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Neutral Nation
Map by Dawkinzz
Map by Dawkinzz
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Neutral Nation led by Tsouharissen is a custom civilization mod by the Round Table, headed by Dawkinzz, Limaeus, and ExplosiveWatermelon with contributions from TopHatPaladin, Sketto, Timrtabor123, JakeWalrusWhale, Gragg, and TPangolin.


Neutral Nation[]

The Neutral Confederacy or Neutral Nation or Neutral people were an Iroquoian-speaking North American indigenous people who lived near the northern shores of Lake Ontario and Lake Erie, on the west side of the Niagara River, west of the Tabacco Nation. Like the others of Iroquoian culture, the tribes would raid and feud with fellow Iroquoian tribes when they weren't gaming and engaging in friendly competitions. Iroquoian tribes were later known to historians for the fierce ways in which they waged war. Some tribes were highly inclined to competitive games. A largely agrarian society, Neutral farmsteads were admired and marveled over by European leaders writing reports home.

Since they were not at war with the Huron or Iroquois in 1600, Jesuits traveling in the area of what is now Hamilton, the lower Grand Valley and Niagara, called them the Neutrals. However, the confederacy did have feuds with the Algonkian people who were believed to live in what is now Michigan.

Around 1650, during a period now loosely referred to as the Beaver Wars, referring to the theft of furs, the Iroquois Confederacy declared war on the Neutral Nation. Some historians state that the Iroquois destroyed the Neutral society which ended as a separate entity in 1651. However, the Neutral population had already been reduced by diseases such as smallpox and measles carried by Europeans. By 1652, the Iroquois had also destroyed the Huron, Petun and Erie Nations. Some of the Neutrals were incorporated into Seneca villages in upstate New York, and others were absorbed into various other societies. The last reference to the Neutrals as an independent society was made in the fall of 1653. A historical mention in 1864 refers to the "Huron de la nation neuter" and "Hurons neutres" (neutral Hurons).


The chief of 28 villages, villas, and towns in the last years of the Neutral confederacy was named Tsouharissen ("Child of the Sun") who led several raids against the Mascouten (aka "The Fire Nation"), who lived in territory in present-day Michigan and Ohio. A 1627 report called him the chief of all his nation (Neutrals). Tsouharissen died around 1646. Within a generation (by the early 1670s) all the nearby first nations, the Erie, the Huron, Neutrals, Tobacco tribes, and even the fierce Susquehannocks would all fall between rampaging epidemic diseases or in the bloody Beaver Wars between themselves and/or to the last tribe standing with any significant military power, the Iroquois.

Dawn of Man[]


Art by Artist

Blessings upon you Tsouharissen, chief of the proud Neutral Nation. From the mists of Niagara Falls to the shores of Lake Huron and the Detroit River, your people have prospered in the fertile lands that have come to be known as Southern Ontario. Having chosen to remain peaceful in the ongoing wars between the Huron and Iroquois, your wisdom was not mistaken for weakness, as you led your warriors into glorious battle against the Fire Nation. In your lifetime, your lands were considered a fortress of noble fighters and palisades, until your death and the Neutral Nation's eventual defeat during the Beaver Wars.

Child of the Sun, Tsouharrissen, your people call for you once more! They seek your strength and guidance to reclaim your rightful lands and defeat your enemies, old and new. Will you lead the Neutral Nation into a new era of prosperity and greatness? Will you build a civilization that will stand the test of time?

DOM narrated by Dawkinzz

Unique Attributes[]

Neutral Nation (Tsouharissen)

Art by Dawkinzz

Child of the Sun

Captured enemy cities produce one Weakened Military Unit for every turn they are in resistance. Upon researching Gunpowder, Iron resources within city borders convert to Flint[1].


Art by Dawkinzz

Chonnonton War Band (Swordsman)
  • +3 Strength Combat Strength, +25 Production Production, +25% attacking bonus, -10% defending penalty
  • Upon being trained, may spawn a source of Flint.
  • Can upgrade to a Musketman for free when on a source of Flint upon researching Gunpowder.

Art by Dawkinzz

Tattooist (Forge)
  • Bonus production for Military Units, and those units get a combat Bonus against Cities.
  • When a Weakened Unit enters a city with a Tattooist, it loses the Weakened promotion.
City List
  1. Kandoucho
  2. Niagara
  3. Quinaoutatoua
  4. Andachkhrob
  5. Khioetoa
  6. Onguiaahra
  7. Ounonisaton
  8. Teotoguiaton
  9. Kakouagoga
  10. Aondironon
  11. Ahiragenrega
  12. Michilimackinac
  13. Rhageratka
  14. Atiaonrek
  15. Kehesetoa
  16. Skenchioe
  17. Attiuoaisgon
  18. Ahondihronon
  19. Onguiaronon
  20. Antouaronon
  21. Caughnawaga
  22. Atirhagenrat
  23. Gandongarae
  24. Atiraguenrek
  25. Ouaroronon
  26. Attiragenrega
  27. Ongniaahraronon
  28. Lawson
  29. Badenoch
  30. Puslinch
  31. Little Lake
  32. Aberfoyle
  33. Arkell
Spy List
  • Djikonsa’se
  • Tsikónhsase
  • Kenjockety
  • Sastharhetse
  • Thăstchetci
  • Chenundady
  • Guyandot
  • Yendat
  • Tobacs
Dawkinzz Neutral Nation icon

Mod Support[]

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence

Full Credits List[]

Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 2
Last Updated: 6 Feb 2020


  • Dawkinzz: Lead Author, Art, DOM Audio, City List, Spy List, Civilopedia
  • ExplosiveWatermelon: 3D Unit, 3D Flint, Base Code
  • Limaeus: Lua, SQL, Civilopedia
  • TopHatPaladin: Consultation
  • Sketto: Consultation
  • Coiot: Consultation
  • Timrtabor123: Consultation
  • JakeWalrusWhale: Consultation
  • Gragg9: Consultation
  • TPangolin: Consultation

Notes and References[]

  1. Unique resource that provides bonus Production Production and Gold Gold when worked. Doubles as a source of iron.
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