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Sophia or Igrene
Start Bias
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Traits req. mod
Spiritual, Philosophical (Sophia) / Protective, Expansive (Igrene)

Nabata led by Sophia or Igrene is a civilization by Mathetes tou Megalou Alexandrou. It is based on the Fire Emblem series, more specifically the Binding Blade (and to a lesser extent, Blazing Sword) game.


Dawn of Man[]

Unique Trait and Components[]

Nabata (Sophia)[]

Arcadian Harmony[]

Spending Non-Prophet Greatperson Great People yield FaithIcon Faith that scales with Era. When purchasing a Greatperson Great Person with FaithIcon Faith, receive 40% of the cost back. Settling a city reveals locations of nearby cities and ancient ruins.

Desert Oracle[]

(Replaces Temple)

  • +3 FaithIcon Faith instead of 2.
  • Permanently increases the city's Food Food output by 1 per every 30 faith multiplied by the next food bonus generated by the city. This bonus cannot exceed 2 times the number of Citizen Citizens in the city.

Dragonstone Monument[]

  • Unlocked at Philosophy.
  • +1 Food , Science , FaithIcon , yields doubled at Education.
  • Must be built in the Desert if not built on a resource, and cannot be built adjacent to each other.
  • Can be used to develop any resources, and gains additional yield bonus from resources that it would have gotten from improving it with a base improvement would yield, ignoring the yield native to the improvement itself. (e.g. Developing Salt would give +1 Food Food, but not the +1 Production Production that comes from the Mine.)

Nabata (Igrene)[]

Paradise in the Desert[]

+2 Food Food from Oases, and +1 Food Food from unimproved Flood Plains. All land units fight 20% better when fighting in Desert tiles.

Desert Guardian[]

(Replaces Swordsman)

  • 16 Strength Combat Strength.
  • Heals for 20 HP when starting a turn on a Desert Tile.

Desert Sniper[]

(replaces Crossbowman)

  • Starts with the Vision 1 Promotion.
  • Gains 2 range and 33% Attack Strength Strength if it does not enter combat and doesn't take any action for one entire turn. This bonus is retained as long as the unit stays in place.
City List
  1. Arcadia
  2. Petra
  3. Eremos
  4. Palmyra
  5. Gerasa
  6. Hippos
  7. Skythopolis
  8. Gadara
  9. Pella
  10. Raphana
  11. Damaskos
  12. Kapitolias
  13. Phoinike
  14. Eleutheros
  15. Alexandroschene
  16. Apheka
  17. Meiron
  18. Madaba
Spy List
  1. Igrene (Sophia Only)
  2. Sophia (Igrene Only)
  3. Fae
  4. Hawkeye
  5. Pent
  6. Louise
  7. Astolfo
  8. Niime
  9. Atalanta
  10. Euandros
Dialogue List
  • First Greetings (Sophia)
    • He... Hello. I... My name is Sophia, the prophet of Nabata.
    • Greetings... I am Sophia. Igrene is our Guardian, but... I serve as the prophet of Nabata.
    • P... Pleased to meet you. I am Sophia, one of the caretakers of Arcadia... Here dragons and humans live in harmony... I hope we can do the same.
  • Defeat (Sophia)
    • The future is grim... There is no light ahead...
    • My future... holds no light...
    • A paradise forged through understanding... lost... to the darkness fueled by greed and anger...
  • First Greetings (Igrene)
    • Well met, stranger. You are most welcome to the paradise of Arcadia. I am Igrene, its guardian.
    • Hello. You seem to be new around here. I am Igrene, the guardian of Nabata Desert.
    • Ah, a stranger in these desolate lands. You must be weary after the trek in the desert. I am Igrene, and I offer you the oasis water as a sign of goodwill.
  • Defeat (Igrene)
    • The fates have robbed me of my husband and daughter, and it conspires to rob me of my home...
    • Fae... Sophia... I have failed Arcadia...
    • Arcadia burns... Is the power of understanding truly no match for the darkness that is greed?


Nabata is a desert civilization, although the choice of leader will determine if it is a late blooming civilization or a defensive civilization with early growth advantages.

Sophia is the late-bloomer with among one of the weakest start in the game, a nod to the base game in which Sophia joins the party fairly late into the game as a level 1 character with poor stats. While Sophia does have a small advantage of being able to detect nearby ruins by planting cities, the Desert start and the lack of any military bonus will make Sophia very vulnerable in the early game especially when bordering warmongers. In addition, Sophia's bonuses to religion come late enough that Sophia may not be in a position to grab a religion, which can also be devastating to Sophia.

However, Sophia's unique improvement and building once unlocked will contribute significantly to her growth and faith game, which will translate into a Great People game post-Industrial Era at which Sophia is the strongest. Once Industrial Era dawns upon Sophia, the faith refund and the faith Sophia can accumulate through expending Great People generated by other means will grant Sophia a monster Great People game, giving her a strong late-game Science advantage if the player has either finished Rationalism or chosen To the Glory of God as a Reformation Belief. Not only that, the high faith output that the Desert Oracle and the Dragonstone Monument gives out will also translate into a strong food game thanks to Desert Oracle, making Sophia a leader with strong potential for a tall strategy. If Sophia managed to pick To the Glory of God, Sophia may spend the plentiful leftover faith to purchase Great Writers for culture and Great Artists for Golden Age, further accentuating Sophia's late-game strength.

Igrene on the other hand gains meaningful bonuses much earlier on. The Food bonuses to Oases and Flood Plains that are available immediately will provide Igrene with much needed early bonuses, while removing the necessity of building farms on flood plains until Civil Service, allowing the workers to improve tiles elsewhere. In addition, Igrene has impressive UUs that are especially powerful in the Desert: her unique ability makes all ground units already more powerful in the desert, but the unique units even more so: the Desert Guardians heal in the desert, making them absolutely fantastic asset in defending desert territories or pushing against enemy outposts in the desert, while the Desert Snipers are very effective in dealing with enemies when the field is set up as to allow them to stand still. However, both the unique unit bonuses fade as the units are upgraded, making Igrene much less powerful in the later stages whereas Sophia gains power as the game progresses.

Full Credits[]

Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 1
Last Updated: September 3, 2017

  • Mathetes tou Alexandrou: LUA, XML
  • Nintendo and Intelligent Systems: Intellectual Properties, Desert Guardian Icon
  • Yuko Tsujiyoko: Music
  • umiu geso: Sophia DOM/Leader Scene
  • jiino: Igrene DOM
  • Unknown: Igrene Scene, taken from an FE Artbook.
  • JTitan and Civitar: Models for Igrene's Unique Units
  • akru: Desert Sniper Icon
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