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The Papal States
Map by Janboruta
Map by Janboruta
Innocent III
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Diplomatic, Spiritual
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Papal States
Janboruta InnocentIII

Leaderscene by Janboruta

The Papal States led by Innocent III is a custom civilization mod by JFD and Janboruta, with contributions from Danrell, Uighur_Caesar, and Shadow Pope.

This mod requires Brave New World, and works best with Gazebo's Community Patch. It replaces the City-State of Vatican City with Karyes.


Papal States[]

The Papal State(s), State(s) of the Church or Pontifical States were one of the major historical states of Italy from roughly the 6th century until the Italian peninsula was unified in 1861 by the Kingdom of Piedmont-Sardinia (after which the Papal States, in less territorially extensive form, continued to exist until 1870).The Papal States comprised territories under direct sovereign rule of the papacy, and at its height it covered most of the modern Italian regions of Romagna, Marche, Umbria and Lazio. This governing power is commonly called the temporal power of the Pope, as opposed to his ecclesiastical primacy. The plural Papal States is usually preferred; the singular Papal State (equally correct since it was not a mere personal union) is rather used (normally with lower-case letters) for the modern State of Vatican City, an enclave within Italy's national capital, Rome. Vatican City was founded in 1929, again allowing the Holy See the political benefits of territorial sovereignty.

Innocent III[]

Pope Innocent was one of the most powerful and influential popes. He exerted a wide influence over the Christian regimes of Europe, claiming supremacy over all of Europe's kings. Pope Innocent was central in supporting the Catholic Church's reforms of ecclesiastical affairs through his decretals and the Fourth Lateran Council. This resulted in a considerable refinement of Western canon law. Pope Innocent is notable for using interdict and other censures to compel princes to obey his decisions, although these measures were not uniformly successful. Innocent called for Christian crusades against Muslim Spain and the Holy Land, as well as the Albigensian Crusade against the Cathars in southern France.

Dawn of Man[]

Blessings upon His Holiness, Pope Innocent III, sovereign of the Papal States. As the Catholic Church's most powerful Pontiff, you reigned supreme over the crowned heads of Europe. Rooting out heresy wherever it dwelt, you presided over the Churches' most important reforms as well as her most infamous crusades. Commanding the Christian faith with diplomatic skill and political acumen, your papacy would mark the height of its power on earth.

Your Holiness, the kingdom of God beckons you once more. Her loyal crusaders ready their swords and await your command. Can you lead the Church in these trying times? Can you ensure its teachings are spread across the world? Can you build a civilization that will stand the test of time?

Introduction: "Welcome, faithful one. I am Innocent III. I can already tell that, together, we will drive back the heathens and bring about everlasting peace on earth."

Introduction: "With benevolance and compassion, I greet you. I am Innocent III, ruler of the Papal States, keeper of the keys to the kingdom of heaven."

Defeat: "Alas, I fear that with this defeat the holy land will be lost to the heathens.."

Defeat: "May God forgive you this dark path you have begun to walk."

Unique Attributes[]

The Papal States (Innocent III)
Deus Vult

Free Missionary with every Great Prophet. Civilizations with your State Religion spread it when settling or conquering, and City-States with it join you into war. Begin with +1 FaithIcon Faith instead of CultureIcon Culture.


Art by Janboruta

Carrocio (Great General)
  • +1 Moves Movement.
  • Cannot build Citadels, found Colonies[1], or join the Advisory Council[2].
  • Receive a free Carrocio when a Civilization following your religion and with whom you are at peace spawns a Great General. That Civilization also receives a free Carrocio, but will lose it if they declare war on you.
  • Units beginning stacked or adjacent to this unit heals 5 damage, yield 5 FaithIcon Faith, and lose any city attacking penalties. 10 damage is inflicted upon this unit each time that it heals other units.

Art by Janboruta

Ecclesiastic Court (Constabulary/High Court[3])
  • +1 FaithIcon Faith.
  • +1 Happy Happiness and +20% religious pressure when the city follows your religion.
  • Does not require a Magistrate's Court.[3]




Peace Theme War Theme

Medieval 2 - Total War Soundtrack - Amen


Chant of the Templars - Salve Regina (final part)

"Amen" from the soundtrack of Medieval II Total War. "Salva Regina" - Chant of the Templars

Mod Support[]

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence
Wish for the World

Events and Decisions[]

Call the Albigensian Crusade
Whilst the good, pious Lords of our faith fight the heathens in distant lands, at home a grave heresy rears itself: the Cathars. These heretics we cannot tolerate, and we call upon all able-bodied servants to eliminate this threat wherever it may hide.
  • Player must be the Papal States.
  • Must have founded a Religion.
  • Must have a State Religion.[4]
  • Must have researched Theology.
  • May only be enacted once per game.
  • 800 FaithIcon Faith.
  • 2 Magistrates Magistrate.
  • 35 Piety Piety.
  • All civilizations (including yourself) following your religion/State Religion[5] receive 2 free Missionaries and 1 free Inquisitor.
Pronounce the Sun and Moon Allegory
Let it be declared that the priesthood is the Sun, the kingdom the Moon. Kings rule over their respective kingdoms, but the Patrimony rules over the whole Earth. No king can reign rightly unless he devoutly serves the Lord's Vicar on earth.
  • Player must be the Papal States.
  • Must have founded a Religion.
  • Must have a State Religion.[6]
  • Must be Devout in Piety.[7]
  • May only be enacted once per game.
  • 1000 FaithIcon Faith.
  • 2 Magistrates Magistrate/Dignitary Dignitary[8].
  • Gain 30 Influence Influence with City-States following your religion.
  • +10% Tourism Tourism with Civilizations following your religion.

Unique Cultural Influence[]

"Our people are now observing your sacraments and taking up pilgrimages to the holy land! We're worried the rest of the world will also succumb to the influence of your culture."

Full Credits List[]

CivFanatics Homepage
Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 1
Last Updated: 21 December 2016

  • JFD: Author.
  • Janboruta: Art (Civ Icon, Unique Component Icons, Leader Icon, Leaderscene, Map).
  • Kesler: Design (Diplomacy).
  • Uighur_Caesar: Design (Parts of the Unique Ability).
  • Shadow Pope: Design (Second Decision).
  • Danrell: Graphics.[9]
  • Whoward: Utilities.[10]
  • Jeff van Dyck: Music.[11]

Notes and References[]

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