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Van Darkholme
req. mod
Oriental (Not yet Implemented)

Traits req. mod
Imperialistic, Diplomatic

Nigrafantasia led by Van Darkholme is a custom civilization by Mathetes tou Megalou Aleaxndrou.


Dawn of Man[]

Hail to you, Van Darkholme, the one who pursues a noble aim even through an ignominious job! The people of Nigrafantasia praises your noble radiance. While you work as a gay porno actor, you've used that money to help the poor in developing countries and earned yourself a cadre of loyal followers through your noble decision. While the casual homoerotic memes started to decline, your fanbase did not shrink unlike Billy Herrington, allowing you to stand strong as an icon of the Asian memetic world. While the fanbase is small and the meme creator base smaller, you remain a strong force in the internet.

Great and merciful Van Darkholme, the hardcore supporters will face your enemies and they will fight like hundred men. They will spread the great memes once again and bring you everlasting glory. Van Darkholme, are you ready to accept this challenge, spread the casual homo memes to great victory and build a civilization that will stand the test of time?


Van Darkholme's Nigrafantasia is a production-focused civilization based on combat. All of his bonuses are tied to both fighting and production, making Van Darkholme a strong candidate for a Domination victory, or less optimally a Diplomatic or a Science victory.

Van Darkholme's bonus that is most apparent is the Workers from Barbarians, granting him a small edge in diplomacy by allowing him an alternative method of acquiring workers rather than declaring a war on a city-state to capture the said worker. Couple that with his bonus production from improving tile, Van Darkholme can easily win over nearby city-states if he invests in units or caravans with Civ IV Traits enabled. Even without the said mod, Van Darkholme still is a powerful leader: The bonus production from improving tile will affect development positively by reducing the time needed to either train troops or build buildings and this is especially so in the early game.

Van Darkholme's unique unit is also a powerful asset. The Nigri Domini provides passive Production production and Tourism tourism bonuses when starting a turn in friendly territory, while also providing the military bonuses that the Great Generals provide. Not only that, the Nigri Domini augment units that shares a tile with it, granting Nigrafantasia a combat bonus above what other civilizations have. In addition, they can be used to win Wonder Races, acquire gold in a pinch, or acquire Tourism Tourism either for a cultural victory or to shift ideological pressure in Nigrafantasia's favor. Because it is a Great General replacement, Nigrafantasia can, unlike many other civilizations, put 2 points in Honor as a viable strategy.

Unique Trait and Components[]

Nigrafantasia (Van Darkholme)[]

Deep Dark Fantasy[]

Mathalx Van Darkholme Icon
  • Defeating a barbarian triggers a 50% chance to create a Worker in the Capital Capital.
  • Bonus Production Production to the nearest city within 3 tile's range when a tile is cleared or improved, which is doubled if the city was training a military unit.

Base Production from the UA is 6 per Era.

Niger Dominus (Great General)[]

Mathalx Niger Dominus Icon
  • Provides a 25% Strength Combat Bonus to units that it shares a tile with both at the beginning of the turn and when the Niger Dominus moves to a combat unit.
  • Passively provide 3 Production Production and 2 Tourism Tourism to the nearest city when it is on friendly territory (although multiple Nigri Domini do not provide stacking bonuses to the same city), and more Production Production when it is garrisoned in a city.
  • Can be used to Hurry Production, Conduct Trade Missions, or Concert Tour, but at 80% effectiveness when compared to a default Great Person of the respective type.

Hong Kong Gay Bar (Zoo)[]

Mathalx HongKong Gay Bar Icon
  • Does not require a Colosseum to be built beforehand.
  • Has 2 Slots of Greatwork Great Works of Literature, which provide 10 experience to units trained in the city afterwards if filled.
  • 1 Production Production for 4 Citizen Citizens in the city, +2 CultureIcon Culture.
City List
  1. Nigrafantasia
  2. Locker Room
  3. New Hanoi
  4. Hong Kong Gay Bar
  5. Club Singapore
  6. Platonion
  7. Gay Charity
  8. Neai Thebai
  9. Sacred Band Club
  10. Slave Market
  11. Gay Beach
  12. BDSM Emporion
  13. Chamber of Leathers
Spy List
  1. Wolff
  2. Steel
  3. Takei
  4. Dr. Gothic
  5. Gogma
  6. BDSM Slave 1
  7. BDSM Slave 2
  8. BDSM Slave 3
  9. BDSM Slave 4
  10. BDSM Slave 5
Dialogue List
  • First Greetings
    • Fuck You... Wait, you're not that guy, my apologies. I am Van Darkholme, the lord of the slaves of Nigrafantasia.
    • I am Van Darkholme, the lord of Boongtakia and master of the slaves there. Oh, I meant that in the BDSM fashion so please do not be troubled by what could be construed as human rights violation.
    • My name is Van, I am an artist, a performance artist. And I'm hired for people to fulfill their fantasies. Their DEEP DARK FANTASIES. (Voice Line)
  • Defeat
    • Not enough suction...
    • Aaahhhh, Boongtakia has fallen...
    • Everybody eventually gets tied up whether they like or not, and it seems like it's my turn...
    • (Voice) 'He screams, while the BDSM Slaves who are liberated go yeah to rejoice'
  • Neutral/Friendly Hello
    • Hello.
    • Need something?
    • What is it?
    • I feel very good. Perhaps I should provide you a service. Fear not, it's on the house.
    • Aahhh. This is very good, and I am coming that you have came.
    • I hope that you're having a nice day. What brings you here?
    • Come on, Straight Line! (Voice only)
  • Hostile Hello
    • F**king Slacking off for the past week? (Voice Only)
  • Hearing Diplomatic Offer
    • What will it be?
    • Fisting is 300 bucks. (Voice Line)
    • What kind of service would you like?
    • What will you propose?

Full Credits[]

Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 1
Last Updated: July 1, 2017

  • Mathetes tou Alexandrou: LUA, XML
  • Van Darkholme: Leader Scene, Icon, DOM Screen, Niger Dominus Icon
  • Undernation(엉덩국): Hong Kong Gay Bar Icon
  • fushiana - Peace Theme
  • mosu - War Theme
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