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Portugal led by Henrique Couceiro is a custom civilization by JFD, with contributions from Alga, DarthKyofu, DMS, Arilasqueto, Urdnot_Scott, and Zharques.

This mod requires Brave New World.



Inhabited since prehistoric times, Portugal was reached by Phoenician and later Carthaginian traders in the first millennium BC, there meeting Celtic tribes that had pushed into Iberia across the Pyrenees. Over the following centuries, the Romans, Suebi and Visigoths ruled the peninsula; but the history of Portugal might be said to begin with the Muslim invasion in 711 AD. During the Reconquista, Portugal was born as an independent Christian kingdom in 1139. Spearheading the "Age of Discovery," in the 15th and 16th centuries Portugal would establish the first global empire, stretching from South America to Africa to the Far East. The 1800s saw the dismantling of that empire, Brazilian independence in 1822 being the most serious blow to the power and prestige of Portugal. After the 1910 revolution which ended the monarchy, Portugal suffered through a succession of juntas and dictatorships until democratic elections were finally held in 1975. A new constitution in 1976 and membership in the EEC in 1986 insured that it would remain a progressive democracy. The erroneous view that Portugal has been no more than an outpost on the fringe of Europe was summarized by American journalist Richard H. Davis, who wrote, "Portugal is a high hill with a white watch tower on it flying signal flags. It is apparently inhabited by one man who lives in a long row of yellow houses with red roofs, and populated by sheep who do grand acts of balancing on the side of the hill." But, with its rich history and culture, and now one of the world's most globalized nations, Portugal is much, much more.

Henrique Couceiro[]

Henrique Mitchell de Paiva Cabral Couceiro was a Portuguese soldier, colonial governor, monarchist politician and counter revolutionary. He was notable for his role during the colonial occupation of Angola and Mozambique and for his dedication to the Monarchist Cause during the period of the First Portuguese Republic through the founding of the Monarchy of the North.

Dawn of Man[]

"Good fortune in the battles to come, Paiva Courceiro, leader of the royalist cause. It was on October 5, 1910 when revolution swept Portugal; overthrowing her centuries-old kingdom and ushering in a republic. But you, a mere solider-turned counter-revolutionary rose to the cause of the defense of your kingdom. On January 19, 1919, you declared the Republic forfeit, establishing the Monarchy of the North. Man I'm tired. Zzzzzz.

JFD PortugalCouceiro Diplo

Art by Arilasqueto

Good general, you and your loyal followers stand along against the revolution. Your king calls upon your to restore his throne. Can you do that? Yeah? You probs can. I'll fix this up later. Probs. Merry chrisymas Porklad."

Introduction: "I am Henrique Mitchell de Paiva Cabral Couceiro, and as God is my witness, you shall not stand in the way of the royalist cause."

Defeat: "I am Henrique Mitchell de Paiva Cabral Couceiro, and as God is my witness, you have stood in the way of the royalist cause!"

Unique Attributes[]

Portugal (Couceiro)

Art by Arilasqueto

Cream of Mushive

Worker Units are passively trained in the Capital Capital during wartime or in cities undergoing Resistance Resistance. Generate CultureIcon Culture when defeating an enemy unit within two tiles of a friendly Worker, Missionary, or Great General Unit.


Art by Alga

Integralistas (Rifleman)
  • When beginning its turn on the same tile as a Worker Unit, gains the ability to use enemy roads and can pillage for free for that turn.
  • Counts as a Worker Unit for the purposes of Portugal's Unique Ability.

Art by Alga

Regimento de Artilharia (Artillery)
  • When beginning its turn in a Portuguese city regained from enemy occupation, can fire over obstacles.
  • Ignores enemy Zone of Control.
City List
  1. Porto
  2. Braga
  3. Vila Real
  4. Viana do Castelo
  5. Chaves
  6. Guimarães
  7. Barcelos
  8. Valpaços
  9. Penafiel
  10. Mirandela
  11. Famalicão
  12. Fafe
  13. Bragança
  14. Marco de Canaveses
  15. Póvoa de Lanhoso
  16. Alijó
  17. Peso da Régua
  18. Moimenta da Beira
  19. Vizela
  20. Lamego
  21. Amarante
  22. Castelo de Paiva
  23. São João da Pesqueira
  24. Resende
  25. Santa Marta de Penaguião
  26. Monsanto
  27. Vila Flor
  28. Baião
  29. Penedono
  30. Armamar
  31. Felgueiras
  32. Lousada
  33. Vila Nova de Foz Côa
  34. Celorico de Basto
  35. Cabeceiras de Basto
  36. Cinfães
  37. Montalegre
  38. Freixo de Espada à Cinta
  39. Paços de Ferreira
  40. Boticas
Spy List
  • Luís
  • António
  • Alberto
  • José
  • João
  • Francisco
  • Sidónio
  • Helena
  • Miguel
  • Teresa


Portugal (Couceiro)


Peace Theme War Theme
"Portuguese Theme" from the soundtrack of Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition. "Cannonade" from the soundtrack of Anno 1800.

Mod Support[]

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence
Wish for the World

Full Credits List[]

Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 1
Last Updated: 23 Dec 2022


  • JFD: Author, Coding, Design, Research, Writing
  • Alga: Art (Unique Unit Icon)
  • DarthKyofu: Art (Civ Icon)
  • Arilasqueto: Art (Leaderscene; Leader Icon)
  • Urdnot_Scott: Art (Map)
  • Zharques: Pedia (Leader), Research (City-list)
  • Whoward: Utilities (PlotIterators.lua)
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