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The Marine is a Gunpowder unit available in the Atomic Era.


Marines, also known as a marine corps or naval infantry, are an infantry force that specializes in naval operations such as amphibious assault. In the majority of countries, the marine force is part of the navy, but it can also be under the army or independent command.

Historically, tasks undertaken by marines have included providing protection from war while at sea, reflecting the pressed nature of the ships' company and the risk of mutiny. Other tasks would include boarding of vessels during combat or capture of prize ships and providing manpower for raiding ashore in support of the naval objectives. Marine elements would also contribute to the campaign ashore, in support of the military objective.

With the industrialization of warfare in the 20th century the scale of landing operations increased; thus brought with it an increased likelihood of opposition and a need for co-ordination of various military elements. Marine forces evolved to specialize in the skills and capabilities required for amphibious warfare.


The Marine is a later-game alternative to the Infantry, specialized in sea operations. Marines trade off part of the normal infantry armament for equipment allowing them to operate unhindered in water; thanks to it they can traverse the seas with reasonable security (especially compared to other land units), gain extended sight when embarked and are trained to attack from the sea and over rivers, making them ideal for overseas operations.

Use them when you need to start an offensive on another continent. They will be better defended while traveling in the ocean (but that doesn't mean you shouldn't bring your fleet along!). Thanks to the Amphibious promotion, they will also be able to immediately attack targets on the ground effectively.

Unique Unit Replacements[]


Icon Unit Civilization Abilities
Armoured Ambulance Jordan (Hussein I)
  • Can only defend itself, not attack.
  • +4 Moves Movement.
  • May be upgraded with Recon-based promotions.
  • Begins with the Medic promotion.
  • Earns bonus XP each turn adjacent friendly units heal damage (up to 5 levels).
Australia (Paul Keating)
  • Classed as an Armor unit.
  • +3 Moves Movement while at full health.
  • +5% Strength Combat Strength for each Declaration of Friendship or City-State Ally (max +35%).
East Germany (Honecker)
  • Available at Civil Service
  • -68% Production Production cost
  • -70% Strength Strength
  • Increases in Production Production cost and Strength Strength every era
  • May build Improvements
Blue Dragon Brigade South Korea (Park Chung-hee)
  • Unlocked at Plastics
  • Gains more XP outside friendly territory
  • Gains extra combat strength with each level
Chetnik Yugoslavia (Peter II)
  • Does not have the same abilities as the Marine.
  • Begins with the Drill I and II promotions.
  • When a Chetnik is trained, it will randomly spawn in an War Enemy civilization's territory, if possible.
  • Unlocked at Combined Arms.
COMSUBIN Italy (Giulio Andreotti)
  • Receives +1 Moves Movement and +10% Strength Combat Strength while embarked, for each Great Tile Improvement in the City that trained it (bonus stacks up to 4 times).
IconPNG DuubCas
Flag duubcas
Duub Cas
Somalia (Siad Barre)
  • +15% Strength Combat Strength when beginning its turn along a friendly Traderoute Trade Route
  • +2 Moves Movement in friendly territory
Ederman Turkmenistan (Saparmurat Niyazov)
  • Trained faster if the city has a Greatwork Great Work of Writing.
  • If trained during a Happy "We Love the King" Day, grants the city a Greatwork Great Work of Writing slot.
Timor leste unit icon
FALINTIL Timor-Leste (Xanana Gusmão)
  • Gets a Strength combat bonus when attacking or defending against a civilization with a different majority religion or ideology.
  • Upon death it will give the enemy empire +2% temporary Unhappiness unhappiness (Max +20%).
Fuzileiros Portugal (António Salazar)
  • +1 Moves Movement and ignores Zone of Control on continents not connected to the Capital
  • +15% Combat Strength on continents connected to the Capital
PI GeneralPurposeForce
General Purpose Force Mongolia (Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj)
  • Begins with the Shock 1 and Survivalism 1 promotions rather than the Amphibious promotion.
  • 15% Strength Combat Strength when occupying the same tile as a Settler.
Gerilya Philippines (Ramon Magsaysay)
  • Unlocked earlier, at Replaceable Parts.
  • 15% more expensive to train.
  • Trained 5% faster for each Forest and Jungle tile worked by its City.
  • Gains +25% Experience while in City-State territory.
Grenztruppen East Germany (Walter Ulbricht)
  • Unlocked earlier at Radar.
  • Does not possess the standard bonuses of a Marine.
  • When beginning its turn garrisoned in a city, counteracts Production Production losses to Unhappiness Unhappiness.
Literacy Corps The Pahlavi (Mohammed Reza)
  • Unlocked at Scientific Theory.
  • Decreased Strength Strength and Gold Cost.
  • When garrisoned, gains XP from building Food Food and Science Science buildings in the garrison City.
  • When garrisoned, Food Food and Science Science buildings are constructed at a faster rate in the garrison City.
  • Provides Greatperson Great Scientist Points in the Capital Capital when upgrading.
Little Tiger Thailand (Phibunsongkhram)
  • If it begins on difficult terrain, it provides CultureIcon Culture based on its distance from the capital.
  • Strength Stronger.
Me'ekamaui Defense Force Bougainville (Francis Ona)
  • More expensive to train, and unlocked earlier at Radio.
  • May attack twice while in Jungle.
  • +50% Strength attacking Strength against units recruited with Gold Gold.
  • -50% Strength attacking strength outside friendly territory.
Milice du Peuple Burkina Faso (Thomas Sankara)
  • May Plant Forests and Repair Improvements.
  • Starts with additional Experience for every tile with a Road or Rail near the City in which it is trained.
NS Men Singapore (Lee Kuan Yew)

In addition to the normal traits of a Marine, NS men are

  • Unlocked at Replaceable Parts, significantly weaker (-8 Strength Strength).
  • Has no maintenance cost.
  • Gains 1 Strength Combat Strength for every 2 excess Happy happiness in your empire (max +30)
PeshmergaIcon Wikia
PeshmergaFlag Wikia
Kurdistan (Barzanji)
  • Forbidden to enter enemy territory
  • +20% strength in hills
  • Double move in hills
  • Heals 10 HP (15 once in the Information Era) upon taking damage
Revolutionary Suicide Regiment Uganda (Idi Amin)
  • Lower Strength (50 Strength vs 65)
  • Lower Production Cost (325 Production vs 400).
  • Gains +10% Strength Strength per enemy Denunciation, up to +50%.
  • If garrisoned in a city while Purging Population there with the State Research Bureau, gains XP.
Royal Marine Great Britain (Elizabeth II)
  • Trained 10% faster in cities undergoing a WLTKD.
  • In the Capital Capital, it is also trained an additional +2% faster for every WLTKD the Capital Capital has undergone, for so long as it has remained under your control.
Sa'ka Forces Egypt (Nasser)
  • +5 Strength Combat Strength
  • +1 Moves Movement
  • Pillages any enemy Forts and Citadels it starts adjacent to.
Sirius Patrol Denmark (Margarethe II)
  • -5 Strength Combat Strength (60 vs 65).
  • May be upgraded with Recon-based promotions.
  • Begins with +1 Moves Movement point in Desert and Snow terrain, increasing based on the number of Scout-based Promotions it has earned.
Soldier of Fortune Katanga (Moïse Tshombe)
  • May be purchased with Mining Contracts as well as the standard methods of purchase/production.
  • Possesses a +20% Strength Combat Bonus in Forest and Jungle
  • Ignores rough terrain
  • May Moves move immediately after purchase.
Spetsnaz Russia (Putin)
  • +20% Strength Combat Strength vs Cities
  • +20% Strength Combat Strength in Friendly Lands
  • When this Unit captures an enemy city, all other cities in the enemy's empire enter Resistance Resistance
Uck flag
Kosovo (Ibrahim Rugova)
  • Does not have the Amphibious promotion
  • Stronger on tiles that border friendly territory


Icon Unit Civilization Abilities
Rook Island Pirates (Vaas)
  • +1 Moves Movement
  • Heals fully from Pillaging and pays no movement cost to Pillage
  • Receives a +10% Strength Combat Bonus when fighting from a Pillaged tile
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