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New Glitch City
Julianne Stingray
New Glitch City
req. mod
Western (Not yet Implemented)

Traits req. mod
Philosophical, Creative

New Glitch City led by Julianne Stingray is a custom civilization by Mathetes tou Megalou Aleaxndrou, based on the game VA-11 HALL-A Cyberpunk Bartender Action.


Dawn of Man[]

Hail to you who have withstood the dystopian world wrought under corporatocracy! Julianne, you are now given an opportunity to found a New Glitch City, and... What do you mean, don't call you Julianne? ...Anyhow, the realms of Civilization 5 greets you, and it is by this chance that you have been freed from the chains of corporate oppression and it is here you are given the opportunity to found a New Glitch City free from the corporate overlords. You may not be a bigwig nor an entrepreneur in any scale, but you are of great character and understanding and even in that oppressive dystopia you still managed to change lives as a humble bartender.

Julianne... ah... I mean Jill Stingray, while you have no leadership experience, the people who managed to escape the oppression have chosen you to be the leader of this new city. They hope that under your leadership they can finally have a utopia that would contrast with the dystopia of the original world that they could call their own. Will you create that noble society that the people have dreamed of? Can you build a civilization that will stand the test of time?

Unique Trait and Components[]

New Glitch City (Julianne Stingray)

Time to Mix Drinks and Change Lives[]

Mathalx Julianne Stingray Icon

Specialists yield +1 Science Science and CultureIcon Culture during a Goldenage Golden Age. Receive a free Bartender when Currency is discovered, and may unlock special luxury resources equal to the number of social policy trees completed.

Bartender (Great Engineer)[]

Mathalx Bartender Icon
  • When expended to build a manufactory, can also create Adelhyde, Karmotrine, or Flanergide Resource. This will overwrite the previous resource on the tile, although it is not necessary to create the resource.
  • Adelhyde grants +2 CultureIcon Culture
  • Flanergide grants +2 Science Science
  • Karmotrine grants +2 Production Production.

Brewery (Market)[]

Mathalx Brewery Icon
  • Has an Engineer slot instead of a Merchant Slot.
  • Grants +1 Science Science to all luxury resources worked by the city.
City List
  1. New Glitch City
  2. VA-11 HALL-A Bar
  3. N1RV ANN-A Bar
  4. VA-1 HALL-A Bar
  5. 0D-1N Bar
  6. HUG-1N Bar
  7. MUN-1N Bar
  8. AUS M-3R Z-3R Bar
  9. Bar Hemingway
  10. King Cole Bar
  11. Harry New York
  12. Long Bar Singapore
  13. Gordon's Wine Shop
  14. Pegu Club
  15. El Floridita
  16. Al Brindisi
  17. American Savoy
  18. Daedong River Beer
  19. Asahi
  20. Lager
  21. Budweiser
  22. Hookah City
  23. Shisha City
  24. Beedi City
Spy List
  1. Gillian
  2. Robert
  3. Alma
  4. Art
  5. Lenore
  6. Sei
  7. Kira Miki
  8. Dorothy
  9. Nicole
Dialogue List
  • First Greetings
    • Time to mix drinks and change lives... Oh, a new customer. Welcome to VA-11 HALLA- Bar! Right... I'm now the leader of the New Glitch City...
    • Oh, come on in, new customer! Welcome to New Glitch City. I may have been chosen as the leader of this fledging city, but no need for formalities, call me Jill.
  • Defeat
    • Agh, I was in no position to lead a nation...
    • Tch, and this is why one must be careful in picking a leader. I'm saddened that I must look at the people who have just escaped the grasp of a corporate state but now to be repressed under your reign.
    • And this is why I was a simple bartender, not a stateswoman!
Fluffy Dream 3 Adelhyde Goldenage Golden Ages last 50% Longer
Moonblast 2 Adelhyde, 1 Flanergide Unhappiness Unhappiness from unoccupied population reduced by 10%.
Brandtini 2 Adelhyde, 1 Karmotrine Greatwork Great Works yield +3 CultureIcon Culture and 100% more Tourism Tourism.
Frothy Water 1 Adelhyde, 2 Flanergide Civilians gain +1 Moves Movement.
Zen Star 1 Adelhyde, 1 Karmotrine, 1 Flanergide Greatperson Great People are born 50% Faster.
Cobalt Velvet 1 Adelhyde, 2 Karmotrine +1 Production Production from all Specialists.
Crevice Spike 3 Flanergide Cities preserve 20% of the Food food consumed by a new citizen.
Piano Man 2 Flanergide, 1 Karmotrine Units heal 10 more HP when healing (Does not stack with Fountain of Youth)
Bad Touch 1 Flanergide, 2 Karmotrine +1 CultureIcon Culture from Trading Posts.
Fringe Weaver 3 Karmotrine Newly trained military units gain +15 Experience.


Mathalx Glitch City Icon

Julianne Stingray's New Glitch City is while at base a great Science/Culture civilization with a bit of trading bonus centered around the unique drink mixing mechanic. Julianne is able to mix drinks based on the types of mixing ingredient she has provided that she has completed a social policy. Julianne may mix as many drinks as the number of Social Policy Trees she has completed, and the ingredients may be acquired from expending Bartenders to create Manufactories. This encourages Julianne to focus on Great Engineer generation and culture a bit more than the standard civilization.

Mixing a drink grants a nice bonus to the civilization, and furthermore allows Julianne to open shops selling the drink, which grants Julianne a copy of the luxury for either happiness or sale and also boosts resource diversity making it more attractive for both Julianne and any neighbors to establish Gold gold trade routes with each other. Each drink grants a bonus which usually equates to a passive effect of a wonder, allowing Julianne to do well domestically. With that said, Julianne isn't completely without any military bonus: should Julianne want to pursue a military option, Julianne can mix the Fringe Weaver which is a better version of the Brandenburg Gate as it is applied in all cities, although worse than the Total War Tenet in the Autocracy Ideology as it lacks the 25% military production modifier.

As most of Julianne's bonuses are oriented towards peacetime operations and require some time to be utilized fully, Julianne is quite vulnerable early game. However, Julianne grows much more capable late game as the drinks get mixed and the golden ages contribute to Julianne's great science and culture game.


Peace Theme War Theme

Every Day Is Night (VA-11 HALL-A)


Your Love is a Drug (VA-11 HALL-A)

"Every Day Is Night" "Your Love is a Drug"

Full Credits[]

Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 3
Last Updated: November 29, 2019

  • Mathetes tou Alexandrou: LUA, XML
  • Sukeban Games: Intellectual Properties, most of the Images, Peace and War Themes
  • Unknown: Leader Scene
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