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The Museum is a building available in the Industrial Era.

Game Info[]

Building a Museum requires an Opera House (or a Theatre with EE) or any of its replacements.

  • +1 CultureIcon Culture
  • Has 2 slots for Greatwork Great Works of Art or Artifacts
  • Theming Bonus: Art of the same type, Civilization, and Era


A museum is a building or series of buildings designed to hold a civilization's most treasured possessions for public display. There are museums that contain collections of art, there are museums which contain fossils, items of historical interest, as well as museums holding costumes, jewels, ancient weapons, or virtually anything else which might be of value and interest. The Hermitage art museum in Saint Petersburg was founded in 1764 by Catherine the Great. Open to the public since 1852, it is one of the oldest and largest museums in the world.

Unique Building Replacements[]

Icon Building Civilization Yields
Bonfire Florence (Savonarola)
  • Much cheaper and comes much earlier at Architecture.
  • Requires an Amphitheater instead of an Opera House.
  • Provides no Culture or Great Work slots, but instead yields +1 FaithIcon Faith for every Greatwork Great Work you have destroyed.
  • Produces Tourism Tourism equals to 25% of this city's FaithIcon Faith during Goldenage Golden Ages.
Castle Palace Scotland (James VI) (LastSword)
  • +25% Science Science if both Greatwork Great Work slots are filled
  • Theming Bonuses reward +1 extra CultureIcon Culture and Tourism Tourism
Fine Arts Academy Russia (Elisabeth)
  • Unlike the standard Museum, the Fine Arts Academy is unlocked slightly earlier, at Architecture.
  • When constructed in the Capital, this unique building possesses double the normal amount of slots available for Great Works of Art or Artifact.
House of Kings Hawaii (Lili'uokalani)
  • No maintenance.
  • +5% Greatperson Great People generation.
  • +5% Greatperson Great People generation per Social Policy Branch completed.
Kunsthaus Saxony (Frederick Augustus I)
  • Has 3 Greatwork Great Workof Art slots (vs 2)
  • Unlocked at Architecture
Mouseio Greece (Eleftherios Venizelos)
  • May construct a Mouseio for every Wonder in the city, up to a maximum of five.
  • Contains only one slot for Greatwork Great Works of Art.
  • Passively produces Archaeologists based off of your Tourism Tourism output.
Museo Andino Perú (Ramón Castilla)
  • Generates Points towards the generation of Archaeologists
  • Earn a special theming bonus for combining Greatwork Artifacts from different civilizations and different Eras
National Gallery Australia (Gough Whitlam)
  • No building requirements.
  • Has an Artist specialist slot.
  • +1 Happy Happiness for each Great Work slot filled, doubled if the theming bonus is also fulfilled.
Princely Schloss Liechtenstein (Johann II)
  • Provides +1 Happy Local Happiness, increasing to +3 if both of its Greatwork Great Work slots are filled.
Staatsmuseum The Boers (Paul Kruger)
  • Provides +2% Food Food Growth for every 2 Tourism Tourism produced by this city (max 20%)
  • Gives Goldenage Golden Age points for every Farm worked by the city
  • Unlocked at Industrialization
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