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The Police Station is a building available in the Industrial Era.

Game Info[]

Building a Police Station requires a Constabulary or any of its replacements.

  • -25% enemy Spy stealing rate
  • -10% Crimes Crime (CID)


A police station provides the base of operations for local police and detectives, typically housing office space, in addition to a small jail, interrogation rooms, and evidence storage areas. In some regions, a larger central office may contribute many of these facilities while smaller sub-stations serve as the primary post for local police departments.

Unique Building Replacements[]


Icon Building Civilization Yields
Ban's Court Yugoslavia (Peter II)
  • Bonus Production Military Unit Production based on Happy Local Happiness.
  • Reduces enemy spy stealing rate by 25%.
  • City must have a Constabulary.
IconPNG Chamber
Chamber of Professions Latvia (Karlis Ulmanis)
  • +1 Happy Happiness for every Citizen Specialist in its city
  • +20% Greatperson Great Person generation during We Love The King Day
DEA Office America (Richard Nixon)
  • +3% Production Production per active Traderoute Trade Route.
  • -1 Goldenage Golden Age point.
  • Provides +1 Gold Gold for every three Citizen Citizens in the city while the empire is Happy Happy.
Frontier Supervision Office Xinjiang (Sheng Shicai)
  • Steals a Citizen Citizen from enemy cities within five tiles whenever they enter Resistance Resistance or their owner enters Anarchy.
  • 5% of Food is carried over after a new Citizen Citizen is born for every opened but incomplete Social Policy Tree.
People's Commissariat Soviet Union (Joseph Stalin)
  • +1% Production Production per Allied Citystate City-State, increasing to +2 if this city is the Capital Capital.
PIDE Base Portugal (António Salazar)
  • If built in at least one City on every continent settled, the Capital receives +1 Happy Happiness for each
  • Grants an extra Traderoute Trade Route Slot when first built on a continent (max 5)
Security Precinct East Germany (Walter Ulbricht)
  • Doubles the Production Production contributed by the Capital Capital toward Production Production-yielding Buildings.
State Research Bureau Uganda (Idi Amin)
  • Does not require a Constabulary.
  • Unlocks the ability to Purge Population, killing 1 Citizen Citizen while providing a large lump sum of Gold Gold and killing an enemy unit in Ugandan territory.
Third Company Central Africa (Bokassa I)
  • Requires a Barracks instead of a Constabulary.
  • No maintenance cost.
  • During a WLTKD, counteracts the Unhappiness Unhappiness penalties to Production Production and Gold Gold.


Icon Building Civilization Yields
Internment Camp
Internment Camp Estovakia (Victor Voychek)
  • -10% Production Production Cost (270 vs. 300)
  • -35% Enemy Spy Stealing Rate
  • +1 Production Production per 5 Citizen Citizen in the city where it is built.
Memory's Skyscraper Organization XIII (Xemnas)
  • Enemy units near this city have a 10% chance per turn of defecting to Barbarians
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