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Motu, led by Edai Siabo, is a custom civilization by More Civs, with contributions from Pouakai, RawSasquatch, DarthKyofu, EmeraldRange, TopHatPaladin and GPuzzle.

This mod requires Brave New World.



The Motu are people from southeastern Papua New Guinea and were the original people of the land of Port Moresby, the capital and largest city in the country. The largest Motu settlement and traditional centre of the group is the town of Hanuabada, not too far up the coast from Port Moresby. Today it is almost part of Port Moresby itself as it is only a few kilometres northwest. The name Hanuabada comes from the Motu language and simply means "big village". Their language is an Austronesian language, but some today, speak an English based pidgin called Tok Pisin. The Motu lived on the stretch of coastline first settled permanently by Europeans on the island and are thus, more well-chronicled than others. They also have a tradition of sailing, using multihulled rafts with crab-claw shaped sails made from coconut fibre to trade with others near them. The Motu inhabited mostly along the bridge, not moving far inland as they were traders and fishermen.

Edai Siabo[]

Little is known of Edai Siabo, and even less is known about how much of it is true. What is known is that Edai Siabo is hailed as the founder of the Hiri trade cycle, an event which revolutionised Motuan society. According to legend, he was returning from a fishing trip when he was dragged underwater by a giant eel, the embodiment of the ocean. The eel instructed him to build a lagatoi, load it with pots, and use the tradewinds to sail westward. Obeying the spirit, he built the first hiri lagatoi, named it Bogebada (which means sea-eagle), and had it loaded with pots made by his wife. He and his friends then sailed up the coast into the waters of the Gulf of Papua. After months with no sign of Edai, a lagatoi appeared on the horizon and slowly approached the village. It was Bogebada. Edai was arriving back home, a hero. His wife jumped into the sea and washed away her accumulated dirt, put on her finest costume, walked out onto the verandah of the house, hit it with a stick, shouted, ‘Hedihoroha Bogebada!’ and began dancing in joy.

Dawn of Man[]

"Welcome, Edai Siabo, revered champion of the Motu people! From your origins as a humble fisherman, you changed the course of your people forever and became revered across Papua. It was your meeting with the giant Eel that commanded you to build the first lagatoi and, laden with your pottery, set sail to the tradewinds bound for distant shores. Each year, your voyage remains celebrated by all those whom the Motuans trade.

MC EdaiSiabo

Art by RawSasquatch

Edai Siabo! The ocean calls to you once more, beckoning you to again set sail and expand the influence of your people. Will you heed the Eel's call, and again lead your people? Can you build a civilization that will stand the test of time?"

Introduction: "Hmm, I have not seen your kind before. Were you brought here by the Laurabada?"

Defeat: "The eel has come for me once more, I shall go peacefully."

Unique Attributes[]

Motu (Edai Siabo)
MC Edai Siabo 256

Art by RawSasquatch

Hiri Trade Cycles

Trade Routes to City-States gain +2 of relevant yield, double if Friendly and triple if Allied. Land units trained in cities with at least two trade routes may embark immediately and enter ocean tiles prior to Astronomy.

MC Lagatoi 256

Art by TopHatPaladin

Lagatoi (Trireme)
  • +1 Moves Move for the first 5 turns after leaving friendly territory.
  • May be loaded with a copy of the Uro luxury resource, allowing it to conduct a trade mission.
  • After performing a trade mission, starts a We Love the King Day when returning to a city.
MC Uro Workshop 256

Art by Pouakai

Uro Workshop (Stone Works)
  • Provides a copy of the Uro Luxury Resource
  • Does not require Stone or Marble.
City List
  1. Hanuabada
  2. Boera
  3. Elevala
  4. Baruni
  5. Tanobada
  6. Hohodae
  7. Dobi
  8. Poreporena
  9. Tatana
  10. Vabukori
  11. Kouderika
  12. Pari
  13. Tupuseleia
  14. Porebada
  15. Papalealea
  16. Manumanu
  17. Barakau
  18. Koka
  19. Korobosea
  20. Roku
  21. Badihagwa
  22. Kilakila
  23. Boteka
  24. Papa
  25. Gairi
  26. Gabagaba
  27. Doura
  28. Konedobu
  29. Gorohu
  30. Nebira
  31. Koki
  32. Eriama
  33. Aimakara
  34. Kido
  35. Taurama
  36. Konekaru
  37. Namaru
  38. Bogemunime
  39. Buegarara
Spy List
  • Taviri
  • Koia
  • Ife
  • Freq
  • Abal
  • Kina
  • Ogea
  • Sambia
  • Dani
  • Abelam
MC Motu 256

Mod Support[]

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence
Wish for the World

Full Credits List[]

Steam Workshop Downloader
Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 1
Last Updated: 21 May 2020
  • Pouakai: Design, Code, Text, Art (Map, UB icon)
  • RawSasquatch: Art (Leaderscene, Leader icon, Resource icon)
  • TopHatPaladin: Lua, Art (UU icon)
  • EmeraldRange: Lua
  • DarthKyofu: Art (Civ Icon & Alpha)
  • GPuzzle: Lua

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