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Building Requirements Nearby source of Gold or Silver
Production Cost 100
Unlocked at Currency

The Mint is a building available in the Classical Era.

Game Info[]

Building a Mint requires a source of Gold or Silver near the city.

  • +2 Gold Gold from Gold and Silver

With Social Policies / Tenets:

  • Mercantilism (Commerce): +1 Science Science
  • Capitalism (Freedom): +1 Happy Happiness


A mint is an institution that creates a civilization's currency. In the past this would tend to be metal currency in the form of coins, but in modern times much of the world's currency is printed on paper. Mints are extremely important to a civilization's economic well-being. If a nation's currency is easily forged, it will be, and confidence in that nation's money supply will plummet, resulting in dangerous inflation (the perceived value of the currency declines) or worse. Modern money is printed with holograms, variable ink and security threads to deter counterfeiters, and no doubt additional features will be added as the forgers figure out how to copy those.

Unique Building Replacements[]

Icon Building Civilization Yields
Bayith Canaan (Adonizedek)
  • Does not require GoldRes Icon Gold or Silver Icon Silver.
  • Each Bonus Resource yields +1 FaithIcon Faith and +1 Gold Gold.
  • City Religion Religious Pressure increases Traderoute Trade Route range.
FurDepot 256
Fur Depot Hudson's Bay Company (George Simpson)
  • Requires Furs, Deer or Bison. +2 Gold Gold to each resource.
  • +1 Gold Gold from Traderoute International Trade Routes for each Luxury Resource nearby.
  • When built on a continent for the first time, grants a Traderoute Trade Route slot.
Mazmorra Tétouan (Sayyida al-Hurra)
  • Does not require GoldRes Icon Gold or Silver Icon Silver nearby.
  • Generates Gold Gold equal to Production Production provided by captives brought to this City.
  • Naval Units in this city cost 15% less.
MC GaulUE2
Metalsmith The Gauls (Vercingetorix)
  • Can be built with sources of Copper, Iron, or Aluminum
  • +2% Gold Gold for every Mine
Mynet Kent (Aethelbert)
  • Grants +2 Gold Gold and +1 FaithIcon Faith for every Gold, Silver and Copper being worked.
  • Grants Gold Gold whenever you purchase an unit or a building with FaithIcon Faith.
  • No terrain requirements
Raffia Mill Kongo (Nzinga)
  • Grants 1 copy of Raffia
  • +2 Gold Gold from Dyes
  • Requires Jungle instead of Gold or Silver
  • +20% Production Cost
Rock-cut Tomb Nabataea (Aretas III)
  • Greatly boosts the range and Gold Gold yields of land trade routes.
  • Must be built on or next to Desert
Royal Mint Persia (Darius I)(When The Achaemenids (Cyrus II) are installed)
  • Can be built without any resources
  • When the Capital Capital possesses this building, Traderoute Trade Routes to other Persian Cities leaving the Capital Capital contribute Production Production to Royal Mints in the destination City, and provide Happy Happiness bonuses once completed
Royal Silversmith The Indo-Greeks (Menander I)
  • +1 CultureIcon Culture and +2 FaithIcon Faith if this City is connected to the Capital Capital, and an additional +1 CultureIcon Culture for every nearby city connected to the Capital Capital (up to +3).
  • Each source of GoldRes Icon Gold and Silver Icon Silver worked by this City produces +2 Gold Gold.
Silversmith The Iceni (Boudicca)
  • +2 CultureIcon Culture
Treasury Mali (Mansa Musa)
  • +2 Gold Gold from Salt
  • No terrain requirement
  • Grants Goldenage Golden Age points based on total Gold reserves
IconPNG Yacata
Yácata The Tarascans (Tariácuri)
  • Requires a source of either Iron, Copper, Silver, or Gold
  • Yields +3 Production Production during We Love The King Day
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