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The Library is a building available in the Ancient Era.

Game Info[]

  • +1 Science Science for every 2 Citizens in the city

With Social Policies / Tenets:

  • Sovereignty (Rationalism): +1 Gold Gold


A library is a building housing a collection of books, scrolls, and other written material. Historically, books have been fairly expensive, often beyond the reach of a civilization's poorer classes. The library allows the poor access to the same knowledge as the rich, greatly improving their chances of success and advancement.

Unique Building Replacements[]

Icon Unit Civilization Abilities
Anaktoro Minoa (Minos)
  • +1 Happy Happiness, +2 Happy in coastal Cities
  • During Goldenage Golden Ages, each Traderoute Naval Trade Route to or from this city generates an additional +2 Science Science
Gymnasium Athens (Pericles)
  • +2 CultureIcon Culture
  • +2 Science Science
  • Contains 1 Scientist specialist slot
Kiva The Pueblo (Po'pay)
  • Yields +1 FaithIcon Faith per 2 Citizen Citizens in this city.
  • Counts as a 'Religious Building' for all purposes.
Martial School
Martial School Taungoo (Bayinnaung)
  • Provides 2XP to all units trained in this city
  • Normal Library Yields
Paper Maker China (Wu Zetian)
  • +2 Gold Gold
  • No maintenance cost
Royal Library Assyria (Ashurbanipal)
  • Has a slot for a Greatwork Great Work of Writing, which grants newly trained units +10 Experience when filled
IconPNG ScribalSchool
Scribal School Egypt (Senusret III)
  • No maintenance cost
  • Contains a slot for a Great Work of Writing
  • If its city is built along a river, contains a Writer specialist slot
Scriptorium The Franks (Charlemagne) (LastSword)
  • +2 CultureIcon Culture after researching Printing Press
  • Upon researching Printing Press, yields a lump sum of 2 CultureIcon Culture for every turn the Scriptorium has been in existence
Taixue Han (Wu)
  • Contains a unique Scholar-Bureaucrat Specialist slot, which yields +1 Gold Gold, +1 Production Production, and +1 Science Science, although it does not contribute any Greatperson Great People Points.
  • No Gold Gold maintenance.
Yeshiva Israel (Solomon)
  • +2 FaithIcon Faith
  • Shares 33% of Greatperson Great Scientist/Engineer/Merchant Points with other cities which have a Yeshiva
YMBA School Burma (Aung San)
  • Provides Science Science from FaithIcon Faith producing Buildings.


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