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Military Academy
Production Cost 300
Maintenance 1
Unlocked at Military Science

The Military Academy is a building available in the Industrial Era.

Game Info[]

Building a Military Academy requires an Armory or any of its replacements.

  • +15 Experience for units trained in this city

With Social Policies / Tenets:

  • Militarism (Autocracy): +2 Happy Happiness


A military academy is an institution of higher education dedicated to training a country's officer corps. Military academies offer the finest higher education available combined with rigorous physical training and courses in command, strategy, logistics and other military subjects. Generally the best and the brightest - or at least the best connected - of a nation's children attend its military academies.

Unique Building Replacements[]

Icon Building Civilization Yields
Consular Academy Austria (Karl Renner)
  • While connected to a Citystate City-state via Traderoute Trade Route, provides one extra Great Writer Point while at peace, or one extra Great General Point for 10 turns upon the outbreak of war.
Corps of Cadets Poland (John III Sobieski)
  • +3 Science Science
  • 1 Scientist Slot
  • +1 Science Science per 2 Citizens, if the City does not have a Public School
Fortaleza crop
Fortaleza Colonial Rio Grande (Antonio Canales Rosillo)
  • Border grows 2 times faster in this city during times of war.
  • Additional city defense from river tiles owned by the city.
Imperial War Council Holy Rome (Francis II)
  • +1 Great General Point for each Espionage Building in the city.
Kaserne Switzerland (Dufour)
  • +20% Strength Combat Strength in Friendly Lands for Land Combat Units trained in this city.
  • Unlocked at Metallurgy.
Satsuma ub
Shigakko Satsuma (Saigo Takamori)

Replaces the Military Academy. Gives +10% Production Production to its city when producing buildings when at peace, and +15% Production Production when producing units when at war.

JFD SwedenKarlAtlas 256 - Copy (2)
War Academy Sweden (Karl XII)
  • +5 additional Experience
  • 20 points towards Greatperson Great Generals whenever a unit is trained
  • Unlocked at Metallurgy
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