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Meinhoff Free Miner Combine
Rory Swann
Traits req. mod
Inventive, Industrious

Meinhoff Free Miner Combine led by Rory Swann is a custom civilization created by Mathetes tou Megalou Alexandrou, based on the Starcraft Universe.


Dawn of Man[]

May your entrepreneurial spirit and engineering talent shine, oh talented Rory Swann! You are an engineer born to a family of Kel-Morian miners. You sought to make a living mining in the rich planet of Meinhoff, but was robbed of your chance to prosper by the craven and greedy Tavish Kerr. Kerr cravenly bribed the bureaucrats of Kel-Morian Combine to deprive you, and while you sought independence to decry the injustice you were suppressed by the Kel-Morian forces and escaped with but your life thanks to the intervention of Jim Raynor. While you too weren't too enthusiastic about Raynor's plan for a joint operation with Valerian on Char, you've remained loyal to Raynor nonetheless, and later joined the new Dominion after Arcturus was overthrown and Valerian placed in charge, fighting Amon's forces.

Great artisan Swann, enter a new world that is not scarred by the tragedy of Meinhoff. May your skill and spirit be a beacon to the innocent miners who just want to make a living. Will you bring your own Combine free of the injustices into fruition, and bring it to prosperity as you have dreamt? Can you build a civilization which would stand the test of time?

Unique Trait and Components[]

Meinhoff Free Miner Combine (Rory Swann)[]

Prospecting Miner[]

  • +1 Gold Gold from Mines, Quarries, and Manufactories.
  • Gain Goldenage Golden Age Points from making Mines and Quarries, which is increased if it is a resource tile, and even more so if it is the first time developing it.

SCV (Worker)[]

  • Ignores Terrain Cost
  • Works 50% Faster
  • Mechanical units sharing a tile with the SCV may spend gold and 1 of SCV's movement points to repair for up to 50 HP.

Refinery (Factory)[]

  • +15% Production Production Modifier instead of 10%
  • +1 Production Production from Mines and Quarry resources worked by the city
City List
  1. Jorgenton
  2. Colony 426
  3. Lunar Colony V
  4. Ulrikeburg
  5. Minetown
  6. Gold Colony
  7. Didiertown
  8. Kaplan City
  9. Brodetown
  10. Roper City
  11. Pyrite Ridge
  12. Cuprite Hills
  13. Chrysopolis
  14. Argyropolis
  15. Chalkipolis
Spy List
  1. Kachinsky
  2. Thatcher
  3. Arktos
  4. Debs
  5. Ice Bear
  6. Dilbert
  7. Torbjorn
  8. Winston
  9. Freeman
  10. Kurisu
  11. Rockbell
  12. Hoto
Dialogue List
  • First Greetings
    • Howdy, welcome to Meinhoff, stranger! We are but humble free miners, and I'm just the business owner Rory Swann who represent them, that's alle.
    • Oh, aren't you a new one. I am Rory Swann, just an entrepreneuring miner that's all. I hope we can get along.
  • Defeat
    • Havin' right on your side ain't no match for guns and tanks.
    • Social Darwinism claims yet another victim.


Swann's Meinhoff is an economic/industrial powerhouse, and it is most similar to Vulkan's Nocturne in that it focuses on production and production facilities. Unlike Vulkan whose secondary focus is religion, Swann is more secular, having a focus on golden age and gold income. Likewise, Vulkan's military bonus is better quality, whereas Swann's military bonus is about survivability.

As mines and quarries are the bedrock of Swann's economy, Swann should actively develop any such resources as soon as possible. The SCV's ability to traverse harsh territories without problem should aid in Swann's pursuit, and the Refinery should provide a late-game boost to production to retain Swann's primacy.

Full Credits[]

Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 1
Last Updated: March 21, 2022

  • Mathetes tou Alexandrou: LUA, XML
  • Blizzard Entertainment: Intellectual Properties (Art, Music, Original Models)
  • epic: SCV model conversion for Civ V
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