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Military Base
Production Cost 500
Unlocked at Replaceable Parts

The Military Base is a building available in the Modern Era.

Game Info[]

Building a Military Base requires an Arsenal or any of its replacements.

  • +9 Strength City Strength
  • +25 City Health

With Social Policies / Tenets:

  • Fortified Borders (Autocracy): +1 Happy Happiness


A military base is a series of structures and parade grounds holding one or more major military units - a legion, division, corps, fleet, or other, depending upon the military organization in question. A military base will contain everything needed to keep the military unit in fighting trim, including training grounds, officers' quarters and enlisted barracks, prisons, armories, hospitals, supply depots, transport equipment, and so forth. These bases are usually heavily protected and sited on defensible terrain. Barring treachery from within, it would take an enemy army to capture or destroy a military base.

Unique Building Replacements[]

Icon Building Civilization Yields
DDR Camp Sierra Leone (Ahmad Tejan Kabbah)
  • Gain Production production when any unit is defeated in this city's limits.
  • During war, enemy units in city limits have a chance to be transformed into a worker.
Dervish UB icon
Qalcad The Dervishes (Mohammed Hassan)
  • Non-Air units trained in this city receive free experience equal to the city's FaithIcon Faith output (up to 25 XP)
  • -11% Strength City Strength (8 vs 9)
  • -40% City Health
Verft Norway (Haakon VII)
  • +3 Production Production.
  • Civilian Units gain +1 Sight and +50% Strength Defense when embarked.
  • Requires Coast instead of Arsenal.
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