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Map by DJSHenninger
Leader Pratap Malla
Unique Ability Malla Affluence
Unique Unit Durbar Square
Unique Building Chitrakar
Capital Kathmandu
Religion Hinduism

Shaivism (HR)

Culture Himalayan
Government Monarchy
Start Bias Hills
Traits Spiritual, Creative
Map Labels Language East Asians

Nepal led by Pratap Malla[1] is a custom civilization by DJSHenninger. Removes Kathmandu as a City-State.



Nepal is a country in Asia, bordered by India and China. Before its unification in the 18th century, it existed of dozens of small kingdoms. Pratap Malla was the ruler of Kantipur, arguably the significant kingdom.

Pratap Malla

Pratap Malla ruled the Kingdom of Kantipur in the Kathmandu Valley, during the period it was divided among three kingdoms. A member of the Malla Dynasty, Pratap Malla managed to enrich the kingdom's coffers significantly through cunning tactics and diplomacy and used this to outmatch his rivals in artistic splendour. The rule of Pratap Malla would mark the Malla dynasty's cultural and economic highpoint.

In this mod, Pratap Malla leads a cultural-economic Nepal. Pratap Malla Will focus on development rather than warfare, especially cultural development. He is also likely to build World Wonders.

Leaderscene by DJSHenninger

Dawn of Man

Humble greetings to you, King Pratap Malla! Your reign was characterized by the Malla Dynasty's cultural and economic highpoint! Though your predecessors and rival kings all aimed to become the greatest builder, you managed to create the greatest structures in Nepal! You dominated the two other kings of the Kathmandu Valley and managed to expand Kantipur's territory through conquest and cunning diplomacy. These same diplomatic skills effectively allowed you to monopolize trade with Tibet and granted you permission to mint their coins! These riches allowed you to "outbuild" your rivals.

Most gracious King, your people call for you help once more! Secure important trade routes once more to invest in pure artistic majesty! Can you bring Nepal to the ultimate cultural highpoint? Can you build a civilization that will stand the test of time?

Introduction: "Welcome to the kingdom of unmatched prosperity! I am Pratap Malla, king of Kantipur."

Introduction: "Welcome to Kantipur. Are you interested in sharing wondrous inventions?"

Defeat: "You have no right to claim my kingdom! Your domination will not last.."

Defeat: "At least make me one last promise: leave our sacred and grandiose structures unscathed!"


DJSHNepal color2.png

Nepal led by Pratap Malla has a unconvential playstyle: Nepal may not produce any building, but must purchase them instead at a lower price. Nepal is most suited for a cultural victory, but, in order to support this unconvential playstyle, all three unique features provide extra income. This playstyle also leaves room to pusue a lot of World Wonders. If there is nothing else to produce than units, Nepal may convert Production to Gold and Culture with its unique Process, Affluence. Additionally, it may not produce its Caravan replacement, but one is gained when a Cultural Great Person is born.

Unique Attributes:

Nepal (Pratap Malla)
Pratap Malla icon.png
Malla Affluence

Cannot Production.png Produce Buildings, but may purchase them for 33% less Gold.png Gold. Can convert 25% of Production.png Production to Gold.png Gold and CultureIcon.png Culture. Buildings in the Capital provide +2 Gold.png Gold.

Durbar square icon2.png
Durbar Square (Garden)

The Durbar Square is the unique Garden replacement for Pratap Malla's Nepal. It requires no nearby fresh water, but costs twice as much Gold.png Gold. +5% Gold.png Gold for every outgoing Traderoute.png Trade Route in this City. It has a Greatwork.png Great Work of Art slot.

Chitrakar icon.png
Chitrakar (Caravan)

It may not be Produced, but is created whenever a Great Artist, Writer or Musician is born. Next to being able to form Traderoute.png Land Trade Routes, Chitrakars generate CultureIcon.png Culture when in foreign territory (+3). Every three Chitrakars you have increase the number of available Trade Routes by 1 (max. 3).

  Mod Support:

Mod Support
Civ IV Traits Yes
Community Balance Patch No
Cultural Diversity Yes
Ethnic Units Yes
Events and Decisions Yes
ExCE Yes

Civilization Appropriate Great General and Admiral Names

Historical Religions Yes
Map Labels Yes
Piety Yes


Unique Cultural Influence Yes
Wish for the World No

Events & Decisions

Secure a Trade Route

Maintaining trade relations with our neighbours is of vital importance! Our rivals are contending with us for important trade routes. It is recommended that you negotiate with our Tibetan neighbours, before our rivals do! Use force if you must.


  • Player must be Nepal (Pratap Malla)
  • Must have at least 7 military units
  • May only be enacted from the beginning of the Renaissance Era
  • May only be enacted once per game


  • 300 Gold.png Gold
  • 2 Magistrates.png Magistrates


  • +1 Trade Route slot and 1 free Chitrakar
  • +30% Land Trade Route Range

Invest in Durbar Squares

The Durbar Squares of your predecessors may be inspiring, but we should aim to make them grand and unforgettable! Our lucrative trade allows us to invest in our Durbar Squares. We should construct palaces and monuments to celebrate our affluence!


  • Player must be Nepal (Pratap Malla)
  • Must have a Durbar Square in all Cities
  • May only be enacted from the beginning of the Medieval Era
  • May only be enacted once per game


  • 700 Gold.png Gold
  • 1 Magistrates.png Magistrate


  • 450 CultureIcon.png Culture
  • +2 Tourism in all Cities

European Visitors

Two European missionaries are willing to spread their religion in the empire. They bring various inventions with them. Should we let them stay?

Option 1: Yes, but only they share the secrets behind their inventions.

  • +10% Science.png Science in the Capital

Option 2: No, we cannot let them spread their religion!

  • +4 FaithIcon.png Faith in the Capital

Past Actions

We have uncovered that your people are discontent with your.. peculiar actions of the past. In order to keep them content, you should perform Koti Hom, giving away your weight in Gold to charity!

Option 1: Fine.

  • Lose 100 Gold.png Gold
  • Gain CultureIcon.png Culture equal to 35 x number of cities

Exploration Continued Expanded


Unique Cultural Influence

"Our people are now celebrating your Dashain and wearing your jewelry. I worry the rest of the world will also succumb to the influence of your culture."

Civilization Appropriate General and Admiral Names

Great General Names Great Admiral Names
Prithvi Narayan Shah
Yaksha Malla
Rana Bahadur Shah
Bhimsen Thapa
Amar Singh Thapa
Bhakti Thapa
Balbhadra Kunwar
Damodar Pande

List of Cities

City List
  1. Kathmandu
  2. Pokhara
  3. Lalitpur
  4. Biratnagar
  5. Bharatpur
  6. Birganj
  7. Butwal
  8. Dharan
  9. Bhim Datta
  10. Dhangadhi
  11. Janakpur
  12. Hetauda
  13. Madhyapur Thimi
  14. Bhaktapur
  15. Damak
  16. Itahari
  17. Nepalganj
  18. Triyuga
  19. Kirtipur
  20. Siddharthanagar
  21. Ghorahi
  22. Lekhnath
  23. Mechinagar
  24. Tikapur
  25. Gulariya
  26. Tulsipur
  27. Birendranagar
  28. Ratnanagar
  29. Byas
  30. Kalaiya
  31. Kamalamai
  32. Rajbiraj
  33. Gaur
  34. Lahan
  35. Gorkha
  36. Putalibazar
  37. Kapilvastu
  38. Baglung
  39. Tansen
  40. Inaruwa

Full Credits List

Dropbox Download
Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 2
Last Updated: 21 April 2015

  • LITE: LITE's Safavids lua edited and used for this mod
  • Kutumba - Tamang Selo: Peace theme
  • Empire Total War - Mirmire Bhaka: War theme
  • JFD: JFD's Novgorod lua edited and used for this mod

Notes and References 

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