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Kingdom of Portugal
Map by Janboruta
Map by Janboruta
Manuel I
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Portugal led by Manuel I is a custom civilization mod by JFD, with contributions from Urdnot Scott, DarthKyofu and Janboruta.

This mod requires Brave New World.


Kingdom of Portugal[]

Inhabited since prehistoric times, Portugal was reached by Phoenician and later Carthaginian traders in the first millennium BC, there meeting Celtic tribes that had pushed into Iberia across the Pyrenees. Over the following centuries, the Romans, Suebi and Visigoths ruled the peninsula; but the history of Portugal might be said to begin with the Muslim invasion in 711 AD. During the Reconquista, Portugal was born as an independent Christian kingdom in 1139. Spearheading the "Age of Discovery," in the 15th and 16th centuries Portugal would establish the first global empire, stretching from South America to Africa to the Far East. The 1800s saw the dismantling of that empire, Brazilian independence in 1822 being the most serious blow to the power and prestige of Portugal. After the 1910 revolution which ended the monarchy, Portugal suffered through a succession of juntas and dictatorships until democratic elections were finally held in 1975. A new constitution in 1976 and membership in the EEC in 1986 insured that it would remain a progressive democracy. The erroneous view that Portugal has been no more than an outpost on the fringe of Europe was summarized by American journalist Richard H. Davis, who wrote, "Portugal is a high hill with a white watch tower on it flying signal flags. It is apparently inhabited by one man who lives in a long row of yellow houses with red roofs, and populated by sheep who do grand acts of balancing on the side of the hill." But, with its rich history and culture, and now one of the world's most globalized nations, Portugal is much, much more.

Manuel I[]

Born in Alcochete, Manuel was the youngest child of Prince Fernando, second duke of Viseu and first duke of Beja, master of the Orders of Christ and Santiago, and Dona Beatriz, daughter of Prince João. Both parents of Manuel were grandchildren of King João I (reigned 1385–1433), and Prince Fernando was the younger brother of King Afonso V (reigned 1438–1481).

When João II died in 1495, Manuel was acclaimed king of Portugal on 25 October. In 1496, King Manuel recalled the Braganças to Portugal from exile in Castile and restored that family's properties and titles, which earlier had been confiscated by the crown. In 1498, Manuel named his nephew, Dom Jaime, fourth duke of Bragança, heir presumptive to the Portuguese throne. The previous year, in hopes of unifying the Iberian Peninsula under Portuguese rule, Manuel married Isabel, the widow of Prince Afonso. Isabel, who had become crown princess of Aragon and Castile because of the death of her brother Juan, died in childbirth in 1498. Manuel and Isabel's son, Miguel, heir to the thrones of Portugal, Castile, and Aragon, died in 1500. King Manuel then married Isabel's younger sister, Maria. Among their many children were future King João III; Princess Isabel; Cardinal-King Henrique, who was also Grand Inquisitor of Portugal; Prince Luis; and Prince Duarte. In 1518, following Queen Maria's death the previous year, King Manuel married Leonor, oldest sister of Charles V and Catherine of Austria (future wife of Manuel's son, King João III).

The most controversial action of Manuel's reign was the forced conversion to Christianity of all Jews living in Portugal. At the prodding of Princess Isabel and her parents, Manuel issued an edict in December 1496, giving all Jews in Portugal from January to October of 1497 to convert to Christianity or to leave Portugal. Contrary to what is frequently written, relatively few Jews were expelled or allowed to depart from Portugal since Manuel did all in his power to prevent them from leaving the country. With few exceptions, Jews in Portugal either voluntarily accepted Christianity or were forcibly baptized. The result of this forced conversion was a new group in Portuguese society called "New Christians," who later were hounded by the Inquisition and subjected to "purity of blood" statutes until 1773, when King José I (reigned 1750–1777), at the urging of the marques de Pombal, abolished these distinctions.

During his reign, Manuel I presided over numerous financial, legislative, and administrative reforms, including an updated codification of Portuguese law. The monarch replaced the Ordenaçoes Afonsinos of his uncle with the Ordenaçoes Manuelinas, which began to be printed in 1512. A new corrected edition was published in 1521, the year of Manuel's death. Manuel's reign is probably most famous for the great overseas discoveries he sponsored. On 8 July 1497, he sent Vasco da Gama and four ships to find a sea route to India. This aim was achieved with da Gama's arrival in Calicut on 20 May 1498. By the end of August of 1499, two of da Gama's ships had arrived back in Portugal. On 9 March 1500, a follow-up expedition of thirteen ships, headed by Pedro Álvares Cabral, left Lisbon. On 22 April, Monte Pascoal in Brazil was sighted, and on 2 May, Cabral continued to India, but not before sending his supply ship back to Portugal with news of his discovery. In 1501, Manuel sent three ships under the command of Gonçalo Coelho to explore the eastern coast of Brazil. Upon Coelho's return the following year, Manuel leased out Brazil for three years to a consortium headed by Fernão de Loronha. However, Manuel was more interested in North Africa, East Africa, and Asia than in America, and concentrated his energies on those regions.

Dawn of Man[]

Glory and wealth awaits Portugal beyond the seas, O' King of Fortunes, Manuel I. Your reign over Portugal would foresee her rise to become one of the foremost powers of the world. Under your patronage, you initiated the colonisation of India and Brazil, securing Portugal's monopolies on spices and her pre-eminence in trade and the nautical sciences. With her abundance of wealth and your great love for the arts, yours would be a reign of Renaissance, earning you the honorific: The Fortunate.


Leaderscreen by Urdnot

Once again, Portugal lusts for the power and wealth that made her empire glorious. Can you become the patron to her greatest minds and merchants? Can you establish a vast network of colonies and trade routes across the seas? Can you help build a civilization that will stand the test of time?

Introduction: "You have made good timing. I am Manuel I, king of Portugal. I trust you have come to bear witness to the great prosperity of my kingdom."

Defeat: "It is my hope that you drown in the great wealth that I have left behind."

Unique Attributes[]

Portugal (Manuel I)

Art by Urdnot

Renaissance of Fortune

Spending Gold Gold on Buildings grants Greatperson Great People Points from all working Specialists in the city, the amount doubling in the Capital Capital.


Art by Urdnot

Cosmographer (Great Scientist)
  • Can be used to found new cities, granting bonus Science Science in the process.
  • The amount of Science Science received increases with the city's distance from the Capital Capital.

Art by Urdnot

Royal Trading House (Bank)
  • Does not require a Market.
  • Automatically claims all Luxury Resources within two tiles.
  • Grants Gold Gold for each Luxury Resource claimed by this city.
City List
  1. Lisbon
  2. Porto
  3. Braga
  4. Coimbra
  5. Leiria
  6. Gaia
  7. Aveiro
  8. Evora
  9. Frao
  10. Castelo Branco
  11. Guarda
  12. Viseu
  13. Braganza
  14. Beja
  15. Tomar
  16. Figueira de Foz
  17. Viana do Castelo
  18. Silves
  19. Sintra
  20. Lamego
  21. Guimarães
  22. Santarem
  23. Amora
  24. Barreiro
  25. Maia
  26. Vila Real
  27. Batalha
  28. Alvor
  29. Alcochete
Spy List
  • Afonso
  • Manuel
  • João
  • Pedro
  • Gabriel
  • Isabel
  • Maria
  • Catarina
  • Ana
  • Renata
Cosmographer List
  • Pedro Nunes
  • Joao Baptista Lavanha
  • Joao Teixeira Albernaz I
  • Fernao Vaz Dourado
  • Manuel Godinho de Eredia
  • Manuel de Mesquita Perestrelo
  • Andre Pereira dos Reis
  • Luiz Jorge de Barbuda
  • Lopo Homen
  • Diogo Homen
  • Jorge Reinel
  • Pedro Reinel
  • Diogo Ribeiro
  • Pedro Teixeira Albernaz
  • Luis Teixeira
  • Bartolomeu Velho
  • Martin de Ayamonte



Mod Support[]

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence
Wish for the World

Full Credits List[]

Steam Workshop Downloader
Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 1
Last Updated: 16 August 2020


  • JFD: Code, Research, Text, Design, Mod Support
  • DarthKyofu: Art (Civ Icon)
  • Urdnot Scott:Art (Manuel I Leaderscene, Cosmographer Icon, Royal Trading House Icon, Leader Icon)
  • Janboruta: Map

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