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New France
Map by ExplosiveWatermelon
Map by ExplosiveWatermelon
Louis de Buade
Ville de Québec
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New France led by Louis de Buade is a custom civilization mod by ExplosiveWatermelon, with contributions from Rhea and Arilasketo.


New France[]

The Mississippi and St. Lawrence waterways were easily navigable routes for a colonial power to take to colonize the great North American interior, and follow those routes, France did, founding the colonies of Canada, Acadie, Plaisance, Hudson’s Bay and La Louisiane, and uniting them all under the crown of New France. Lasting in one form or another between 1534 and 1763, New France was, at it’s height, the largest colony in North America.

Louis de Buade[]

Louis de Buade was a French soldier and courtier who served as Governor-General of New France on two separate occasions. His period was marked by expansion and war with the nearby natives and colonial British. A turbulent man, de Buade was widely beloved in Canada at the time of his death, and several landmarks bear his name. One of the most famous landmarks of Quebec, the Chateau Frontemac, is directly named after him.

Dawn of Man[]


Art by Arilasketo

May you find great fortune, Count Louis de Buade de Frontenac. Born into a distinct noble family, you served in the military from an early age. Though your pockets were empty and your mind heavy, you were handed the reigns of the wild stallion of New France- one of the largest Colonies in North America. You served this position dutifully, showing incredible leadership and tact, and venturing forth towards lands unclaimed. Your detractors are few and far between- but your enemies were plenty.

Count de Frontenac, you are asked once again to return to your position. Can you command vast forces over land and sea? Can you claim the realm that rightfully belongs to you? Can you build a Civilization that can stand the test of time?

Introduction: "I am Louis de Buade, Comte de Frontenac, Governor-General of New France, yada yada. Let me just ask you- why are you here?"

Introduction: "I am the Comte de Frontenac, Louis de Buade. May I show you around all the places my people have so graciously named after me?"

Defeat: "What? I've... lost? But what about my debts?"

Unique Attributes[]

New France (Louis de Buade)
Frontenac icon256

Art by Arilasketo

Reply of the Cannons

Units start with bonus experience for every Luxury Resource traded away. Units generate Great Merchant points while Garrisoned in a city, relevant to their level.

MarComp icon256

Art by ExplosiveWatermelon

Marine Compagnie (Musketman)
  • +2 Moves Embarked Movement
  • Can build Forts.
  • Upon building a Fort, claim adjacent resources.
Officialite Icon256

Art by ExplosiveWatermelon

Officialité (Constabulary)
  • Luxury Resources worked by this city grant +1 Happiness when traded away.
  • Spawns a Worker when built in a Captured City.
City List
  1. Ville de Québec
  2. La Nouvelle-Orléans
  3. Port-Royal
  4. Cataraqui
  5. Trois-Rivières
  6. St. Louis
  7. Cahokia
  8. Montréal
  9. Checagou
  10. Ville-Marie
  11. Sault Ste. Marie
  12. Plaisance
  13. Kaministiquia
  14. Tadoussac
  15. Chambly
  16. Lachine
  17. Laprairie
  18. Pointe-aux-Trembles
  19. Richelieu
  20. Sainte Anne
  21. Senneville
  22. Poste des Arkansas
  23. de Buade
  24. Crèvecoeur
  25. Denonville
  26. La Présentation
  27. Niagara
  28. Pentagouet
  29. Peoria
  30. Bourbon
  31. Miami
Spy List
  • Pierre-Esprit
  • Jean
  • Jacques
  • Marie
  • François
  • Étienne
  • Médard
  • Louis-Joseph
  • Samuel
  • Xavier


NFrance Plate256


Peace Theme War Theme
'???' by Le Concert Des Nations, Jordi Savall 'Ouverture' by Norwegian Chamber Orchestra

Mod Support[]

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence

Full Credits List[]

Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 1
Last Updated: 22 December 2020

  • Explosive Watermelon: Lead Author, Design, Code, Art
  • Rhea: Art, Text
  • Arilasketo: Art

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