is the Kingdom of God."

Defeat: "The fires of blasphemy cannot outlast the waters of holy justice. Cut me down if you want; I will be free in God's kingdom."

Unique Attributes[]

Pskov (Daumantas)

Art by Grant

Prince of the People

Greatperson Great People born in Cities with Traderoute Trade Routes receiveStrength Strength and may choose CultureIcon Social Policies after killing for the first time. Receive the Greatperson Specialist yields of cities that share your Religion Religion and a Traderoute Trade route with you.


Art by Grant

Tysyatsky (Great General)
  • May forcibly influence Citystate City-States who follow the same Religion Religion as you.
  • Cities with a Tysyatsky heal 50% faster and construct defensive and Gold Gold buildings 50% faster.

Art by Grant

Posadskiy Veche (Temple)
  • Contains 2 Merchant Slots.
  • Contains a slot for a Greatwork Great Work of Writing.
  • Every 15 turns, the Veche will recommend a policy specific to the city, known as Posadnik Laws, which can be enacted quickly. Posadnik Laws will change depending on the specialist makeup of the city.
City List
  1. Pskov
  2. Ostrov
  3. Izborsk
  4. Gdov
  5. Porkhov
  6. Sebezh
  7. Opochka
  8. Voronich
  9. Vyshgorodsk
  10. Kolozha
  11. Krasny Gorodets
  12. Zavolochye
  13. Dubkhov
  14. Vrev
  15. Kotelno
  16. Pechory
  17. Kobyla
  18. Velya
  19. Vybor
  20. Kolpina
  21. Usyvaty
  22. Zapskovye
  23. Krypetsky
  24. Gremyachaya
  25. Bezhanitsy
  26. Vybuty
  27. Savkino
  28. Yelizarov
  29. Snetogorsk
  30. Kozlov Bereg
  31. Vetvenik
  32. Sinichyi
Spy List
  • Silvestr
  • Larion
  • Yakim
  • Maksim
  • Zinovii
  • Grigorii
  • Filofei
  • Ignatii
  • Feodos
  • Zakharia



Mod Support[]

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence
Wish for the World

Full Credits List[]

Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 1
Last Updated: 11 October 2021


  • DuskJockey, TophatPaladin, JFD: Lua utils
  • Sergei Prokofiev: - War Theme (Crusaders in Pskov)
  • Medieval: Total War II: - Peace Theme
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