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The Pikeman is a Melee unit available in the Medieval Era.


A pikeman is a better-trained and armored spearman armed with a longer, sharper weapon. Unlike the shorter and lighter spear, a pike is almost always used two-handed. Historically pikemen were most effective against other infantry and cavalry, but as they lacked shields, they were quite vulnerable to archers.


The Pikeman is a next-generation Spearman, armed with a much longer and deadlier weapon and breastplates. It receives a bonus when fighting against mounted units, which makes it pretty much the only unit that can hope to stand up against a rampaging Knight. A Pikeman fortified in defensive terrain is a Knight's worst nightmare. Pikemen are, however, weak versus other melee units and tend to be severely damaged by siege weapons used to defend cities.

Pikemen are useful as melee units when you don't have access to Iron resources (or the technology) for the more powerful Longswordsman.

Unique Unit Replacements[]


Icon Unit Civilization Abilities
IconPNG Argyraspidai
Argyraspidai Seleucids (Seleucus I Nicator)
  • Unlocked at Mathematics instead of Civil Service
  • Lower Strength Combat Strength (15 vs. 16)
  • +25% Strength against melee and mounted units; an additional +25% Strength while defending
Ashigaru Japan (Toyotomi Hideyoshi) (Senshi)
  • -10% Production Production Cost (80 vs 90).
  • No Combat Bonus against Mounted Units.
  • +1 Strength Combat Strength for each adjacent Ashigaru.
  • Upgrades to Musketman.
  • Instantly upgrades to Musketman upon capturing a City.
Justicegiver Icon
Ayyar The Zunbils (Rutbil)
  • +30% Strength Combat Strength while fighting on or near Roads.
  • If beginning a turn on or adjacent to Hills or Mountains, gains +1 Moves Movement.
Flag bashtnik Bastnik Serbia (Stefan Dusan)
  • Trained +33% faster in conquered cities and begins with +15 XP.
  • When garrisoned, the city acquires tiles 25% faster.
Bath Reth Shilluk (Tugo wad Dhokoth)
  • Yields FaithIcon Faith and Greatperson Great General points from plundering Traderoute Trade Routes.
  • When garrisoned in a city, extends Happy WLTKD length scaling with local Happy Happiness.
Breseler Brittany (Nominoe)
  • Weaker but Gold cheaper.
  • Can use enemy roads.
  • Begins with bonus Moves Moves based on the Moves Movement of the city's garrisoned unit.
Chalkaspides small
Chalkaspides flag Chalkaspides Pontus (Mithridates VI)
  • Unlocked at Currency
  • +15% Production Production Cost, decreased from the total of your merchant specialists.
  • May convert enemy and allied city-state workers (Peasants with JFDLC) to Chalkaspides - who have -1 Moves moves, but all units trained in a city adjacent to them gain an extra level and Drill I.
IconAgla EagleWarrior
Flag eaglewarrior Eagle Warrior The Aztec (Tlacaelel)
  • +20% Strength Combat Strength when beginning its turn within two tiles of an enemy unit that has under half of its health remaining
IconPNG Ecorcheur
Flag Ecorcheur Écorcheur France (Louis XI)
  • +20% Combat Strength when within 3 tiles of a friendly Spy
  • Yields a burst of Gold Gold when capturing a city you're spying on
Unitflag goedendag Goedendag Flanders (Robrecht III)
  • +25% Strength Combat Strength vs. Melee Units.
  • Can be instantly recruited from any city at the cost of 1 Citizen Population. The citizen removed can be returned to any city that the Goedendag is garrisoned in.
FlandersUnitAlphaAtlas Goedendag Flanders (Robert III) (LastSword)
  • -28.5% Production Production Cost (70 v. 90)
  • When garrisoned, gains Strength Combat Strength equal to half of the Strength City Strength granted by defensive Buildings
  • Upgrades to Musketman
Gost Convoy Kievan Rus' (Olga)
  • Gains XP from Luxury Resources traded away by Kievan Rus' in diplomatic deals.
  • While a Great Merchant is nearby, promoting a Gost Convoy yields Gold Gold.
Guastatore Tuscany (Matilda)
  • Has lower base Strength Combat Strength.
  • May move after pillaging, and will claim pillaged Improvements for your civilization if the tile is next to your borders.
Gusar icon
Gusar Serbia (Dusan) (DJSHenninger)
  • +2 Moves Movement
  • Receives Mounted unit promotions
  • Combat bonus vs units when next to a damaged friendly unit
  • Adjacent Mounted Units gain +20% Strength Combat Strength
Hajeob Donghak (Jeon Bongjun)
  • While training a Hajeob, FaithIcon Faith is added to Production Production.
  • Does not obsolete until Great War Infantry.
Impi-0 Impi The Zulu (Shaka)
  • Free ranged attack with each melee attack
  • +25% War Combat bonus vs Gunpowder units
  • Upgrades to Rifleman
Ingubo Regiment The Ndebele (Lobengula)
  • +10% Strength Combat Bonus against other melee units.
  • +1 Moves Movement, which it also provides to stacked iNduna.
  • Upgrades to Rifleman.
Unitflag isienmwenro Isienmwenro Benin (Ewuare)
  • Ignores enemy Zone of Control
  • +25% Flank Attack Bonus
  • +1 Moves Movement if it begins its turn adjacent to an enemy Unit
Khadga Cavarly Gupta (Kumaragupta)
  • Unlocked at Iron Working.
  • Mounted Unit that does not require horses and may attack enemies twice.
  • Gains +10% Strength Strength each time after discovering Chivalry, Steel and Metallurgy.
Khwarezmiyya Khwarezmia (Jalal al-Din)
  • Any civilization following your Religion Religion or currently in a research or trade agreement with you may purchase the Khwarezmiyya.
  • Occupying citadels with a Khwarezmiyya rewards Gold Gold to Khwarezm and removes one follower from the nearest enemy city.
Kumb Tapi The Wahgi (Bol'im)
  • Gains +2 Moves Movement and additional Experience from combat when in Rough Terrain.
  • Provides a lump sum of Great Artist Points upon if killed.
  • Upgrades into Rifleman.
Kuruc Hungary (György Dózsa)
  • Upon entering war, one always spawns in the Capital Capital.
  • Begins with +1 Moves Movement while in enemy borders.
Unitflag landskneckt Lanzknecht Holy Roman Empire (Elected Emperor) (LastSword)
  • A possible medieaval UU of HRE through election
  • can pillage without movement loss
  • gain gold from attacking cities
Luojuzi Dali (Duan Siping)
  • Unlocked at Theology.
  • +4 Strength Strength, -1 Moves Movement.
  • If stationed on a Luxury Resource, friendly adjacent tiles decrease enemy Moves movement by 1 and have a small chance to convert Religious units into Luojuzi, increased per FaithIcon Faith or Belief building in the nearest City.
Maharlika Tagalogs (Kalangitan)
  • Trained 25% faster while a DoF partner is at war.
  • Begins with +1 Moves Movement point per 2 Happy Local Happiness in its home city.
Man-at-Arms England (Richard I)
  • Specializes in defeating Mounted Units.
  • Only as many can be active as you have cities.
MetsikhovneIcon Wikia
MetsikhovneFlag wikia Metsikhovne Georgia (David IV)
  • Accumulates "Zeal" - which must be depleted by taking damage before HP can be lost - by killing enemy units.
Ari Nope Rozvi ChangamireDombo Missoca
Ari Nope Rozvi ChangamireDombo Missoca Flag Missoca Rozvi (Changamire Dombo)
  • More expensive.
  • Can pillage tiles for no movement cost.
  • +1 Moves Movement if not adjacent to another Missoca.
  • +5 HP per turn if adjacent to at least one Missoca.
War Band small
O-don Warband Osage (Pawhuska)
  • Enemy units within 2 tiles of a O-Don' War-Band receive a combat penalty, increasing per War Band (max -24%).
Phalangitai Macedon (Alexander)
  • Unlocks at Philosophy.
  • Stronger against other spear units.
  • May force other units to withdraw when adjacent to other spear units.
Planton Katanga (Moïse Tshombe)
  • May be used to build Mines and Farms, as well as clearing Forest or Jungle.
  • When used to clear a Forest or Jungle, has a chance to reveal a mine-based resource on the tile.
Icon pniese
Pnieseflag Pniese The Wampanoag (Massasoit)
  • Heals at double rate
  • Recovers 25% of maximum HP upon killing an enemy unit
Unitflag pombo Pombo Kongo (Nzinga)
  • Begins its turn with the same number of movement points as an adjacent Mounted Unit.
  • +33% Defense vs Ranged Attacks (Cover I)
  • -5% Production Cost
  • No bonus versus Mounted Units
MC PushunDar 256
Pushun-Dar Qoyunlu (Uzun Hasan)
  • When starting its turn stacked with a civilian unit, both units receive +1 Moves Movement.
  • Automatically converts a city upon conquering it.
ZharquesJadwiga UU
Racowie Infantry Poland (Jadwiga)
  • 33% cheaper to train with at least one Declaration of Friendship.
  • Gains up to +5 Strength Combat Strength based on Poland's FaithIcon Faith output.
  • May push back enemies upon reaching level 5 (not lost upon upgrade).
SwissUnitAlphaAtlas Reisläufer Switzerland (Henri Dufour) (LastSword)
  • +3 Strength Combat Strength
  • Earns Gold Gold in friendly foreign territory
  • Upgrades to Rifleman
ReislauferIcon wikia
ReislauferFlag wikia Reisläufer Switzerland (Wilhelm Tell)
  • Gains significantly more experience from defending
Agla Urschweiz Reisläufer
Reisläufer The Swiss (Wilhelm Tell)
  • +15% Strength Combat Strength when fighting in Rough Terrain.
  • Defeating enemy units generates Gold Gold equal to their Strength Combat Strength.
ZimbabweUnitAlphaAtlas Rozvi Zimbabwe (Nyatsimba Mutota)
  • Ignores Terrain Cost
  • +5% Combat Strength per Trade Route (max. +25%)
  • Upgrades to Musketman
Samballang Darfur (Ali Dinar)
  • Producing or upgrading a Samballang offsets the maintenance cost of any unit stationed in your cities.
Shimingun Takayama (Justo Takayama)
  • Has lower base Strength Combat Strength.
  • May be purchased with FaithIcon Faith, even without the required Belief.
  • May attack twice while garrisoned.
Sohei Icon
Sohei flag Sohei The Ikko-ikki (Kennyo)
  • +50% Strength Combat Strength and ignore terrain costs when starting on a friendly Tile Improvement
  • May enter the territory of rival Civilizations that follow your Religion
IconPNG Sthirabhuta
Flag sthirabhuta Sthirabhuta Kataka Rashtrakuta (Amoghavarsha I)
  • +5% Combat Strength (max. +20%) for each Greatwork Great Work in the city where it was trained
  • Generates Goldenage Golden Age Points from kills
SalishStoMexAtlas Sto:Mex The Coast Salish (Seattle)
  • Can upgrade into a Longswordsman.
  • After Level 3, produces 1 Gold Gold per level.
PapalUnitAlphaAtlas Swiss Guard Papal States (Gregory XIII)
  • Stronger at defending near the Capital Capital
  • Upon obsoleting, may be expended to become a Pontifical Swiss Guard, a building that yields 2 CultureIcon Culture per turn and +1 Strength City Defense
Maoriwarrior-0 Taiaha Warrior The Maori (Te Rauparaha)
  • Stronger and generates XP faster
  • Upgrades to Musketman
  • Gives nearby units +5% Combat Strength
EW TieRen
Tie Ren Zheng (Koxinga)
  • Starts with the Amphibious promotion.
  • +10% Strength Combat Strength against Cities, and pillages Gold Gold equal to half the damage dealt.
  • While near a Great General, receives a +20% Strength Combat Strength and a further +25% Bonus vs. Mounted Units.
Tinglid The Anglo-Norse (Canute)
  • Generates Greatperson Great General Points when garrisoned in a conquered city.
  • Generates Greatperson Great Admiral Points when garrisoned in a settled city.
  • Constructing a Courthouse grants a free Tinglid.
Uqaylid Outrider The Qarmatians (Abu Tahir Al-Jannabi)
  • -4 Strength Combat Strength (12 vs. 16).
  • -25 Production Production Cost (65 vs. 90).
  • Deals double damage when under 50% health.
  • Upon being killed, damages adjacent enemy units.
Flag voi Voi The Slavs (Niklot)
  • -2 Combat Strength
  • +15% Combat Strength against Cities
  • Gains Gold from attacking Cities (=100% of damage)
Voromahery Madagascar (Ranavalona I)
  • Slightly weaker and cheaper than the Pikeman
  • Siphons Experience from and gains the Promotions of enemy Units upon attacking them.
IconPNG Yamani
Yamani Umayyads (Abd al-Malik)
  • Stronger for each other Yamani that is garrisoned
  • Costs 1 additional maintenance
Zimba Marauder Maravi (Kalonga Mazula)
  • Defeating units will heal the Zimba and provide Food food to a random city.
  • Pillaging in enemy territory permanently increases Strength combat strength.
  • Cannot pillage roads.
RadiantGardenRoyalGuard flag Royal Guard Radiant Garden (Ansem)
  • +25% Strength combat bonus when stationed on a Great Tile Improvement.
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