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The Kingdom of Luba led by Ilunga Sungu is a custom civilization by TopHatPaladin, with contributions from Darth_Kyofu, Urdnot, Grant, Alga, and Sukritact.

This mod requires Brave New World.



The Luba Kingdom ruled over its surrounding states with a tributary system. The mulopwe ("sacred king") was the overall leader of the empire, and maintained a large court of nobles. This court included members of the Mbudye, a secret society who preserved the oral histories of Luba. Tributary states were ruled by balopwe - "clan kings" - and paid their tributes to the central government via agricultural and mineral resources.

Because of its position in central Africa, Luba came to be at the center of both short-range and long-range trade routes. Luba's trade networks allowed it to monopolize resources such as salt and copper, and to connect the northern forests of the Congo with the mineral-rich "copper belt" to its south. Longer-distance trade also allowed Luba to access the Atlantic and Indian Ocean trade networks, giving them access to luxury goods such as glass beads and cowry shells.

Artists were also highly esteemed in Luba. Art items - including staffs, caryatid stools, and bow stands - were important signifiers of status; accordingly, carvers were highly respected, and carried around adzes to indicate their occupation. One of the most unique types of Luba art was the lukasa memory board, a decorated piece of wood used as a mnemonic for recounting oral histories.

Ilunga Sungu[]

Ilunga Sungu was the ruler of the Luba Kingdom around the turn of the nineteenth century. His father was the king Kekenya, and his mother was a Songye princess; consequently, Ilunga Sungu would have likely lived with his mother's family in the Songye lands during his childhood.

Kekenya died when Ilunga Sungu was a young child, and so the throne devolved instead to Ilunga Sungu's cousin, Kumwimbe Kaumbu. However, after Kumwimbe Kaumbu died (circa 1780), there ensued a succession struggle; Ilunga Sungu won this struggle and thus rose to kingship himself. Ilunga Sungu inaugurated his reign by settling a new capital city, Katende. While traditional Luba capitals had been on the northeast side of Lake Boya, Katende was instead on the southwest, so as to be closer to the salt-producing Mashyo region. He also established a residence in Kipushya, near the empire's main iron mines. Maintaining these twin residences allowed Ilunga Sungu to maintain close control of the kingdom's most important resources.

Ilunga Sungu also maintained an expansionist foreign policy. He was most successful in his eastern campaigns; he reduced the Hemba and Holoholo people to tributaries, and expanded Luba control as far east as Lake Tanganyika. His western campaigns were less fruitful. Overcrowding in Katende led Ilunga Sungu to expel the Kanyok people from that city, leading them to cease paying tribute in revenge; Ilunga Sungu then tried, without success, to subdue them by force. He similarly failed to conquer the kingdom of Mutombo Muluku.

Ilunga Sungu died in Katende in approximately 1810. A succession crisis ensued between his sons, with the kingship ultimately passing to Kumwimbe Ngombe.

Dawn of Man[]

LS PNG IlungaSungu

Art by Darth_Kyofu

"May you ever be remembered, great king Ilunga Sungu. It was you who brought the Kingdom of Luba to its greatest height; you added the Hemba and Holoholo to your empire's long list of tributaries, and created an empire stretching from Lake Boya to Lake Tanganyika. You also maintained tight control over the kingdom's rich resources, maintaining one residence next to the salt-producing heartland and another next to your iron mines. It is thanks to powerful rulers like you that Luba became the most dominant kingdom of the Upemba Depression, spreading its trade networks and artistic styles all throughout the region.

Ilunga Sungu, your people have preserved your legend in their oral histories, and now they seek to recreate it. Can you become master of all the world's great resources? Can you cultivate memories that will last for all of history? Can you build a civilization that will stand the test of time?"

Introduction: "You have arrived at the Luba Kingdom! I hope you have had a chance to see our markets, for we have the most splendid trade goods in this world."

Defeat: "I may have been defeated, but I will never be forgotten."

Unique Attributes[]

Luba (Ilunga Sungu)
IconPNG IlungaSungu

Art by TopHatPaladin

Long Claw of Memory

When conquering a city, instantly fill an empty Greatwork Great Work slot in that city. Units start with additional experience for each type of Greatwork Great Work present in the city where they were trained.

IconPNG NzappaZap

Art by Alga

Nzappa Zap (Swordsman)
  • Generates Greatperson Great Artist points from kills
  • Cities captured by a Nzappa Zap do not enter Resistance Resistance
IconPNG MbudyeLodge

Art by Grant

Mbudye Lodge (Castle)
  • Contains two slots for Greatwork Great Works of Art
  • Receives a Theming Bonus if both slots are filled with foreign-created Great Works or Artifacts
  • Provides a Growth bonus for each filled slot
City List
  1. Katende
  2. Mwibele
  3. Kipushya
  4. Kabongo
  5. Budyende
  6. Kitabi
  7. Musumba
  8. Bukama
  9. Kamina
  10. Dyombo
  11. Bunkaya
  12. Mwansabombwe
  13. Kolwezi
  14. Bukunga
  15. Dilala
  16. Ntumbo
  17. Manika
  18. Kalemie
  19. Lubidi
  20. Ankoro
  21. Sandoa
  22. Munza
  23. Kapanga
  24. Gandajika
  25. Kamolongo
  26. Kampumo
  27. Rwashi
  28. Katuba
  29. Kambove
  30. Tshituru
  31. Kipushi
  32. Pweto
  33. Mtshatsha
  34. Kikula
  35. Kamolondo
  36. Kako
  37. Panda
Spy List
  • Mujibu
  • Kumwimbe
  • Kalala
  • Ngongo
  • Maniema
  • Umpafu
  • Mbidi Kiluwe
  • Dyango
  • Mabele
  • Bulanda
IconPNG Luba


Peace Theme War Theme
Link Link
Kazadi Ngandi recorded by Hugh Tracey Mambala Dance recorded by Hugh Tracey

Mod Support[]

Additional Achievements[]

No Lukasa Needed; We're Unforgettable

  • Win the game on any difficulty setting as Luba.

Nzappa Zapskrieg

  • As Luba, capture two cities with Nzappa Zaps on the same turn.

Unique Cultural Influence[]

“Our people are now sitting on your caryatid stools and recording events on your lukasa boards. I worry that the rest of the world will also succumb to the influence of your culture.”

Full Credits List[]

Steam Workshop
Latest Version: v 1
Last Updated: 9 Feb 2021


  • TopHatPaladin: Design, Code, Text, Misc. Art
  • Darth_Kyofu: Leaderscreen
  • Urdnot: Map
  • Alga: Icon (Nzappa Zap)
  • Grant: Icon (Mbudye Lodge)
  • Sukritact: Unit Model
  • Enigma: Research
  • Thirdvoice: Research (City List)
  • KyteM: Utilities
  • Hugh Tracey: Music
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