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Medang under Rakai Pikatan is a custom civilisation mod by EmeraldRange, with contributions from kul, Uighur_Caesar, Gatouak and others. It was released as part of the Civ V 10th Anniversary event.

This mod requires Brave New World.

Medang Mataram[]

The earliest account of the Medang Mataram Kingdom comes from the Canggal inscription from 732 AD. It calls the island of Java as Yawadwipa ruled by Rakai Mataram Sang Ratu. This is where we get calling the kingdom Mataram or Old Mataram. The name Medang appears later in 10th-century inscriptions from East Java. Although Medang may only refer to the East Javanese splinter state, Medang Mataram, as a combined phrase meaning Medang in the land of Mataram, is generally used to refer to the overall polity.

Classical Java and Rakai Pikatan[]

The period from 760 to 910 between the reigns of King Panangkaran and King Balitung was the height of Medang Mataram and classical Javanese civilisation. This period produced a wide variety of art and architecture in the form of temple complexes and monuments. The rulership passed between the Shivaist and Mahayana dynasties of the Sanjaya Dynasty and the Sailendra Dynasty. In fact, the first King Sanjaya was succeeded by Panangkaran, a Mahayana Buddhist. The Sailendras through their connections to the powerful Srivijaya Empire became overlords of the Rakai (local Javanese lords). However, Rakai Pikatan defeated the Sailendran rulership in 856 and ended their presence in Java where the Sanjayas became the predominant rulers.

The rise of Rakai Pikatan was not without consequence. The Sailendra dynasty objected and, under some interpretations, Samaratungga's son Balaputra waged a war against Rakai Pikatan. The relationships are contested as this war could have also been from another Sanjaya. Regardless, Rakai Pikatan had to face a civil war challenging his rule and stained the capital of Mataram with the blood of war. Rakai Pikatan moved the capital to Mamrati, a city we have yet to find today. He then retired to become a Brahman in the Prambanan temple and let his youngest son succeed. There was a short peace after the decline of the Buddhist Sailendras in Java. The many temples built were expanded upon with new Hindu dedications. The kings from Rakai Pikatan onwards during the relative peace based themselves in Mamrati and are collectively called the Mamrati kings.

It was during the 10th century that we have accounts of Medang from Arab accounts. There are accounts of an invasion of Africa around Mozambique with 1000 boats from the Waqwaq, who are thought to be from the Medang Kingdom looking for manpower and crops. This gives evidence of trading between Java and Africa. There is also evidence of expeditions to Australia where some prisoners were taken back from Pujut.

Collapse and Legacy[]

By the 10th century, the rivalry between Srivijaya and Medang had become hostile. Srivijaya aided a revolt based in Lwaram in 1016 and successfully destroyed the Medang Palace and most of the royal family which signalled the start of the decline of the Medang Kingdom. This sudden attack occurred during the marriage ceremony of the Medang King Dharmawangsa's daughter and was a complete surprise. With the death and fall of the capital, the kingdom collapsed and fell into chaos with the Rakai becoming warlords of their regional provinces. Although there were underlying issues within Medang, the longstanding classical civilisation fell at the behest of one assassination attempt gone well.

The impact of Medang Mataram is comparable to that of Rome and Greece to Europe. It spanned the classical period for Javanese civilisation and formed the foundations out of which many later developments stem. The most obvious is the everlasting mark that the large and complex religious structures had on the architectural and historical landscape of Java. Never would such vigorous large temple construction happen again. It also serves as evidence for the societal complexity and technical advancement of Java in the classical period.

Their influence, however, is not limited to architecture. Many classical Javanese plays based on the Mahabharata and Ramayana as well as classical Javanese music in the form of gamelan continues in various forms to this day. It also lay the Indianised Hindu-Buddhist foundation upon which Islam would find Java and, carrying with it, the social stratification left in Javanese society and language. Medang was also the source of the native Javanese script that would get phased out much later. Medang also established Java as a highly developed civilisation with contacts to Africa, China and Australia that enriched and allowed the island to prosper long after its collapse.

Dawn of Man[]

Arise, Rakai Pikatan, monarch of Medang. You rose from the ranks and secured your power against Balaputra by marrying Pramodhawardhani. You brought the throne of Medang back to the Sanjaya Dynasty, reushering a flourishing of the Shivaite faith. Prambanan stands proud today, restored from the encroaching Javanese jungle, as a testament to your mighty engineering. It proudly looms a thousand years later above the other temples of the Sailendras before you.


Leaderscreen by EmeraldRange

Alas, great king of Medang Mataram, there have been few civilisations so mighty and so influential to have only been swallowed into the mists of the jungle. Can you restore Prambanan to its former glory? Will you reignite the heartbeat of Medang? Can you build a civilisation that will stand the test of time?</Text>

Introduction: "And who is this that crawls here to Prambanan? I am Rakai Pikatan and I will not have you sully this space."

Defeat: "How?! The cycle of destruction has targetted me instead!"

Attacked: "Hmph! Do you not tremble before my might already? My, my, what a foolish gnat you are."

Unique Attributes[]

Medang (Rakai Pikatan)

Art by EmeraldRange and Kul

Monumental Age

Gain Greatperson Great Engineer Points when a Citizen is born based on the city's total FaithIcon Faith output. Holy Sites provide +2 Food Food and may be built by Greatperson Great Engineers.


Art by EmeraldRange

Vihara (Colosseum)
  • +2 Happy Happiness. +1 FaithIcon Faith.
  • When building wonders, +1 Production for every tile yielding at least +2 Faith within 3 tiles of the city.
  • Provides an Engineer specialist slot if this city is generating at least 10 Faith from tiles.

Art by EmeraldRange

Prajurit Gada (Warrior)
  • Gain +10% Strength Combat Strength when on or next to a holy site or city with a religious building at the start of your turn.
  • Carries on Upgrades.
City List
  1. Mamrati
  2. Mataram
  3. Poh Pitu
  4. Tamwlang
  5. Watugaluh
  6. Wwatan
  7. Prambanan
  8. Borobudur
  9. Watukura
  10. Pucangan
  11. Wanagiri
  12. Pergota
  13. Dahanapura
  14. Kalasan
  15. Keling
  16. Dieng
  17. Panjalu
  18. Lwaram
  19. Bedulu
  20. Kuwu
  21. Hujung Galuh
  22. Medut
  23. Ratu Boko
  24. Plaosan
  25. Ngawen
  26. Sewu
  27. Pekalongan
  28. Pawon
  29. Sanggurah
  30. Wwatan Mas
  31. Sojomerto
  32. Mijen
  33. Gedong Songo
  34. Kayumwungan
  35. Tri Tepusan
Spy List
  1. Dhirendra
  2. Samaratungga
  3. Balaputra
  4. Panangkaran
  5. Sanjaya
  6. Pramodhawardhani
  7. Dewi Tara
  8. Sannaha
  9. Gurunwangi
  10. Mahendradatta



Peace Theme War Theme
"Monggang"; "Gamelan Kodhok Ngorek Lesson"

Mod Support[]

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Map Labels
Unique Cultural Influence
Wish for the World

Direct Download
Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 2
Last Updated: 19 November 2020



Full Credits List[]

  • EmeraldRange: Lua, Code, Art
  • Uighur_Caesar: Design
  • kul: Original Leader Icon
  • Gatouak: Map
  • BenZL43 and anonymous Indonesian friend: City List and other culture help
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