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New California led by Tandi is a custom civilization by RawSasquatch/Kramer, with contributions from Janboruta, TPangolin, Wolfdog, Vicevirtuoso, bouncymischa and calcul8or.

This mod is packaged with Caesar's Legion and requires Brave New World.


New California[]

New California (officially the New California Republic, often abbreviated to NCR) is a large, democratic federation based in post-Great War California, with holdings in Nevada, Oregon, Mexico (Baja) and along the Colorado River. The NCR emphasizes and claims to support a myriad of old world values, such as democracy, personal liberty, and the rule of law. It also strives to restore general order to the wasteland, the improvement and development of infrastructure and economic systems, and a basic common peace between the people. Though appearing to be a benevolent entity of governance, the ability to control the land it claims to protect, the fidelity of those who live under their rule, and the widespread corruption within their political system has been questioned by many, without a clear response by the NCR themselves.


Tandi, a founder and President of the New California Republic, was one of the most influential people in the entire post-Great War world, turning her small desert hometown into the sprawling capital city of a new nation, one that became one of the largest and most powerful in post-war America during her reign.

Dawn of Man[]

Welcome, President Tandi, great unifier of New California. Born was the first and only daughter of Aradesh, mayor of Shady Sands, you longed for a life of adventure, and were forced to take your father's office after his untimely death. You were quick to open trade routes with other major settlements in the region, and secured Shady Sands' domination over the brahmin trade, rocketing the town from a small desert town into the largest post-war settlement in the American wasteland. Under your wise guidance, Shady Sands and its trading partners emerged as the first states of the New California Republic, steadily expanding, determined to bring peace and stability to the wastes. You were successful in these goals time and time again, garnering such respect that tribals as far away as Utah knew you as the "Great Mother," and sexism within the NCR almost ceased to exist. You lived to the incredible age of 103, dying in-office after 52 years of presidency. Typical ailments of the elderly, such as dementia, seemingly failed to sink their hooks into you. Even 33 years after your passing, none of your successors have matched your accomplishments, and you remain the most beloved President in NCR history.

FalloutTandi Scene

Art by Janboruta

Ms. Tandi, your adventures are ready to be relived in a brave new world, and your leadership is again requested by your countrymen. Will you rebuild New California into the economic powerhouse it once was? Can you pacify those that stand in the way of the Republic's progress? Will you build a Civilization that can stand the test of time?

Introduction: Hi! I heard there was a traveler in town, but I was kind of skeptical until I saw you. Welcome to Shady Sands! I'm Tandi.

Introduction: Hi! I can tell you're not from around here, so welcome to Shady Sands! Oh... you're from further away than that, huh? Well... welcome to the New California Republic!

Defeat: I can't believe this is actually happening... but I'm not about to surrender to the likes of you! Not yet!

Unique Attributes[]

New California (Tandi)

Art by RawSasquatch/Kramer

Pacification of the Mojave
Cities founded on or adjacent to Desert construct Buildings 10% faster. Gold-providing buildings provide +5 XP to newly-trained units and reduce the Gold Gold cost of buying tiles by 15% in the city in which they are built.

Art by RawSasquatch/Kramer

Desert Ranger (Great War Infantry)
  • +1 Sight and Movement on Desert
  • Becomes a Veteran Ranger upon reaching level 5 (+10 Strength Combat Strength)
  • Veteran Rangers force enemies to withdraw if they receive more damage
  • Immune to Desert Attrition (with ExCE)

Art by RawSasquatch/Kramer

Outpost (Caravansary)
  • +20% Cultural Border Expansion
  • Claims all neutral Roads within three tiles
City List
  1. Shady Sands
  2. The Hub
  3. Boneyard
  4. Dayglow
  5. Vault City
  6. Camp McCarran
  7. Junktown
  8. Redding
  9. Boulder City
  10. Navarro
  11. Maxson
  12. Klamath
  13. New Vegas
  14. Camp Golf
  15. Bitter Springs
  16. Primm
  17. Camp Searchlight
  18. Nipton
  19. New Reno
  20. Sac-Town
  21. Sloan
  22. Bullhead City
  23. Camp Forlorn Hope
  24. HELIOS One
  25. Oak Creek
  26. Anza-Borrego
  27. Rattletail
  28. Irvine
  29. Nelson
  30. One Pine
  31. Hopeville
  32. Camp Willow
  33. Arroyo
  34. Owens Lake
  35. Camp Guardian
Spy List
  • Hanlon
  • Moore
  • Oliver
  • Hsu
  • Crocker
  • Seth
  • Aradesh
  • Sterling
  • Dhatri
  • Boone




Peace Theme War Theme

Mod Support[]

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence
Wish for the World

Unique Cultural Influence[]

“Our people are now joining the Rangers and cracking jokes about nuclear winters. I worry the rest of the world will also succumb to the influence of your culture.”

Full Credits List[]

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Latest Version: v 1
Last Updated: 6 November 2015

  • Kramer: Concept, Art, XML, Unit Models
  • Janboruta: Art
  • TPangolin: Art
  • Wolfdog: Unit Models
  • Vicevirtuoso/bouncymischa/calcul8or: Lua
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