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The Missionary is a Civilian unit available through Faith purchase.


Missionaries are members of a religious group or sect sent abroad to spread the message of their chosen religion. While their primary goal is to share their religious views and hopefully gain new followers, missionaries typically provide other beneficial services to the areas they visit. By setting up clinics, schools, and other social welfare programs, missionaries help those in need while also serving in their evangelical role.


The Missionary is the basic way to spread your religion beyond the automatic city spread function. Once adjacent to a city, they can spread their religion to it (expending the Missionary after the second use). If Missionaries enter the territory of another civilization without an Open Borders treaty, their Religious Strength is reduced by 250 each turn. When their Religious Strength reaches zero, they are "destroyed."

Note that each Missionary represents the Religion of the city where he was born (purchased)! Be careful not to spread the wrong religion inadvertently by purchasing a Missionary in a city which has been recently converted to another religion.

Unique Unit Replacements[]

Icon Unit Civilization Abilities
IconPNG Ansar
Ansar Rashidun (Umar)
  • Cannot spread religion
  • When near cities, can expend charges to replenish the Moves Movement and Health Points of nearby units
Cikawasay The Amis
  • Has no visibility penalty
  • Costs slightly less Faith
  • Heals units around it at the end of each turn
Unitflag houngan
Haiti (Toussaint Louverture)
  • Starts with the Medic promotion
  • Does not suffer from attrition
IconPNG Lotsawa
Flag lotsawa
Guge (Yeshe-Ö)
  • May be trained with Production Production
  • If expended in foreign territory, provides Greatperson Great Writer points for each Traderoute Trade Route you own
Zharques Yaqui Cajemé Maehtom
Zharques Yaqui Cajemé Maehtom Flag
The Yaqui (Cajemé)
  • Does not take attrition damage while in the borders of a larger civilization.
  • May retreat from melee attacks while in a city where your main religion is present.
IconPNG Marabout
Flag marabout
Sokoto (Usman dan Fodio)
  • May be expended on an owned Fort or Citadel for a burst of FaithIcon Faith and Science Science
Nuncio Vatican City (John Paul II)
  • May conduct a Concert Tour or Trade Mission with Civilizations and City-States (respectively) following your Religion Religion.
Nyau Cultist Maravi (Kalonga Mazula)
  • Invisible when on roads, improvements, or the same tile as another unit.
  • Can perform a "Gule Wamkulu" on city ruins, which expend the unit to build a city.
Piagnoni Florence (Savonarola)
  • Steals Greatperson Cultural Great People and CultureIcon Culture from enemy civilizations when starting next to their cities, but this unit takes 50 damage when doing so.
IconPNG Sening
Flag sening
The Ket (Olgit)
  • +10% Strength Combat Strength to adjacent units
  • If expended in a friendly city, claims a random unowned tile workable by that city
Shisetsudan Icon
Shisetsudan Otomo (Otomo Sorin)
  • Gains additional sight and Moves Movement while embarked.
  • Yields Science Science when expended.
Unitflag sisqeno
Tiwanaku (Huyustus)
  • May perform a Challa Ritual on Great Person improvements and Chatallatas, increasing their yields by 2
Soldadera The Cristeros (Enrique Gorostieta)
  • Yields a burst of FaithIcon Faith and Greatperson Great General points upon entering war.
  • Heals adjacent units when fully expended.
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