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The Longswordsman is a Melee unit available in the Medieval Era.


The longsword was the most versatile weapon of the Medieval/Renaissance battlefield. It was lighter and easier to carry than a pike, and it could be used one or two-handed, making it possible for the swordsman to also carry a shield. In face-to-face combat against pikemen the longswordsmen were at a significant disadvantage, taking many casualties from the longer weapons before they could even get within striking distance. However, longswordsmen units were faster and more maneuverable than pikemen - and if they could hit their opponents in a flank attack, the pikemen were dead meat.


The next level front-line unit, the Longswordsman is equipped from head to toes with the strongest full-plate armor, and wields a massive two-handed sword capable of cleaving men in two. Longswordsmen are indisputable masters of melee combat against earlier fighters, who often can't even scratch their armor, and thus offer great protection to other units. Their prowess is such that they remain useful well into the Renaissance Era, even against the new gunpowder units.

Still, Longswordsmen are not without drawbacks. Besides requiring Iron, they remain vulnerable to sustained ranged attacks from modern Crossbowmenand Trebuchets, and they can be outmaneuvered by mounted units. Furthermore, since the Musketmen that become available immediately afterward are stronger and do not require strategic resources, it is often advantageous to go straight for Gunpowder rather than raising a large army of Longswordsmen.

Unique Unit Replacements[]

Icon Unit Civilization Abilities
Unitflag balata
Sri Lanka (Parakramabahu I)
  • Unlocked at Metal Casting
  • Heals three times the normal speed when on a river tile
Bati Fiji (Cakobau)
  • -24% Strength Combat Strength (16 vs 21).
  • Does not require Iron Iron.
  • Unlocks at Chivalry.
  • Bati purchased with Gold Gold may enter Rival Territory without an Open Borders agreement.
  • Bati trained in a City with a House of Chiefs receive +20% Strength Combat Strength in friendly territory.
  • Bati trained in a City without a House of Chiefs receive +20% Strength Combat Strength outside friendly territory.
Denmark (Harald Bluetooth)
  • Unlocked at Metal Casting
  • No combat penalty when embarked or over rivers
  • +1 Moves Movement
Chaska Chuqui The Inca (Tupac Yupanqui)
  • +1 Moves Movement
  • Does not require Iron iron.
  • Receives additional Strength combat strength the further it is from the Capital Capital.
  • Coastal cities conquered by a Chaska Chuqui are automatically Connected to the Capital.
Jerusalem (Baldwin IV)
  • +33% Strength Combat Strength near Holy Cities
  • -20% Production Production Cost
Holy Roman Empire (Elected Emperor) (LastSword)
  • A possible medieaval UU of HRE through election
  • stronger against wounded units
  • gain Gold gold from kills
Unitflag druzhina
Kievan Rus' (Yaroslav)
  • +20% defense
  • +1 Sight
Etmonas Lithuania (Mindaugas)
  • Cheaper to purchase with FaithIcon Faith.
  • Begins with the Woodsman promotion.
  • May capture defeated Units when starting on a Forest tile.
Falcon Dancer The Mississippi (Tuskaloosa)
  • If trained in a Regional Center:
    • Starts with bonus XP equal to the City's Citizen Population
    • Trains +50% quicker
  • Obsoletes at Metallurgy instead of Gunpowder
  • Does not require Iron Iron
Unitflag fyrd
Mercia (Offa)
  • +15% Strength combat strength when adjacent to cities
  • Earns Goldenage Golden Age points from capturing cities
Unitflag gallowglass
Scotland (Robert I Bruce)
  • Ignores terrain costs
  • War Combat bonus vs fortified units
Gano Axeman Zimbabwe (Nyatsimba Mutota)
  • More expensive
  • Gains experience whenever a City grows or claims a new tile.
IconPNG Ghulam
Flag ghulam
The Ghaznavids (Mahmud ibn Sabuktigin)
  • Does not require Iron Iron
  • Gains HP and XP when beginning its turn on an enemy's Pillaged improvement
Great Bear Guard Balhae (Dae-Heummu)
  • Requires a source of Stone in the empire.
  • +1 Strength Strength from Embassies and recent Declarations of Friendship.
  • When stationed in a founded city, Gold Gold taken from pillaging enemy units in the vicinty is immediately returned.
Unitflag guecha
The Muisca (Nemequene)
  • Starts with 15 Experience
  • Earns experience 15% faster
  • Does not require Iron Iron
  • Increased maintenance cost
Unitflag gunstockwarrior
Gunstock Warrior
The Cree (Poundmaker)
  • Can steal Horses from a tile, making the unit mounted
  • Unlocked at Physics
  • +15% Strength combat strength when below 50% health
  • +25% Strength combat strength vs Gunpowder units
Ndongo (Nzinga)
  • +2 Moves Movement and +25% Strength Combat Strength if it begins a turn unseen by another major Civ.
  • May attack after using Rivercraft (UA).
  • Does not require Iron Iron.
Scotland (James VI) (LastSword)
  • Double Movement in Hills
  • +33% Strength Combat Strength in Hills
Huscarl The Anglo-Saxons (Alfred)
  • Unlocked at Metal Casting
  • +33% Strength Defense adjacent to Coast or River
Ichiryo Icon
Ichiryo Gusoku
Chosokabe (Chosokabe Motochika)
  • When garrisoned, excess Food Food provides Greatperson Great General Points
  • +2 Moves Movement if starting a turn garrisoned
Ironwood Clubman
The Mapuche (Janequeo)
  • Starts with Woodsman
  • Ignores Zone of Control
  • +3XP when breaking Zone of Control
  • Upgrades to Rifleman
Flag hiram kern
Ireland (Malachy II)
  • Faster and cheaper
  • Takes less damage from Archery units
  • War Combat bonus vs mounted units
  • Slightly weaker
Flag jfd kern
Ireland (Brian Boru)
  • Unlocks at Civil Service.
  • Does not require Iron Iron.
  • -5 Strength Combat Strength.
  • May use enemy roads.
  • +15% XP when surrounded by two or more enemies.
Knights of Santiago Galicia (Garcia II)
  • Unlocked at Theology.
  • Defeating a unit on a road towards a Holy City triggers a brief Goldenage Golden Age.
  • Being killed by a unit on a road towards a Holy City rewards a large amount of FaithIcon Faith, and increases the yields of the last Religious building constructed by +1.
Unitflag koa
Hawaii (Kamehameha)
  • Starts with additional Experience and the Amphibious promotion
  • Does not require Iron Iron
  • Costs more production
Sas Mohave Irataba Kwanami
Sas Mohave Irataba Kwanami Flag
The Mohave (Irataba)
  • Does not require Iron Iron.
  • Begins with the Amphibious promotion.
  • During Peace, garrisoned Kwanami may extend the length of We Love The King Days.
  • During War, promoting a Kwanami starts a short We Love The King Day in all cities.
Ledung small
Ledung Sweden (Birger Jarl)
  • +50% Production Production cost (170 vs 120).
  • -20% Production Production cost and +5XP per number of worked Farms in its training city.
  • During a Goldenage Golden Age, capturing cities with a Ledung will reward Gold Gold, based on the number of worked Farms.
Lefegii Wallachia (Vlad III)
  • +20% Defense against Ranged Attacks.
  • When beginning on a pillaged Farm, Trading Post, Town, or Village, heals +10 damage.
Malamann Icon
Malamann flag
The Jomsvikings (Pálnatóki)
  • May move on the same turn it is purchased
  • No Movement cost to pillage
  • Does not obsolete
  • Gains increased Strength Combat Strength from various technologies
  • May be purchased by other Civilizations with Gold Gold while at peace with the Jomsvikings
Mularri The Yidinji (Ye-i-nie)
  • -15% Strength Combat Strength (18 vs 21).
  • Does not require Iron Iron.
  • Begins with the Survivalism I and Cover I Promotions.
  • Heals +50 HP upon selecting a Promotion.
Mutatawwi'a Almohads (Abd al-Mu'min)
  • While in the borders of a city not following your main religion, earns +100% Great General points from combat, and yields Goldenage Golden Age points from kills.
Prince’s Retinue Vladimir (Vsevolod)
  • Requires no Iron Iron
  • Unlocked at Civil Service.
  • Slightly weaker than the Longswordsman.
  • Begins with bonus XP for each Greatwork Great Work of Writing in the city.
Japan (Oda Nobunaga)
  • Starts with the Shock I and Great Generals II promotions
  • Can build Fishing Boats

DuskJockey's Revision

  • Starts with Shock I.
  • Gains additional Strength Combat Strength based on the CultureIcon Culture output of the city that trained it.
  • Gains the Leadership promotion upon reaching level 5.
  • Upgrades to Rifleman.
Sch flag
Germany (Frederich Wilhelm I)
  • +100% Strength Combat Strength attacking cities
  • Generates 1 CultureIcon Culture per turn
  • Does not upgrade and is not obsoleted by the Anti-Tank Gun
JFD MaoriUnit 256
Toa The Māori (Potatau Te Wherowhero)
  • -24% Strength Combat Strength (16 vs 21)
  • Does not require Iron Iron
  • Unlocks at Chivalry
  • +20% Combat Experience
  • Ignores terrain Moves Movement penalties and enemy ZoC for this turn whilst a foreign Settle is within two tiles. This ability can be carried forward with upgrades.
Tvshka The Chickasaw (Chiksa')
  • Begins with Amphibious and Coastal Raider I.
MC Yaya 256
Yaya The Ottomans (Orhan)
  • Pillaging does not cost Moves Movement.
  • May move after attacking.


Icon Unit Civilization Abilities
Survey Corps Paradis (Historia Reiss)
  • Unlocked at Physics and Doesn't obsolete.
  • +1 Moves Movement and +25% Strength Strength when starting on an improvement, forest/jungle, or city.
  • Can purchase unique "Omni-Directional Mobility" promotions with Gold Gold that increase Strength Combat Strength and effectiveness against certain units as you unlock new resources.
Vessel icon crop
Vessel Hallownest (The Pale King)
  • Doesn't obsolete.
  • Is very cheap to produce, but is very weak.
  • Suffers no HP penalty from clearing Fallout.
  • Clearing 5 Fallout tiles upgrades the Vessel into a Pure Vessel, which is noticeably stronger than the melee unit of the era.
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