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Antigonid Dynasty
Antigonos Gonatas
Eastern Orthodoxy/Hellenism (With Tomatekh's Historical Religions, Not yet Implemented)
Government req. mod
N/A (Not yet Implemented)
req. mod
Classical (Not yet Implemented)

Traits req. mod
Philosophical, Spiritual / Philosophical, Euergetic (With upcoming Civ IV Trait Expansion)

Antigonid Dynasty led by Antigonos Gonatas is a custom civilization created by Mathetes tou Megalou Alexandrou.


Dawn of Man[]

May your rule ever bring security and stability to the realm, Basileus Antigonos Gonatas! You are the ruler of Makedonia. You have been a dutiful king, offering yourself and all the possession to secure your father's freedom but in vain. However, you've also been an enduring king: You've faced the Keltoi threat upon Hellas and secured Makedonia as a result. You've outlasted Pyrrhos even though Pyrrhos proved to be your better in military tactics. You've secured the Antigonid rule over Makedonia, and before Aratos formed the Achaian League and had some of the poleis to defect, you've secured Antigonid influence over most of the poleis of Hellas.

Steady king, your people look unto you once more to bring stability. Your perserverance and guile have granted Antigonids security once, and they look upon you to not only repeat that, but take it a step further for a greater Makedonian kingdom that preserves and continues the traditions that the Argead dynasty of Megas Alexandros adopted. Will you be ready to take up that task once more, Antigonos? Can you build a civilization that would stand the test of time?


Antigonos Gonatas' Makedonia is a jack-of-all-trades civilization that receives a direct bonus to all methods of victory except Cultural Victory. Antigonos's most powerful bonus lies within the ability to control the World Congress: Antigonos may gain votes even by simply befriending city-states, allowing Antigonos to exert great influence even when another civilization has made allies of city-states that are difficult to flip. Antigonos is also a specialist-driven leader: Antigonos' historical patronage to the people is reflected in his ability to acquire special buildings whenever a Great Person spawns, which provides a small bonus as well as specialist slots. Because of this, Antigonos can gain Great People faster than most other civilizations, and benefit more from Secularism than other civilizations. On the other hand, Antigonos also has a military edge not seen in many developmental-type civilizations: when Antigonos spawns a Great General in a city, the city gains a special building that increases experience of land units, further enhanced by the Drill Sergeant Specialist. Because of this, Antigonos with a Barrack and an early Great General (usually through going Honor) makes for deceptively powerful early rusher in flat terrain, coupled by the Pezhetairoi which are significantly stronger than regular Pikemen that are available earlier.

Antigonos's early game is extremely potent if Antigonos can get the food problem solved: The Schole will allow him to acquires a Great Scientist before Education, long before most civilizations can even think about getting one. Not only that, the combination of the Philosopher and the Schole nets 4 culture and science per city, which can not only offset the culture cost of expanding, but more importantly significantly speed up the speed at which Antigonos acquires social policies in a more traditional 4-city Tradition strategy.

Unique Trait and Components[]

Makedonia (Antigonos Gonatas)[]

Hellenistic Traditions[]

  • Receives 2 Happy Global Happiness and 1 World Congress vote for every 5 City-State allied or friendly with the Antigonid Dynasty, first bonus granted at 3 such City-States.
  • A city that generates a Great Engineer, Scientist, General or Admiral for the first time receives a special building related to their bonus.

Pezhetairoi (Pikeman)[]

  • Strength Stronger. (16 to 18)
  • Available on Mathematics.
  • Receives Shock I and Discipline promotions, but also a penalty that reduces Strength combat strength by 15% when attacking enemies in rough terrain, and negates the Strength defensive bonuses in rough terrain.

Schole (Garden)[]

  • Does not require fresh water, costs less (120 to 110), and available on Philosophy.
  • Yields 1 CultureIcon Culture and 2 Science Science.
  • Has 1 Philosopher Specialist Slot, which generates 2 Science science, CultureIcon culture, and 2 Great Scientist Points that does not stack with the points generated by regular Scientists and wonders.
City List
  1. Pella
  2. Larissa
  3. Edessa
  4. Amphipolis
  5. Demetrias
  6. Chalkis
  7. Alexandroupolis
  8. Philippoi
  9. Herakleia Lynkestis
  10. Herakleia Syntike
  11. Leibethra
  12. Pydna
  13. Thassos
Spy List
  1. Didymos
  2. Parmenion
  3. Eugondas
  4. Lysistratos
  5. Xenophilos
  6. Hebe
  7. Iphigeneia
  8. Eurynome
  9. Lysistrata
  10. Medea
Dialogue List
  • First Greetings
    • Welcome, foreigner! I, Antigonos Gonatas and king of the land, welcome you to Makedonia.
    • I haven't seen you before, have I? I am Antigonos Gonatas, the ruler of Makedonia. Share with me your tales of great deeds involving filial piety.
    • Come and taste the greatness of Makedonia, stranger! I am Antigonos Gonatas. I wish for a cordial relationship between our two nations without strains.
  • Defeat
    • Alas, Makedonia is defeated! The Argeadai and my ancestors will surely weep at this black day!
    • I leave my people on your hands. I can only hope that your rule will be merciful... and more able than that of mine.
    • Oh, a terrible day! I have been found lacking! I suppose it is up to you to sacrifice to the gods, and patronize the poets as it had been under my rule.


Peace Theme War Theme

Europa Barbarorum Soundtrack Western Greek Theme


Europa Barbarorum Soundtrack Western Greek Battle Theme

"Western Greek Theme" by Morgan Casey, from the Europa Barbarorum Soundtrack "Western Greek Battle Theme" by Morgan Casey, from the Europa Barbarorum Soundtrack

Mod Support[]

Mod Support
Community Balance Patch
Ethnic Units
Coming on v3
Map Labels
True Alternative Leaders
Unique Cultural Influence


Patronize the Poets
Literary culture is among the many facets of great Hellenic culture. A civilization without culture is not one but merely a group of techno-barbarians and you know it well. You have thus sought to patronize the poets to further leave a cultural footprint that will not be erased, and this time, you've found just the way.
  • Player must be Antigonos Gonatas's Makedonia
  • Player must have researched Drama and Poetry.
  • 500 Gold Gold in standard speed.
  • Grants the Poets' School building.

Art by Firaxis

Poets' School
  • 2 Writer Specialist Slot. 2 Greatperson Great Writer Point. 2 CultureIcon Culture and Happy Global Happiness.
Install Friendlies at (City-State) - Not yet Implemented
Yours was the art of hegemony through diplomacy: Antigonos was never the kind to simply bring troops and force people into submission: after all, Monophthalmos and Poliorketes have tried that method and ended up costing their base of power. Whereas Aratos of Sikyon proved to be one of the exceptions that seriously dampened your strategy, we have no Aratos here to ruin this kind of strategy here.
  • Player must be Antigonos Gonatas's Makedonia
  • Player must have researched Currency.
  • City-state must not be at war with the Player.
  • Can be enacted once per Era
  • 200 Gold Gold in standard speed.
  • 50 Influence with the City-State. Receive 50 CultureIcon Culture in standard Speed.

Buildings and Units made available through E&D[]

Notes and References[]

Full Credits[]

Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 2(CP Patched)
Last Updated: January 22, 2017

  • Mathetes tou Alexandrou: LUA, XML
  • Harald B: LUA source
  • Europa Barbarorum Team: Pezhetairoi and buildings artwork
  • Johnny Shumate: Leader Scene picture
  • Danrell: Unit models
  • Unknown: DOM Scene
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