Civilization V Customisation Wiki

For Mod Users[]

Type Name Description Author(s)
Guide How to Manually Install a Mod Youtube video showing how to install Mods without using Steam. Marbozir
Guide How to Enable Logging Guide on how to enable logging. Logs should be provided when reporting bugs to modders. whoward69
Guide Select, Subscribe, Enable and Play a Mod Step-by-step guide on how to select, subscribe, enable and play a mod from in-game. whoward69
Guide Getting Mods to Work in Linux Guide on how to install/use Mods on Linux. flamesfault
Guide Installing Mods on Civ5 for Mac Guide on how to install/use Mods on Mac. AlanH
Guide Common Checklist for Playing Mods Lists several points players need to check for when using a mod. Thalassicus
Guide MPMPM - Converting Mods to DLC Format for Multiplayer Use Guide describing a way to have mods be treated as DLC, allowing for players to use them in multiplayer. Gedemon
Utility MP Mod Manager Software for using mods in multiplayer. Does not support mods with SQL. Jaii der Herr

For Mod Authors[]

Modding Tools[]

Type Name Description Author(s)
Tool Nexus Buddy 2 Nexus Buddy 2 is a tool for importing and altering 3D Graphics in Civ 5 and Beyond Earth. Deliverator
Tool DDS Converter A Java™ Web Start utility for converting PNG, JPEG and GIF images into the DDS format required by Civilization 5 mods. whoward69
Tool DDS Unpacker for InterfaceTextures Tool for unpacking 2D textures of the game. Sterkhov


Type Name Description Author(s)
Guide Basic/Beginner Lua Guide for Civ5 A beginner guide to basic Civ5 Lua modding, specifically designed for modders with no basic Lua knowledge. bane_
Guide Optimizing your Lua Code for Speed Some tips on how to optimise your Lua code to make it work faster/more efficient, making it less demanding. Pazyryk
Guide Data Driven Code Technique Guide on adding tables for efficiency. whoward69
Guide Why to Use 'elseif' Guide explaining why one should use 'elseif' in Lua modding. whoward69
Guide Adding XML Tags that Work Through Lua Guide on adding XML tags that work through Lua. Pazyryk
Guide Lua Tips (Common Beginner Scripting Mistakes) Post explaining some beginner Lua mistakes. whoward69
Reference BNW Lua API Reference (Methods, GameEvents & LuaEvents) A more complete reference for Lua methods and GameEvents. whoward69
Utility Unit Spawn Handler Lua A utility that handles all the logic for placing a unit on the world map. LeeS
Utility Snippets for Mod Makers A number of Lua snippets that can be used to implement a wide range of effects. Machiavelli24
Utility UniqueDiplomacyUtils Utility allowing for changes in diplomatic lines under certain conditions. Typhlomence
Utility Strict.lua - for finding Typos in Lua Utility for notifying the modder of typos not marked as errors. Pazyryk
Utility SaveUtils.lua Allows for storing/saving data per target object over time. Whys
Utility PlotIterators.lua Lua iterator that will efficiently return plots in order around the perimeter. whoward69
Utility TableSaveLoader Another utility for storing data over turns/time. Pazyryk


Type Name Description Author(s)
Guide Adding a Dummy Technology Thread on the best way to add a dummy technology to use their associated XML tags (read: effects) for exclusivity (such as a civilization trait). LeeS
Guide XML (Advanced) Guide to Adding Buildings and Wonders to Brave New World Guide on adding Buildings/Wonder to Brave New World with XML. LeeS
Reference XML Data Files for Standard Civilizations (inc DLC) Contains comprehensive data XML files of the game. whoward69
Reference Unified Firaxis XML Tags Lists of the various properly-formatted XML tags for Firaxis-supplied game-elements LeeS


Type Name Description Author(s)
Guide SQL modding for dummies! Introduction to SQL modding for Civ5. Leugi
Guide Circumventing Mod Load Order Issues With Database Triggers Guide on how to circumvent mod load order issues through the use of SQL database triggers. whoward69
Guide Loops in SQL Thread on tips for writing loops in SQL. Thalassicus & whoward69

Art Assets (2D)[]

Type Name Description Author(s)
Guide DDS Texture (Image File) Creation and Usage for Beginners Guide on creating and using DDS texture files. whoward69
Guide Sukritact's Cartography Outline Guide on how to create the Map Image displayed on the civilization selection screen. Sukritact
Guide Irkalla's "Firaxis-Like" Civilization Icon Tutorial Guide on how to create the Civilization Icon. Irkalla
Guide Civilization V-style Icons with Gimp Guide on how to create Building/Unit/Leader icons with Gimp 2. DJSHenninger
Guide Photoshop Icon Tutorial Guide on how to create Building/Unit/Leader Icons with Photoshop. Firebug
Guide Leugi's 2D Leaderscene Collage Hints Guide on how to create 2D leaderscenes. Leugi
Guide Improvement, Policy & Unit Action Icons (Firaxis-style) Guide on how to create Improvement, Policy & Unit Action Icons with Blender. Lord Tirian
Utility Civilization Icon Template Template for creating Civilization Icons (with Photoshop). Sukritact
Utility Font Icon - Resource Template Template for creating Font Icons. Horem
Utility Dynamic 2D Leaderscenes Allows for a leader scene to be changed dynamically depending on the disposition of the AI. Vicevirtuoso
Source Hiram's Civ Icons A collection of Civilization Icons. Hiram
Source Keniisu's Graphical Freebies! (Workshop) A number of misc 2D Graphics. May also request at the workshop. Keniisu
Source Firebug's Leaderscreens to Go A number of leaderscreens ready for use (most are reserved, however). Firebug
Source Klisz's Civ Icons A collection of Civilization Icons. Klisz
Source Icon Backgrounds for Units/Buildings A collection of Icon Backgrounds for Units/Buildings/Leaders, as well as scenery. DJSHenninger
Source TPangolin's Assorted Icons for Civilizations A collection of Civilization Icons. TPangolin

Art Assets (3D)[]

Type Name Description Author(s)
Guide Guide to 3D Modding in Civilization V Straightforward guide on necessary tools, reskinning & converting from Civ IV. Civitar
Guide Getting Civ4 Units into Civ 5 - Full Conversion Comprehensive guide on converting Civ4 Units to Civ 5. Deliverator
Guide Getting Civ4 Units Into Civ5 Using Blender 2.72 Guide on converting Civ4 Units to Civ 5, using Blender 2.72. Wolfdog
Guide Team-color Unit Skins Guide on how to give team-colors to unit skins. Nutty
Guide Add a New Unit in the Game (using SQL) A step by step to add new unit graphics to the game. Gedemon
Guide Civilization V: Leader Graphics Modding Guide Youtube guide on how to make 3D leader graphics. Deliverator
Guide Add a new building and improvement with 3D model Guide on converting Civ 4 Improvement graphics to Civ 5. Danrell
Guide How to Convert Civ4 Buildings into Civ5 Tile improvements Guide on converting Civ 4 Improvement graphics to Civ 5, alternative way. Ekmek
Guide Converting Civ IV Improvements to Civ V (Single Texture) Video on converting Civ 4 Improvement graphics in Blender to Civ 5. DJSHenninger
Guide How to create Improvement, Policy & Unit Action Icons (Firaxis-style) Guide on creating Civ 5 Improvement, Policy & Unit Action Icons. Lord Tirian
Guide Guide to Adding a New Resource with Custom Reskins Guide on reskinning and adding resource graphics. Horem
Reference ArtDefine Files for Standard & 'Orphaned' Units (inc DLC) Collection of ArtDefine files for adding new Unit graphics. whoward69
Utility Resource Generator (Lua Component) Lua component which can be used to add a new resource without modifying 'AssignStartingPlots.lua'. Deep_Blue
Source Horem's Art Resources Various 3D resource graphics. Horem
Source DJSHenninger's Converted CIV4 Improvement Graphics Various Tile Improvement graphics, converted from Civ IV. DJSHenninger
Source BouncyMischa's Fantasy and Sci-Fi Building Models Various Tile Improvement graphics, converted from Civ IV. BouncyMischa
Source Civ Fantasy Improvement Graphic Conversions Various Tile Improvement graphics, converted from Civ IV. Nomad or What


Type Name Description Author(s)
Reference JFD's Master Support File An SQL file explaining how to add support for JFD's civilizations, including YnAEMP. JFD
Reference Tomatekh's Historical Religions Explains how to add support for Tomatekh's Historical Religions mod. Tomatekh
Reference Ryoga's Unique Cultural Influence Explains how to add support for Ryoga's Unique Cultural Influence. Ryoga
Reference Sukritact's Events & Decisions(Event Creator) Explains how to add support for Sukritact's Events & Decisions. Sukritact
Reference Mod Support - Other SQL file explaining how to add mod support for Civ IV Traits in Civ V, Ethnic Units/R.E.D. and Map Various (compiled by DJSHenninger)

User Interface (UI)[]

Type Name Description Author(s)
Guide User Interface Components Tutorial (Questions) Comprehensive guide on creating User Interface components. whoward69
Reference UI Functions (Lua Control Methods and UIManager Methods) List of various functions for UI modding. whoward69
Utility Dynamic Top Panel Dynamic Top Panel is a modder's utility which allows you to hook into the Top Panel and its tooltips in order to display additional information. JFD
Utility Sukritact's Modular City Info Stack Utility allowing modders to add info to the City Screen without sacrificing compatibility. Sukritact
Utility Dynamic Culture Overview Utility for fixing the Culture Overview when adding Buildings with Great Work Slots. KyteM



Name Description Author(s)
Guide How to Compile the DLL Guide on compiling the DLL, useful for modders trying to mod the DLL, usually total conversion mods. DaveMcW



Name Description Author(s)
Guide Creating your own Soundtrack! Guide on adding your own soundtrack. Leugi
Guide Making a Custom Leader Use Custom Music Guide on adding music for a civilization mod (peace/war theme). Leugi
Guide Giving your Leader Custom Speech Guide on giving a leader custom speech. Harald B



Name Description Author(s)
Guide Common Novice-Modder Mistakes List of mistakes beginning modders tend to make. LeeS
Guide How To Make A Civilization - Tutorial Series A series of video tutorials on making a civilization (in progress). Keniisu
Guide File attributes/properties - Is that VFS, InGameUIAddin or UpdateDatabase? Guide on file properties. Some files need VFS set to true, others don't. Various types of files need to activated in different ways. whoward69
Reference Text Icons and Markup List with Text Icons outdated, but there is a list of possible text colours. N/A
Reference Text Icons Full list with Text Icons, including from BNW. BigCece